Growing tomatoes

Green, orange and red

I’m in my fourth year of trying to get a tomato harvest up here at 59 °North. It’s a struggle to find the right location, that gives them lots of sunshine, not to much wind and enough warmth to ripen the fruits. I’ve tried several places and metodes in past years.

This year I was late in planting the seedlings, I though it’ll never work, but I had decided to plant them in the south facing location where I remembered my mom always had a few tomato plants. During the season I kept the soil covered with grass clippings and tried to water often.


Getting there

The brick foundation of our barn contained the sunshine and kept the plants warm long after sunset. It gave them shelter from the northern wind too. Even with this rain-full and sometimes windy summer and fall, they’ve thrived. I’ve been so happy seeing the green going red and yellow.

Off course most of the ripening now in September are on my kitchen window sill.

Next year I plan to get the plants in the ground earlier and maybe not place the second row right where the drips from the barn roof lands(!) Live and learn.

red tomato

I enjoy eating my own tomatoes and add it to most dinner meals right now.

And with so much of our farm’s grain crop not working out as planned, with the massive raining this month, at least one small bit of what we grow makes me smile. Hoping for a better growing season next year and an early spring to start out good. There is room for hope.


This is an old type of grain called Emmer and I would very much like to harvest it! #pleasestopraining

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Mom’s yellow flowers

Mom's yellow flowers Mom' yellow flowers | 3 Mom's yellow flowers | 2 Mom' yellow flowers | 1 Mom's yellow flowers | 5

My mom says that these flowers almost always gets knocked down by wind and rain right after they bloom. I think she is right. This year it only took a few nights before most of them were closer to the ground than the sky. So glad I got this little collection of photos before that. It was rain in the air, and windy too, as I shot them. Guess I was right on time.

Yellow makes me happy.


Tomato Growing Project | Update

A little update on my tomato growing project:

Tiny Tomato Plants

I finally got them started! They are now repotted and outside. We’ll see if they’ll ever reach full growth (must remember to water them!) and I see another repotting in my future too – they need a lot more space as they grow larger, and around 10 liters of dirt each. My plan is to buy several cheep buckets and then make holes in the bottom of them. Makes it easier to relocate them or to move them inside when the night is cold.

I probably need to gift a few of them to friends, for this is a lot more than what I need. Even for MT’s ketchup making… Since I planted so late I probably won’t have tomatoes until late summer – but looking forward to that (makes me want to water them)!

Hoping for a summer with lots of sunshine!!

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