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This summer I really want to grow some tomatoes. I guess I have to start soon. I remember growing a few, many summers ago. Just having them in cheep plastic buckets that I had made holes in the bottom of. It was not all that pretty. But practical. And it was so fun looking for new growth and in the end eat delicious home grown tomatoes. So much better than anything store bought. For sure!

The only way to make sure I’ll do it is to start. So I have found the old buckets. Made plans to buy a few more. And now the seeds are going in the dirt one of these days. It’s crazy to think that last time I actually did plant my own tomato plants was several years before MT came into my life.

eating tomato soup

The photo¬†above is from MT’s very first taste of home made tomato soup (he was a month shy of 3 years old). He was not so sure about it at first, but over the years he’s fallen in love with the red delicious fruit (or is it a vegetable?!) with so many uses.

Maybe this is the year were MT learns how to make his very own ketchup?!

Grow tomatoes, grow!

Wish me good look with the garden growing (if only on a tiny small scale) – and if you have any favorite recipes or guides to how best to grow tomatoes –> please do share!

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