Happy Summer!

Summer flowers Just a little note to wish a Good Summer!! I fell off the blogging wagon, but now I’m trying to get on again. So many stories and photos and thoughts to share.

Getting there My vacation starts in a few days and I really look forward to days and days to spend with my kid, doing work here at the farm, in my garden and other projects I’m hoping to get a start on; like bringing in a little more color to our life with a bucket or two with paint.

Tea in my blue mug I also want to read each and every day and get myself out into the forest for a walk; I feel so good when it’s done, but sometimes it’s a struggle to just #getout

Summer flower Blessed weekend!


The Summer Feeling

A few weeks back Karen of Chookooloonks told she wanted to make a little summer camp of sorts for those of us loving using Instagram. So each week (on Monday) she puts up a blog post with the word or theme for the week. She call it InstaCamp, and I find it such a good way to capture The Summer Feeling as we experiense it. I love that these photos are small snapshots into our life, just as it has been these last few weeks we’ve already been camping.

So far we’ve had these prompts: Sunshine, The Great Outdoors and Water. And here are my photos:

InstaCamp | Sunshine
InstaCamp | Sunshine InstaCamp | Sunshine
InstaCamp | Sunshine Daily Instagram | Sunshine

Daily Instagram | The Great Outdoors
InstaCamp | The Great Outdoors InstaCamp | The Great Outdoors
Daily Instagram | Colorful Good Night

InstaCamp | Water
InstaCamp | Water InstaCamp | Water
InstaCamp | Water InstaCamp | Water

The very best thing is that it is so easy to┬áparticipate; just add an # and the word instacamp (like this: #instacamp) when you post your photos to your instagram roll. If you jump over to Karen’s blog today you can see she featured one of my images from this week (that made my day!) – next week it might be your photo you can find there if you decide to join us at camp.
Wish you all a great weekend with lots and lots of photo ops.
(Btw: I just ordered a new BIG camera, can’t wait for it to arrive – but that is a story for another time. Now I need my beauty sleep or else I’ll be┬ácranky┬ámama tomorrow and that is NO FUN!)

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