December | Day 19 | 2013

Decorated church Church Christmas shopping expedition
AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo After a funeral in the early part of the day I went home to pic up MT from the school bus. Today was our little christmas present shopping expedition. We didn’t have many hours to spend, but most of it got (surprisingly) done(!) After the shopping I went back to work for a few hours to held a service in our ‘barn’ church. I love the colors and the light in here.

In the evening MT gathered up the money he had earned doing a few chores for me and his Grandma (he added a little from his own saving as well) for the class Advent project with focus on giving to other less fortunate and not only getting more self. Love this project.

In the late evening (after MT was in bed so it could be a surprise in the morning) I made the gingerbread dough for our annual gingerbread cookie baking party with our extended family on Friday afternoon. It really was a full day.

Class December Project | December day19 Omvendt julekalender | December day19 Empty and an angel Singing Angel Ginger bread in the making ………………………………..
We are only 30 minutes away from the New Year here at our place. I’m excited for the new year and hope it’ll be a really good one. I’ve decided to finish my December post this time, though, so for a few more days/weeks that is what I’m going to blog.

Thanks for every nice word left here in 2013, they mean a lot to me!
Wish you everything good for 2014; hope to see you around!!

December | Day 18 | 2013

Frozen Pine Tree | December day18
AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoFerdinand and I went for a walk on this low-light, foggy and cloudy day. It was starting to ice over and the fog was thick. Can’t help but think it was a little beautiful also, especially the light and those frozen branches all around us.

In the afternoon MT went with a friend home from school. I fell on the slippery ice and hurt my foot as I was getting ready to drive up to the church for a meeting. Ouch! I ended up canceling our meeting, but an hour later I dared down our icy road to pick up MT. I came both down to his friends house and back up to the farm, but not without sliding. It was really, really slippery.

Walking on Walk Frozen | December day18 Frozen Trees | December day18 Frozen Pine | December day18 Foggy View | December day18 Farm Houses | December day18

Thanks for coming by my blog – I’m catching up here :)

December | Day 17 | 2013

I’m using my day off to chill out in front of the telly + catching up on my December album. It feels really good to have a day all to our selves – just the two of us.

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThis tuesday was so filled with meetings and events that I almost completely forgot to get out my camera and catch a little from the day. Thankfully the moon shone so beautifully in the evening as I walked the dog before bed. I know the photo does not do the real thing credit, but it is a little glimpse of the beauty of a moon lit night.

It’s also a reminder of the routine of my day; every night I’m out with the dog, walking a little (or sometimes long) walk around the farm. I’m so glad the dog gets me out of the door, that air do me good :)
Moon Light

Thanks for looking – hope to be back with more soon.

December | Day 16 | 2013

Lots of snow melted today
AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThis Monday was the day where I felt how the stress of this season catch up with me, I got a few things done around the house, I rested a bit – but most of the day I was grumpy and sorry for my self. It was not pretty. In the evening as we sat down in the sofa (so LOVING having a sofa to sit in – it’s really been too long without one!!) I saw the light from the computer on MT’s face and remembered that we still needed a photo from the day. I might feel a little bit out of sorts, but MT was so happy –> he had no homework to take care of, not until next year. He has been happy about that for days – still are!
Chilling MT | DecDaily day15 In the glowing light | DecDaily day16 Searching | DecDaily day16

As I write this, I feel so much better, I’m working on being totally OK with not getting everything done like I want to and how we usually do things. I might not have the kitchen finished (= my mom’s things packed and our stuff put where I want them) or room to think (or move) in the bedroom (it is filled to the ceiling with boxes, looking forward to move a few of the furniture into other spaces once those spaces are empty) or all my furniture in working order (there are still one sofa up and tables stowed together, I might get some of it moved – but for sure not everything – before the holidays rolls around). BUT I will celebrate it with MT and with our extended family and we will get things in order eventually – and that is what matter when I think long and hard about it. And, honestly, celebrating Christmas is most of all about a little child that once was born that hold the hope of the world. (and very little about clean kitchen, baked cookies and gifts wrapped beautifully (although that is fun things as well, off course!)).

One of my favorite Christmas songs:

Thanks for reading – Happy Advent :D

December | Day 15 | 2013

December tradition

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoLast year we gifted both of MT’s cousins a visit to a great indoor swimming pool with us + going out for pizza afterwards. We went with one of them this summer and on Sunday we went with the other. Yay! I think they both had some fun. MT did for sure. He loves any visit to the swimming pool, but the perk of bringing one of his favorite cousins along was sure something he really loved. Makes me glad.

I did not take lots of photos, the day was such a wirvle wind of happenings (I do have a couple more that I won’t share here for privacy reasons), but this is a little peak into our day.
In his {happy} element While waiting for our pizza

Thanks for coming by.
Do you have a December tradition that makes for extra happiness?!

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