December | day 16

Morning coffee and some orange
This was really a day where everything happened. Full day at work and full evening at home. In the morning we had staff meeting and a morning coffee whit fruit. I loved how the sun rays came in the window. I really love sunshine at wintertime. The light makes me happy and I try to capture the fleeting moment of bliss.

And with that started my little December Day hunt for LIGHT

Clementine sculpture Sunshine and shadows

Later in the day I had quite a few meetings. But I stood still a second (or two) and took in the view of the river and the mountains. Look at that light in the middle, highlighting the green. I miss my walks by the river now that we no longer live here.

Midday view of the river

In the evening MT had a Christmas work shop at school while I got a little bit shopping done, I was happy to find some light here as well, although this one were man made. Got to love the twinkle lights!

Twinkle lights

Hope you find some light this Advent too! Enjoy it.
Thanks for coming by my little blog.

December | day15

Sunshine in my kitchen
The story of today was the sunshine streaming into my kitchen, making me happy.
The story of today was coffee outside in the sunshine, for just a tiny little moment.

Coffee in the sunshine

The story of today was cleaning and clearing and getting things together for the holiday. I did the living room during the day and MT helped getting the hallway organized in the afternoon. So glad we got it in order.

Found room for the old tv screen

The story of today was being stressed about the work week ahead. Deep breaths.
The story of today was being overwhelmed by all-that-needs-to-be-done. Deeper breaths.
The story of today was eating leftover Lussekatter and enjoying some quite time with a good read. It was my day off work after all!
The story of today was only capturing life with my phone. I’m so okay with that!

In my window

Thanks for coming by my little blog. Happy Advent days!

December | day 14

Celebrating ST Lucia
We celebrated the 3rd Sunday of Advent together. We took a lot of photos while at church and at the Christmas crafts work shop after. And then we baked somethings we call Lussekatter (I have no idea what they are called in English, sorry), a special treat made for ST. Lucia day (that was yesterday, Saturday) and invited my parents over for an evening meal. It was a good day. And a day full of events. Thankfully we got to sleep in since the service was in the early afternoon. I’m so proud of MT for taking many of these photos below, I’m trying to teach him how to work with manual before he’ll get a chance to learn about the ease of auto settings. He has a good eye for photos, just need some practice (as we all do, more or less). Lots of photos below, thanks for looking!

natural energy Tiny bit of white walking up the stairs inside the church me self portrait church coffee crafting MT's smily sweet angel sweet smiling little angel Celebrating ST. Lucia Celebrating ST Lucia Celebrating ST Lucia Celebrated ST Lucia

And, lastly, one photo from my phone; a colorful breakfast:

Making colorful breakfast

Happy 3rd Advent week!

December | day 13

my (temporary) bed
This holiday takes it’s toll on me and once again I’m down for the count. So sad for all the things I didn’t get to do around the house, but there was no other choice than to listen to my body (and my neck injury). Kicking myself for not listening soon enough…

the signs of the approaching holiday
Even though I saw more of the sofa and my bed than I really wanted to.

Proud mama moment
MT used most of his day with drawing and being online, but he also walked our dog and organized and purged his clothes. Good job kiddo!

In the evening I started to feel like my self again, thankfully.

Was stuck inside all Saturday

And ended up at my desk working a little on my photos, writing posts and looking over our album (sans photos and (most of the) words) adding a few new yellow post-its for photo placements.

On my desk Saturday evening

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

A cup with orange

December | day 12

3x4 cards for my album

This afternoon we went Christmas shopping together, the kid and I. We didn’t buy much, but looked around and made a few mental notes of good gifts to people dear to us. After a couple of hours of shopping we went to a concert with the local children choirs in one of our neighboring churches. The children sang nicely and I met a friend I hadn’t seen for decades, sweet. We were supposed to stop for something to eat, but MT was eager to get back home. So after some groceries shopping, home we went.

When we got home we watched another (new) favorite Christmas movie, a Norwegian one called Solan og Ludvig – Jul i Flåklypa = The Christmas of Solan and Ludvig. It was hilarious.

Our evening in phone photos:
Christmas play in church in the church Those peppermint canes made the tea all sweet and season-y #decdaily #decemberdaily #decembersuccess #mymugshot #shuttersisters #ourcollectiveheart #cy365 #vscocam

Hope your day was a good one. Happy 3. Advent weekend.

December | day 11

woking on my album
The story of today is having time for a cup of coffee after MT left for school and before I had to leave for work. The story of today is scraping ice off the car in the morning. The story of today is my annual meeting with the groups of pensioner having a devotion about Christmas. They treated me to a delicious dinner, cake and lots of nice chats around the table. They even gifted me a flower. Lucky me. The story of today is being late for an appointment. I don’t like that. The story of today is shopping groceries. We were out of all the staples. The story of today is driving MT to football practice. He told me to look on my desk when I arrived back home. The story of today is finding a sweet gift on my desk, filled with marzipan colored and decorated by MT (at school). Nice! The story of today is working a little on my December album (see top photo)

sweet gift sweet gift

The story of today from my phone: a self portrait
Hello December
a flower gifted to meWas gifted a fun flower today
and a pair of newly finished wool socks Tube socks

Thanks for coming by. What are your story?

December | day 10

Was gifted a flower yesterday | nice!

I got a cancellation, so instead of sitting inside when there were sunshine outside I went for a walk. It was good. Really good. The ice hadn’t melted in the roads in the forest, like it has around the farm, so it was slippery. No new record on speed.

So slippery in the woods today View of fields Joy of sunshine

In the evening we watched another of our favorite Holiday movies: Santa Clause. We had some other things planned, but non of us felt up for it. Movie night is always a good plan around here. Especially in December and on nights when I’m on call.

I didn’t take a single photo with my big camera today. These I captured on my phone, edited with VSCO Cam (my favorite photo editing app) and shared. If you want to see what I see on a daily basis, I’m Limez at Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

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