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I haven’t been able to update with photos, but I’ve been learning something small or something big each and every day so far this month. (YAY!) Today I’ve paired my learnings with my photos and want to share 🙂 If you want to read more about the project you can find the other posts here.

What I learned Sunday, September 4th:

LSNED | 04.sep.11

After a whole weekend apart it's nice to stay in the same room for a while.

This weekend I was busy with the new Confirmant class @ church, so MT went to his Grandparents for a few days. It was so good to see him again on Sunday! And even though we ended up doing different things in the evening – it was so nice to be together in the same room again.

What I learned Monday, September 5th:

LSNED | 05. sep. 2011

Since going low on sugar consume, I eat popcorn more often.

Like every day. Ops.

What I learned Tuesday, September 6th:

LSNED | 06. sep. 2011

A soccer mom will cheer on the team even when September turns to wind and rain.

Sometimes the weather aren’t so nice when MT are out playing football (soccer). Sometimes there is a roof over my head and I can stay dry and still see what happens (and shout, as I can’t keep silent at a football match. lol.). But most often there is no roof and I have to stay outside in the rain as they plays.

What I learned Wednesday, September 7th:

LSNED | 07. sep. 2011

A sunny afternoon in the fall, with no meeting to attend,
makes for a nice photo hunting walk!

A beautiful afternoon and a little camera walk in my neighborhood to capture the nice September weather, how much water there is in the river right now and how the beautiful sky and clouds reflects in the water.

What I learned Thursday, September 8th:

LSNED | 08. sep. 2011

Planning and thinking together with people that are engaged and creative
makes me believe that the sky is the limit.

This day was spent driving to and from meetings. Loved the great discussions and ideas shared in all the planning that took place – as well as the inspiring thoughts from creative minds. In the afternoon we got a little rain and some gorgeous rainbows as well.

What I learned Friday, September 9th:

LSNED | 09. sep. 2011

Fridays are my favorite weekend evenings.

I’m often tired on Friday afternoons, but still it’s my favorite day of the weekend. There are (usually) no work and no school on Saturday, so we get to hang out and not worry so much about when we go to bed, because we can sleep in the next day. And since I often work on Sundays, Saturday afternoon aren’t as relaxed, since then I tend to worry about the service and the sermon and such.

What I learned Saturday, September 10th:

LSNED | 10. sep. 2011

Sometimes it better to go out and do something than stay at home.
Even when I feel tired and worn.

We had lots of fun going to the fair today. I was so tired, and thought it might be a good idea to stay at home and rest instead. But it totally was the best idea to just go and have fun. I’ve been going to this fair since I was a girl, and it’s a big one. We were only 2 out of over 30000 there(!) So great to walk around and see all that was for sale, equally as fun (at least for MT) to be at the amusement park and have some fun with the electric bumper cars (he even got his uncle O. out there bumping). Also nice to spend some of the time there with my father and my brother. We don’t see each other too often!

So there you go. All updated again. More or less. How are your learning going?! 😉

Tomorrow Katrina Kennedy’s class Your Life: Captured Through The Lens starts up and I can’t wait for all the things I’m going to learn about photography. That is if I can remember my password and log in already, I’m tired of requiring new passwords all the time…. ahem.

PS: The class is still open for registration, if you want to join in as well. Go here to read more about it.

365, LSNED

What I Learned | LSNED

As I told you just a couple of days ago, I’m taking a class with Shimelle Lain, it’s called Learn Something New Every Day. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Now I have two more lessons learned to share.

What I learned Friday, September 2nd:

LSNED | 02.sep.11

When I'm getting ready for a big happening (especially at work)
I pace a lot and have trouble relaxing for real.

I was more or less out of sorts as I put the last preparing down for my 5 hour long night with out church youths, I was glad I was the only one at home because I tend to get a bit snappy because of all the excitement and worry that these big happenings bring with them. Meeting both the parents and the youths for the first time is seriously scary as well as very nice. With all these feeling boiling inside of me, I find it so hard to relax even though I had the early hours of the day off. I tend to pace a lot. Thankfully the weather was nice, so I went for a walk down by the river. That was a smart move. 🙂 The night went well, but I was so tired when I finally got back home. Keeping track of 32 youths more or less alone (I had a woman help me with food and she was also in the building if I needed any help) does that to you.

I could have snapped a photo of the Youths, but to be honest, I didn’t have time to dig out the camera right then and there. So instead I took a photo of the (almost) empty field right next to our house. The farmer was there and cut it on Friday before the rain started again.

What I learned Saturday, September 3rd:

LSNED | 03.sep.11

I really like to fill my albums with newly printed digital scrapbook pages.

I was so happy to see the package with all new prints arrive on Friday, but I didn’t have time to put them into albums before Saturday (and that was the day after the big happening mentioned above and my neck gave me a lot of trouble, so most of the day was spent horizontal. Thankfully I got better in the afternoon). It was so nice to slowly put the prints away, taking a good look at each and everyone as I did it. I had the house to my self and could take as much time as I needed since MT was at his Grandparents for the weekend. It was my first time ordering big prints and I really loved the 12×12 size. It is obviously a bit more pricey, so I have to wait for another sale before ordering, but still the size just makes it all come together for me. And since I mix digital and traditional layouts in the albums, it makes sense as well.

I’m going to let the photos be the pages of this project album, that way this also doubles as my 365 for this month. I really want to make a page for each month with my 365 photos, maybe something like this:


what a foggy morning thaught me | LSNED

Foggy Morning

September is here and I’m ready to Learn Something New Every Day together with Shimelle and all my class mates. It’ll be my second year doing this – and hopefully I’ll get longer than the 10 days I managed last year 😉 LOL.

I’m planning to give the photos the main focus this time around – and to make it as simple as possible. When September is over I’m planning to put the photos back to back and add a few scratch papers and maybe some memorabilia from the month, put it all on some large book binder rings and call it GOOD. But first I have some learning and living to do.

This is what I learned today:

When September comes I’m ready to embrace that summer is a past season.

LSNED | 01.sep.11

I learned it at 8:30 in the morning as the fog was slowly lifting from the ground giving room for a sunshiny day. I’m ready for fall now. I love fall, with all it’s colors and textures. I’ll miss summer though!

What have you learned today?

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