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neighbor kid

Late last year we got a new neighbor, a boy at age 5. Could it be any more perfect? MT have missed going outside to find someone to play with – now he can almost do that (since he has to cross a heavy trafficked road he still has to bring his mummy along, but they have plenty of places to play both in the fields and forest that have no cars….).

The kid came to see us today. He brought his mother with him for security, since it was his first time visiting us, that was nice for me to get to know her a tiny bit more as well. But after a while her son told her to go home, he was okay being at our house on his own. It was so nice chatting with his mum, but I was also happy with him being comfertable being here on his own. I hope he’ll become a regular guest and play pal for MT; by summer I guess they will be hanging out, more or less, every day possible.

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more christmas tree decorated

christmas tree

A few more photo from our decorating-the-christmas-tree-day on December 23rd. Just had to share, I might do a scrap later – but first some sleep, then some other chores – then we’ll see 😀 This year we got a tree from my dad’s forest; the tree he rejected for his own house, by the way. I love trees that have some flaws, it makes better stories!! (One of these days I have to scan in a photo of my most crappy tree ever – that was a seriously crocked tree; we still tell stories about it, every year!!)

MT decorating tree

christmas tree decor and light

christmas tree

That’s all for now 😉 Good night!!

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too cold?

It’s around 17 degrees below zero here at the moment; and my car won’t start 🙁 Was a bit worried about that since I have no way of heating up the motor (or what to call it!) and it have been a tiny bit difficult to start it before when cold….so that’s life! My dad is coming to my rescue – and I have made appointments with the garage to look at the car battery on Friday – but right now we are stuck here at home. MT too, it is just too cold to walk over a mile in this weather! He’s eager to meet his friends at the kindergarten, though, so I guess I’ll drive him up with my dads car later. 😉

In a few hours I have confirmant class. Better start planning them!!

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