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cold weather and a christmas tree

We got home late from the birthday yesterday, so today has been a day to recover and get ready for the everyday life starting tomorrow. It came some snow last night, so MT had fun playing in it and I got my exercise showing it out of our way. I also got some more wood in to the wood fire that we have got going all day; it’s so cold at our place – tonight closer to 20 degrees below zero than ever before this winter. Brrr. Almost wished I could stay at home tomorrow and keep the house warm, it gets cold so easily!

Anyhow, wanted to show you what I did scrapping today and then I’d better get to bed – tomorrow is an early morning(!)

Here is our Christmas Tree, a tiny bit crocked – but we like it! πŸ˜€

our christmas tree

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life | projects, scrapbooking

vulnerable and a birthday

my word for 2009

I made this for this week CT-assignmetn at Pretty Scrappy answering to a challenge at Scrapmatters. The first scrap I’ve finished since Christmas (I started a few, but those got lost in the crash…). It’s good to be scrapping again.

I was inspired to find a word that could follow me throughout the year. I found a word that evokes a lot of feelings. Both good and bad. I think it’s the right word for this year. Time will show if I think that a year from now πŸ˜‰ Because of theΒ  computer crash I’m starting the new year rebuilding and downloading. Feeling a bit vulnerable since I lost a lot of stuff that was dear to me, but also fine since new beginnings are exciting and can give new directions and answers that the old me couldn’t see….. Maybe πŸ˜‰

journal: It might seem like a strange word. But for me it’s a word that suits me both in my personal life and when I think about how everything are connected and how my choices affects others far away; the environment etc. Now I’m curious; how will this word give meaning throughout the year?!

template by Scrapmuss design
staple by Jess Gordon
all else from Dan by Just passin’ thru


So, got to run, my Grandma is celebrating her birthday today πŸ˜€ It’ll be fun to see her and all the other members of my extended family!! She’s a old goodie, turning 98 this time around. I love her! But now I’m late – as usual……. ehe.


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