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Day In The Life | June

We spent the day at the farm and I decided that my iPhone 5 camera, VSCO CAM app to edit and the Instagram app to share using the hashtag (#) dayinthelife, would do the trick. I shared38 images during the day, grouped together as morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening and night. My morning was not all that early, but then my night was a late one! Here are my favorites, you can find all of them in my DAY IN THE LIFE Flickr set. If you want to read a few words about the photo(s), please click on it/them – or just let the photo themselves tell the story this time. Thanks for looking!

[morning] #dayinthelife | Watering [morning] #dayinthelife | Tomato [morning] #dayinthelife | Favorites [morning] #dayinthelife | Morning Meal [morning] #dayinthelife | Coffee Maker

[mid-day] #dayinthelife | Coffee [mid-day] #dayinthelife | Break [mid-day] #dayinthelife | Hello

[afternoon] #dayinthelife | Carrying [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Smile [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Grandpa's hat [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Growing [afternoon] #dayinthelife | From Where I Stand

[evening] #dayinthelife | The veggies [evening] #dayinthelife | Eat [evening] #dayinthelife | My mama

[night] #dayinthelife | Laughter [night] #dayinthelife | MT & Grandpa [night] #dayinthelife | On My Evening Walk [night] #dayinthelife | Mountains [night] #dayinthelife | Good Night
I really enjoyed snapping my day with the phone, so easy and instant. Not that I want every month to look like this, I love to use my big camera for this project, but every once in a while it works well to go the phone app way. How about you? Did you join in this month? Or maybe you want to be a part of it next moth? Please share in the comments – I already look forward to the next edition, I love how this project capture our life as it is lived this year (and hope to have up a few more posts with photos, because I have been snapping all year and have all the months covered).

Inspired by Ali Edwards and her approach to capture one day each month for a snapshot of her life this year. At her blog you also can find links to other participants from all over the world. Here are links to my DAY(s) IN THE LIFE of 2013:

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Day In The Life 2013 |

Day in the life | April

I captured my day as I lived it on Tuesday April 30th 2013.

Day In The Life | April 2013 (1) Day In The Life | April 2013 (2) Day In The Life | April 2013 (3) Day In The Life | April 2013 (4) Day In The Life | April 2013 (5) Day In The Life | April 2013 (6) Day In The Life | April 2013 (7) Day In The Life | April 2013 (8) Day In The Life | April 2013 (9) Day In The Life | April 2013 (10)
05:45 – MT is up bright and early today. Goes downstairs, leave me to sleep another hour. 07:15 – I jump into the shower.  MT leaves for school and I get some breakfast. I walk Ferdinand. Thankfully I remember to bring my camera. 09:05 – I get ready to leave for church (funeral). Ferdinand have to wait at home. 10:03 – Arrived at church. Final touches on the sermon and last preparations for the funeral. 13:15 – Stops by the store on my way back home. Ferdinand is so happy to see me. Get outside to clear out the mess in my car (or rather some of the mess…). Get the mail while Ferdinand runs around happy to be outside. Makes some lunch/dinner (cheese sandwich). Ferdinand does not approve of not getting anything of the meal that smells so delicious (but it’s too spicy for him!). 14:30 – Make a phone call. 14:50 – MT is back home. 15:00 – Meeting with the organist. Preparing the service for Sunday (Confirmation). 16:00 – Devotion at the elders centre. 17:00 – Meeting with the youths for one last practice before the big day on Sunday. 18:05 – Left home to watch the last few minutes of MT’s soccer match. Thankfully I saw 2 of his goals for the team. Sadly they lost the match, and MT was a bit grumpy about that. 19:30 – Went to the farm for a short visit as we were in the neighborhood. MT watched TV as I talked with my parent(s) about everything and that. 21:50 – I realized that our short visit had turned long and we got ready to leave. We saw several deer down in the field (too bad it was too dark to photograph them). Stopped by the store on our way back home. 23:23 – Went for the last walk of the day with Ferdinand. 23:52 – Send in my tax return online. Went upstairs to say good night to MT, but he was already asleep (good thing he has the day off school tomorrow). Stayed up a while surfing the web. So good to have a little bit of time to myself before bed. 01:05 – Good night!

THANKS FOR READING – how was your day?!

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