Week In The Life | Monday

Here is a few of my favorite photos from MONDAY. If you want to see more click over to flickr, there you also can find a few words explaining each photo a little. Each photo below are linked to flickr as well, so you can click on the photos to read the words.

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #1

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #3

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #7

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #9

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #11

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #14

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #16

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #20

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #21

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #23

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #24

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #29

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #31


  • We spent the day at home. Doing a lot of everyday good stuff.
  • The weather wasn’t too nice, but we still managed to be outside some of the time.
  • I did 2 loads of laundry and 1 run of the dishwasher.
  • We had on shorts despite of the gray weather.
  • We found time to enjoy the day. Monday is generally my day off and the day I relax as well as do a few things around the house.
  • Loved spending the day with MT, he’s been visiting his Grandparents for the weekend and I missed him.
  • Just when I thought the day was over I found that we had lost all water to the house. I went down in the basement to see if there were any leaks, but I found no sign of that. So I went to bed, nothing to do about this before tomorrow. Really don’t like the thought of not having water, though. And it’s kind of funny after all the rain and flooding during the weekend. There shouldn’t be a shortage of water right now.





I plan on saving the newspaper from today. Lots of articles about the tragic shooting and bombing in Ut√łya/Oslo. It happened before this week started, but it’s sure setting it’s mark on this week as well. I also plan on saving something (newspaper or printout + my own photos) from the flooding in the city on Sunday.


I’ve found that Week In The Life is both fun and hard. Sometimes the snapping of photos doesn’t come as easy and sometimes the words are hard to find. But other times it’s so fun finding and appreciating the details of our day. All in all I’m so happy I decided to do it and I can’t wait for the finished result. I use a notebook to write what’s going on during the day, as detailed as I can manage and then I try to take photos all as well. Sometimes I go by the hour, sometimes it’s what’s happening that gets me to snap the clicker.

I wanted to learn more about my new photo software (Aperture) during this week so it’s been a struggle figuring out how everything works so I could develop a work flow that suits me and doesn’t take more time than necessary. I’m still working on it, but getting the Monday highlights up and running helps a lot. Now I have made a few decisions that I’ll stick to when editing the other photos from the rest of the week.


Hope you find some beauty in your everyday life. It's all in the details.
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