Sunday walk in the forest

hello sunday walk

The forest have been calling me. I love the colors and the light there.

light and shadows frosty forest

The thing is, I had to get out of our warm house and I like staying inside on cold days (well, also not-so-cold days too to be honest). Sunday I bundled up in wool and did it. I went for a walk.

sunshine sunday sunday walk in the forest walk details

My kid didn’t want to come, but my dog was more than happy to join my mission. I brought my dSLR with me to capture it all, so the walk was a slow walk. But, oh, it was a good walk.

the railroad winter sunday

It cleared my head and made me so happy + grateful for all the beautiful nature we have right outside our door. This year my mission is to get out here and enjoy it more often.

get out (Credits: wordart + photo templates in this post made by Paislee Press.)

Thanks for being here.
Wish you a great Monday!

PS: If you like colors, remember we’re sharing YELLOW on instagram via #colorcolouryellow and #colorcolourlovers this week. See you there? You can find me here.

I like snow in January

Love the farm with snow on So, so glad we got some snow on the ground again. Hoping it won’t turn into ice and melt away. We’ve had enough of that so far in January. I want the snow to stay put!  Maybe there will be time for a little bit of cross country skiing too. Here is me hoping! #getout

I  love that white stuff Only the dog ventured outside Still snowing outside

We’ve been feeding the birds and lately there have been so many birds coming by our window. Kind of fun watching them swoop in and out. They are quick and jumpy.

Watching the birds

Hope your day is good!
Count the blessings.

A December Morning

Frosty farm Just a few images from my morning. Will return to regular December Daily Days tomorrow.

Early morning at my desk
My home office
So happy to see that the fog has lifted. It’s cold, but I don’t mind. Love sunshiny days.
Winter morning sky (it's cold, but no fog - finally)
My living room while the morning gets brighter outside.
Morning in my living roomMorning in my living room (take 2)(I really don’t like the TV in my living room, but it’s so handy for our favorite holiday movie nights..).

And then I left for work. When I got back home around 9:30 (pm) tonight the weather had turned warm and rainy with wind. The season changes fast, apparently.

Happy December Days!

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