Last summer

searching for crabs to catchcatching crabs

These last couple of days we’ve had kind of nice weather. But not nice warm weather, there seems to be a chill in the air no matter how much the sun tries to shine (#norwegiansummer).

I miss the nice warm summer weather.

Looking through some of my photos, I found quite a few from our visit to dear friends + the western part of Norway last summer. The first part of that vacation had such good warm days, almost too warm honestly. But I want more of such days: summer like we dream about on cold winter days.

Pretty please!

Clear water

Summer habit

Lime(z) coffee mornings

I’m a summer lover. I want the season to last for weeks on end with warm, sunny days. This is not always the reality of our Northern summer. (Honesty: it never is.) So this summer I’m adamant to spend as much time as I possibly can, on our good warm days, enjoying the sunshine throughout the day. Even if I only can squish in 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

From where I sit | summer edition Hello morning

I’ve made it a habit to bring my morning coffee outside to enjoy it in the sunshine. I’m also snapping a few photos with my phone to capture these small moments of the summer feeling I so highly crave. Hopefully this will also help me embrace the season as it is.


I usually share a couple of photos from our day on instagram, quite a few of them have been coffee-cup and sunshine related lately. I call them #limezcoffeemornings

What summer habits do you have?

Sunday walk in the forest

hello sunday walk

The forest have been calling me. I love the colors and the light there.

light and shadows frosty forest

The thing is, I had to get out of our warm house and I like staying inside on cold days (well, also not-so-cold days too to be honest). Sunday I bundled up in wool and did it. I went for a walk.

sunshine sunday sunday walk in the forest walk details

My kid didn’t want to come, but my dog was more than happy to join my mission. I brought my dSLR with me to capture it all, so the walk was a slow walk. But, oh, it was a good walk.

the railroad winter sunday

It cleared my head and made me so happy + grateful for all the beautiful nature we have right outside our door. This year my mission is to get out here and enjoy it more often.

get out (Credits: wordart + photo templates in this post made by Paislee Press.)

Thanks for being here.
Wish you a great Monday!

PS: If you like colors, remember we’re sharing YELLOW on instagram via #colorcolouryellow and #colorcolourlovers this week. See you there? You can find me here.

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