the 44 list

The 44 List

Hello 44

A month ago I celebrated my 44th birthday. On the actual day I worked, so two days earlier I invited my brother, my SIL and my niece + us on the farm and had a little party in the garden/orchard. It was nice and easy and low key – just like I wanted it. (next year I’ll invite more family and friends, but this year just the closest ones)

For some odd reason, 44 sounds to me like a fun number, I like the four + four of it. I hope it’ll be a fun year as well. With lots of laughter and moments worth remembering. To make sure that happened I made myself a little list of things, hopes, dreams and projects for the year ahead. This I want to do, see, be and wonder about:

  1. Time with MT
  2. Laugh more often + with more volume
  3. Walk up the mountain by our farm and visit our old cabin there
  4. Remember to breathe!
  5. Travel outside of Norway with MT
  6. Buy a mill to process our own flour
  7. Grow garlic
  8. Hang up more photos on our walls
  9. Walk (run) in the woods twice a week
  10. Visit friends more often
  11. Grow a larger vegetable garden
  12. New roof for the barn
  13. Use my dSLR more often to capture our everyday life
  14. Sell our (old) house
  15. Knit a wool sweater
  16. Buy sheep (or chickens)
  17. Make 4 scrapbook layouts each month
  18. Eat dinner together with MT at least five times a week
  19. Remember to send ‘happy birthday‘ sms’s to my friends and family
  20. Buy a new oven
  21. Redo the kitchen
  22. Give away or throw away things I don’t need (or don’t find beautiful)
  23. Pick flowers + bring inside
  24. Read the bible
  25. Eat more real food (organic, slow, close)
  26. Accept help
  27. Write two posts on the blog each month (or more)
  28. Take two photos of our life each day (#cy365 / #fmsphotoaday)
  29. Use project life to document our weeks – photos + words
  30. Read books (44 at least)
  31. Clear and clean out my childhood bedroom (and move in!)
  32. Make dorowat + injera (= Ethiopian food)
  33. Read through The Lord of the Rings out loud with MT (Ringdrotten)
  34. Buy a new (to me) car
  35. Print my photos
  36. Make Christmas presents
  37. Paint a wall BLUE
  38. Become a farmer
  39. Plan a party (and invite friends + family)
  40. Mill grains to floor and sell
  41. Grow spinach
  42. Clear and clean the old living room down stairs
  43. Write more
  44. Build a green house (a small one)

I don’t care if I get to cross out all on this list. One of the fun parts of this is to dream it up in the first place and to see where it takes me. I’ll report back as I live this list and this year.

Blue dotted

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