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The Simple Things | @ The Farm

Climbing The Threes

We’re spending a few days @ The Farm. Watching the house(s) and the cat while my parents are on vacation. We thought we would do a whole lot here, but most of the days are spent relaxing and regrouping. We needed that.

Growing Fields

Yellow Sunshine Flowers

Better get that grass cut before they (my parents) are back home 😉

Hope your summer is sweet as well!


I love the idea of this; there is always something to celebrate or cherish when we take the time to look for the simple things.
I hope I can keep it as kind-of-a-regular thing on Mondays.

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A Saturday @ The Farm

Last Saturday (April 16th) my kid and I + my brother and his family visited The Farm.

Cousins @ the farm

My mom cooked us dinner (lovely fish dinner) and we spent the most of the afternoon outside in the beautiful spring weather. MT and his two cousins had fun (most of the time) running around, playing ball and discover nature. They also helped me cut a few branches for our Easter service on Palm Sunday.

@ the farm

a branch of pine

Spring Green

Wood anemone

Wood anemone

My brother helped me with some light issues on my car and my SIL helped me make a wreath of thorns for our Easter service on Palm Sunday. In the evening there were coffee and cakes.

building a wreath

Crown of Torn

It was a really nice and relaxing day and I’m so glad we got to spend some hours together.

Fence Line

Fence Line

Fence Line
(all photos link to my Flickr account where each photo has a little bit of description to it if you want to read.)

Thank you for looking! Have a great Monday 🙂

We’re going swimming at a pool and MT is over the top excited (it’s part of his birthday gift from me). Glad to spend some more time with him before work and school starts up again tomorrow.

the farm

The Farm

I’ve taken some photos of the farm back home. The one I grew up on, and the one I eventually shall take over; in the future. And even though I love the place I live now and will miss it highly when I’m moving in a few years time. This is really HOME to me. Come take a look!! 😀

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