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Note to self: This page needs some updated info! Ahem. I know I’m slow sometimes, but almost 6 years?!? Tells you I’ve been blogging for a while, though. But still. So much has changed.
I have a son. I live in the middle of the forest. I scrapbook and love it!
I’m still a pastor though and I still live in a rural area.


This is just a test, need to know how this will look and function.

More about me later 😉

Looks great if you don’t mind me saying so – will edit after a while….. On of my qualities is that I’m slow… 😀

I’ll tell you this:
I’m a pastor living in a rural area close to the worlds (next) largest fjord. This summer/fall I will become a mother to a daugther or son adopted from Etiophia, age under 3 years. I love to talk, now I also talk with my fingers….. 😀 I’m a learner at this web-stuff though so I take it slowly and has been known to make a mess of something from time to time. But I try 😉


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