December | day 9

Rolled oats with milk
Tuesday morning was the coldest this far in the winter season. Not terribly cold, though, just 5 or 6 degrees below zero (C.), but cold enough after such a mild November and early December. I found myself shooting photos in the morning, from I got out of bed around 7 am until I left for work a quarter to 9 am. Several of them I shared yesterday in my post A December Morning. Above and below are the rest.

A bowl of rolled oats with milk are the breakfast of choice for the both of us. Today I had a little bit more time in the morning so I made a cup of coffee as well and read a few blogs on my ipad (in my favorite blog reader Bloglovin’).

So glad I finally took time to figure out the self timer on my camera (and it was embarrassingly easy too!). User manual to the rescue.

me and my breakfast bowl me and my breakfast bowl (take 2) Coffee and blog reading Coffee in the morning

A few captures of non-morning events from my phone:

midday : looking out the window
At work in the chapel today

afternoon : reflection
The church by the river

evening : treat
An evening treat

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again tomorrow!? Happy Decembering!

December | day 8

Found my Favorite Christmasmug

Normally I have Monday off, as I work Sundays, but this week I had not. I worked from home the first hours, then I went out to meet someone to prepare one of the funerals this week. Then I went back home and finished the day working in my home office.

A couple of hours after MT was home from school we sat down to eat dinner. Then we we set the alarm and worked for one hour vacuuming, tidying up and washing the kitchen and living room. We both worked for the entire hour and got a lot done on our project: getting our house Christmas clean(er). It’s a work in progress.

After all that I made some hot cacao and we sat down and read another chapter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. We love hot cacao. And reading. It was our treat.

Hot cacao for everyone Red mug with stars on hot cacao Hot Cacao

A few from the phone:
Todays view Didn't choose the right shoes today Winter frozen roses Iced fir Coffee is my favorite on a work MondayThat’s a wrap. Thanks for looking. Have a happy December day/night!

A December Morning

Frosty farm Just a few images from my morning. Will return to regular December Daily Days tomorrow.

Early morning at my desk
My home office
So happy to see that the fog has lifted. It’s cold, but I don’t mind. Love sunshiny days.
Winter morning sky (it's cold, but no fog - finally)
My living room while the morning gets brighter outside.
Morning in my living roomMorning in my living room (take 2)(I really don’t like the TV in my living room, but it’s so handy for our favorite holiday movie nights..).

And then I left for work. When I got back home around 9:30 (pm) tonight the weather had turned warm and rainy with wind. The season changes fast, apparently.

Happy December Days!

December | day 7


I can’t believe how fast this day went. It was foggy and sunshiny, MT went to a birthday and I sorted through another bunch of my photos and started on our Christmas presents. In the evening we tried to make caramels together, I’m pretty sure they will turn out to be the most delicious sauce. (ops!) But we tried. And we did it together. That’s the main goal. And now we have a reason to buy ice cream! Win. Win.

From my phone:

Making Caramels Foggy December

Happy 2. week of Advent.
Thanks for stopping by.

December | day 6

Movie time

We have this thing we have been doing for years: Reading the Harry Potter books together. Earlier we read a little each and every night, and the first few books were read through rather quickly. After we read through a book we saw the corresponding movie. Lately we’ve been reading so seldom. Sure we have been busy; MT has activities that lasts late at night and I’m at work other evenings, but to be honest we often forget to pick up the book. Not to mention; the books are thick and takes quite a while to read out loud. The other day, after reading the book for months, we finished the first half of the last book. Tonight we saw the movie together.  It was a perfect activity on a Saturday night after a day of being outside playing football (MT) and working with our vacation photos (from October, we went to friends in Faeroe Island) + taking it slowly to recover from my stomach bug (or whatever that was) (me). December are the only month during a year that I really miss having a TV screen in our living room – so we moved it back in tonight – and I’m worried it’s going to stay here, it’s so convenient for watching all our favorite holiday movies.

Advent light New plants Roses

From my phone (in addition to the first photo above):

My favorite football-player Football field | Saturday football with his friends |

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Advent Sunday!

December | day 5

December 5th
Each day in December MT gets a card where I write a few things that are going to happen that day. I’ve done this for years – and it’s still one of our favorite December traditions. Today he got Santa candy for breakfast (he made sure to eat his favorite bowl of rolled oats with milk first), some money to spend on the lottery in the evening and the task of writing down his Christmas wish list (witch we forgot to do, so that will be done Saturday, ops).

The 5-card above is from Paislee Press Designs journal cards kit This Day in December. I just wrote them out on my printer and cut them out. The plan is to use them as a little review of the day (on the front), as well our daily planned ‘happenings’ (on the back) – and stick them in my album together with the photos (once I get them back from the printer). My spin on an idea from Jamaica Makes. (I loved her mini-book too, I might do something like that next year… If I only can get around to buy some bookcloth tape!).

In the evening MT went out with his Grandparents, leaving me and Ferdinand (our dog) home alone. I had quite a few plans, but had to scrap it all since I got painful stomach ache and spent the night at the couch with my eyes closed instead. Bummer! (as I write this I’m much better, I think it was something I ate or it might have been a bug (heard those are going around, how fun) – trying to take things slowly to recover fast).

I only took one photo with my phone:

Just a little bit more gaming | Concentrated |

Happy Advent weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

December | day 4

Until next year So glad I got to spend a few minutes out of the house today. The frost and the two degrees below zero (Centigrade) made it so beautiful even without snow. I snapped quite a few photos both with my big camera and my phone. Once again reminded that a walk in the woods makes me happy. I should do it more often!

Frost on the ground
I only wish my neck hadn’t thrown me a curve ball, the day would have been so much more enjoyable without the thumping headache and nausea… Thankfully I managed to do what needed to be done both at home and at work, with a few short naps in between tasks. I didn’t quite feel like my self, though, and was rather short tempered too.

Frosty leaved Nature is beautiful in all stages Snow ball tree Favorite view Old farm buildings View from the farm | South

Favorites from my phone below (see more photos in my limez instagram feed):

Frozen Into the woods we go The path by the field

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a happy Advent weekend. Looking forward to a couple of days off, planning on staying inside making merry (for the most part), with a little bit of walking thrown in for good measure. It’ll be good.

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