December | Day 12 | 2013

Advent light | December day12

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThursday morning I made MT hot cacao before he left for school. I wanted to spend a little cozy time with him. The days lately we have been busy and I haven’t been home much and this day was no exception. Right now I wouldn’t mind buying myself some extra time in my day – but still it’ll be all right no matter how much (or little) that gets done this month. Trying to live in the moments and savor the meaningful ones. Those that give something to me and our life.

The hot cacao was a tasty treat to start the day off good.

Light and hot cacao | December day12 Hot cacao | December day12 Angel cup | December day12 Cup of cacao in hand | December day12 The evening I spent with the youths in the church. It became a very nice, relax and fun night with lots of laughter. I liked that so much!

Tasty foodAdvent party Setting the table

I’ve been singing this song (in Swedish) by Carola (and Erik Hillestad) all day long:

So beautiful – hope it’ll give a little light to your Advent day as well. Thanks for coming by.

December | Day 11 | 2013

Getting the skis on | December day11

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoThis Wednesday morning MT decided that he did not care for walking down to the bus stop and getting his boots filled with snow. He wanted to ski down. And so he did. I’m so proud of him for setting off on the still quite dark morning. He’s on his way gathering K’s for his chart, maybe he’ll get more than 200 K this season?

After that the day was a blur of devotions, meetings, driving, classes and preparing for the services ahead. I would like to say I have control, but that would not be completely true. Hoping for a few quiets days next week to get it all in line.

Booting up | Dece,ber day11 Hands | December day11 MT and his skis | December day11 Ready, set - GO | December day11 Sunny view

It was a beautiful sunshiny day.
Thanks for looking!

December | Day 10 | 2013

MT and friends | December day10

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoOh, Tuesday, you are so full of work (and school). I spent most of it in church, with several meetings and a service too. I’m no fan of long days, but this week it’s all there is. Gathering strength. In the evening I went to MT’s school to watch the show they put together. It’s good to see how much MT likes his school and to see him together with his friends there. It’s been quite the change for him with our move, but he’s doing so well with it all. Still misses his old class buddies, though, but that is a good thing – he’s lucky to have good friends both there and here!. I have more photos from tonight for my album, but most of them include too many other kids faces…

School Advent show | December day10

Here are a few other glimpses from my day, captured with my phone:

View of the river My view today twinkle light

As always: Thanks for coming by my little blog!
Hope your day is filled with twinkle lights too :D

December | Day 9 | 2013

My view | December day9

Monday is my special day. It’s the day I have most to my self all week long.

AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo It’s the day I relax, get things done, reflect and regroup. I especially like the first part of the day, before the stress of the coming week gets to me. Today I spent a lot of time before the computer, going through my photos from the last few days. Good times.

I went out to walk our dog – and laughed so hard of his love for running fast; he can hardly make the turn as he flees between the two houses on the farm. I brought my camera outside to capture him and a few other glimpses of life and weather right now.

What I loved the most today was having the house to myself. That and the twinkle light. And the snow. For sure the snow, on this side of February I’m all for it.

Wild winter orchard | December day9 Runs like the wind | December day9 Run like the wind | December day9 Snow on the twinkle light | December day9 Snow ball tree | December day9 Snow ball tree | December day9 Twinkle | December day9

Thanks you so much for coming by – wish you a happy day where ever you are!


December | Day 8 | 2013

Happy tree hunter AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo It’s Sunday and MT challenged me to find something fun to do. I did. We went on a Tree Hunting Mission. My first thought were to drive in our car up closer to the mountain, but then the snow made that not so easy. Then I figured that we could go out and look for a tree in the woods around the farm, I was not planning on any chopping – but MT insisted on bringing his ax. He wanted to chop down a tree today(!) So off we went – and after a bit we found the perfect little tree which MT got to chop down and bring with him back to the house.

I’m including a bunch of photos today. Most of them I took with my dSLR before we went on our walk, I did not dare bring my camera on a hike in the snowy woods – so I used my cell phone to snap the photos there. 

MT was right – this was a fun thing to do, and now we have a tree in our kitchen, making it look and feel all the better. There are still plenty of messes around here, but we are for sure on the right track. Twinkling light does help a lot; makes it feel like Christmas instantly!

Ready for tree chopping | December day8 Keeping warm | December day8 Looking down | December day8 Gorgeously you | December day8 Tiny smile | December day8 Big smile | December day8 Our Tree Hunting Story | December day8 Ferdinand | December day8 The Tractor | December day8 Knitting warm The 2 of us Checking out the trees The neighborhoodNo, that won't do Lights | December day8 Bright | December day8A little note: Above I included a photo with the story of our tree hunting mission. I did the wording online in Avery and am not happy with how it turned out – I had so little control over the look of the text – and will do it over in PSE before I print this for my album. It’ll have to do for now, though.

Thank you so much for coming by. Happy Advent!

December | Day 7 | 2013

Coffee and cake at our neighbors | December day7 AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I spent most of Saturday in bed being sick, my neck threw me a curve ball – like always when I’m trying to stretch myself too much. I had so much that I wanted to do, but had no choice but lay down and let my whole body get some rest. In the early evening I felt better and enjoyed a coffee + cake visit to our new neighbors. Kind of nice having my parents next door (although they still sleeps in this house, this makes a big difference during the day – we just have to fix their TV receptions so they can watch their shows whenever they want to – and they’re good to go!). In the evening MT got tired and went to bed early, leaving me the luxury of alone time in our house for the first time since forever. I really needed that! Looking forward to more in the future.

Christmas Rose Only a couple photos today, this flower we call Christmas Rose and it is so beautiful.

As always – THANKS for coming by – I’ll try my best to keep up with the photos the rest of the month as well. When it comes to the actual album, I might not put it together until after the holiday (if I’m able to do it at all). I try to to put a few things in now and then from our days, though and MT promised to write his annual wish list – I love how he decorates it and treasure that page each year.

We’ll see how it all work, but I’m happy for capturing my moments non the less. See you around! Happy Advent monday :) I’ll be back with my Sunday photos later today.

December | Day 6 | 2013

My favorite santa | December day6 AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoFriday was supposed to be my day off, it was not, but thankfully I got time to do a few of the things I really wanted, like cleaning a little in the kitchen, making hot cacao to MT and watch The Polar Express in the evening. We also helped a little when my brother and his son came to move some of my parents furniture from this house and over to their new house across the lawn. Now things are shaping up around here and this feel a little bit more like home. There are still plenty to do, unpack and move, but this made me feel we are on the right track.

Maybe we are going to be ready for Christmas after all…..
Blue and Red | December day6 Waiting for hot cacao | December day6 Hot cacao | December day6 Santa MT | December day6 Advent tradition

Blue winter sky The fields, the mountain and the sky

Earlier in the day I walked Ferdinand (the dog) and enjoyed a few minutes outside in the beautiful sunshiny weather (it was kind of cold also, it is winter time around here after all) – as I fetched the mail from our mailbox down by the road.

Hope your Advent day was a good one also – thanks for looking – please tell me your favorite Christmas movie, I would love to grow my collection :)

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