Sunday | Mark 12:37-44

The detail

I wonder if she knew he was looking.
I wonder if she sensed it as she approached the temple with her offerings.
He sat there watching as the people came by with their gifts.
I wonder if she saw how he signaled for his disciples to come over where he sat,
as he pointed out the biggest giver of the day.

It was her.
Her and her two small coins that she gave away.
All she had to live for.
In faith and hope she gave it back to God.

She was seen.
By Jesus. And through him: by us.

I’m reminded that God’s kingdom run on other rules and values than our own world.
That what we deem small and insignificant – God redeem huge and most important.

Blessings for the week ahead.

Happy Summer!

Summer flowers Just a little note to wish a Good Summer!! I fell off the blogging wagon, but now I’m trying to get on again. So many stories and photos and thoughts to share.

Getting there My vacation starts in a few days and I really look forward to days and days to spend with my kid, doing work here at the farm, in my garden and other projects I’m hoping to get a start on; like bringing in a little more color to our life with a bucket or two with paint.

Tea in my blue mug I also want to read each and every day and get myself out into the forest for a walk; I feel so good when it’s done, but sometimes it’s a struggle to just #getout

Summer flower Blessed weekend!

color//colour lovers | PINK

color//colour | PINK

A little bit late blogging these photos, but I have been tagging along on instagram with Xhante and Andrea for their third installment of color//colour lovers. Pink has never been a favorite color of mine, but it is growing on me, I am a colorLOVER after all. Above and below are my finds for this PINK week.

monday pink inside // outside PINK colorful pasta evening tea morning // evening PINK colorful knitting pink flower

Thanks for being here. Why don’t you join us in our color hunt?! This week (starting Monday 16th of February) we are looking for ORANGE in our everyday life. Remember to tag your photos with #colorcolourlovers and #colorcolourORANGE. You can find me on instagram here.

// I’ll update with the photos from our GREEN week a little bit later this week.

morning PINK (Credits: photo templates and word-art in this post made by Paislee Press.)

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