10 on the 10th | November edition

I was thinking about a good 10 things for my blog post this month. And suddenly it hit me how fun it would be to look at the photos from the tenth day of each month of this year. (I didn’t take a photo on every 10th of the month, if I went up or down a couple of days I usually found something. I am in the habit of taking a lot of photos).
Here the photos are in chronological order:

The 10th | January

The 10th | Februar 2011

The 10th | March 2011

The 10th | April 2011

The 10th | May 2011

The 10th | June 2011

The 10th | July 2011

The 10th | August 2011

The 10th | September 2011

The 10th | October 2011
If you want to read more about each months photo, just click on it and jump over to my Flickr account.

I loved the hunt for older photos taken on, or close to, the 10th each of the previous months, how long has it been since you last looked at your photos from the same day of the month for several months?! If ever. You should do it now. I’ll tell you; it was fun! A tiny little snap shot of (almost) a year. From winter to fall. From white, through green to orange-brown.

Thanks for stopping by! :D
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And really soon I’ll be back blogging my Gratitude. Life is kind of thigh right now and I am thankful for getting through each day + for sleep and a few quiet moments to my self in between all the hustle and bustle. It’s lots of good stuff thought!

Ten Things

I’ve been so into Christmas lately, and have been gathering ideas for what to make and do during the month of December when ever I’ve had a few minutes to spare. Many of these I’ve pinned on my Christmas board. Here are my 10 favorite ideas, so far:

Sources: 1. tumblr.com | 2. sweetpaul.typepad.com | 3. marthastewart.com | 4. kimmccrary.blogspot.com |
5. tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com | 6. smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com | 7. childmadetutorials.blogspot.com |
8. serendipity-ddv.blogspot.com | 9. littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com | 10. saraspartyperfect.com. All via Lime on Pinterest

I’m still on the look out for December / Christmas ideas and inspiration, please share and link me up here in the comments – or on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by! :D
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10 Things on the 10th | Embracing Fall

Missing Summer

Ok. I have to admit it. I miss summer. I miss the sunny warm weather. The lazy days. The living as much outdoors and indoors. I miss it for sure, but, I also love the fall season. And I want to embrace the right here and now, so here is my 10 things I’m happy and grateful right now:

1. I’m happy and grateful for my son, how he is growing, learning and having more and more faith in himself.
2. The nature is turning into fantastic colors. And the forest is filled with berries. We should go pick some….
3. Football season started again. And MT loved that, I love watching them play as well.
4. We’ve had several sunny days. Got to love that!
5. I can capture the beauty with my camera and look at in on a rainy day.
6. Come to think of it, some of the rainy days are kind of beautiful as well.
7. School and work are starting up again and the days have some structure.
8. We’re both healthy and non of us have caught the flue yet.
9. It’s still warm enough for nice walks down by the river.
10. September mornings are misty and glows with the first ray of sunshine on a nice day, I love them.

So, what do you want to embrace in the season you’re in right now?!

10 Things On The 10th | Savor Summer

As I sit here watching the temperature crawl down to 10 degree Celsius, feeling the fall approaching with the sharp cold rush of air even when the sun is out during the day – and seeing the first yellow leaves appear on the trees around me – I want to savor summer. So here are 10 snippets of it, brought to you in Hipstamatic style:

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Our neighbor’s cool bus. Love the greens.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
My kid after the bath. Love the goggles.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
My kid in the mirror. Love his smile. Do you see me?

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Delicious ice cream. Love the green and brown combo.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
The tree, the sky and a good friend. Love spending some time together on a beautiful day.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Distorted view of the farm. Love the effect.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Putting fishes in his bucket. Love the sunshine.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Trees by the lake. Just love the look of them against the blue water.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Ready for some fishing. Love the silhouette effect.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Paddling around on the lake. Love how much fun he had on that thing.

So there 10 good thing captured and remembered.

Thanks for looking, hope to see you around - leave a comment if you want.
What 10 things do you have to share?

10 Things on the 10th | My Summer List

There is something to the task of finding 10 things. I can see so many possibilities for blog posts to write as the months go along. So glad Shimelle introduced this blog challenge :D Read more here: 10 things on the 10th of the month.  If you read my blog a month ago I gave you my kid’s list of ten things he want to do this summer. This time I’m doing another summer list; my own.

Summer Want-To-Do List

  1. Go fishing, biking or bathing with MT
  2. Read one good book (at least)
  3. Take lots of photos
  4. Have breakfast in the sunshine
  5. Go visit or get visited by family and friends
  6. Light candles outside on a warm summer night
  7. Barbecue in the back yard
  8. Do ‘week in the life’ with Ali Edwards
  9. Enjoy long light evenings
  10. Scrapbook

Some of these things I have already done. #5 is happening right now, so I have to run and join our friends for a walk around our little town, it’s their first time here and MT have lots to show :D Good times!
Wish you all fun and playful summer!

AND Thank you, tank you for your nice birthday wishes! So sweet! So far 40 is a good year; it’s been only 3 days though ;)

10 things right now

1. I made pesto and pasta for lunch today. Reminds me that I HAVE to grow basil at home next summer.

basil #1

2. I can’t believe we’re only 1 day from moving. Iiiiik + Yippi ;)

moving boxes

3. I’ve ordered a super fast broad band for our new place. Can’t wait for it to be installed (2-3 weeks).


4. I’m on the search for a new stove (electric), the one I have is really old and used by my grandma before I got it from her 15 years ago or something. I’m torn about it, because it means spending more money (that I don’t have), but excited to get to cook on my very own new stove for the first time in my life! Recommendations is appreciated.


[This photo is old, from my previous house in Sogn – I was making food for my sons baptism and made a real mess of it ;) But it was the only one I could find with the stove in it…. Hehe]

5. Today I can’t spell. So glad I have extensions that help me fix most of them….

6. My kid has his last day at this school, he was super excited about the cakes they where going to eat. I wonder if he understands that this is good bye?!? I know he’s looking forward to start the new school, so it’ll probably be alright.

waiting line..

7. Being without job for a month has been SO GOOD. I’ve done a lot of thinking and regrouping, I’ve joined a few new things online (classes and more) and have gotten some time just for me and the things I love to do (blog, take photo, type words, read blogs and more).

biker boy

8. MY CAR IS FINISHED. It really made my day yesterday when I got the news. The car has been in the garage for almost 2 months, and even though I’ve driven my old car (that I gave to daddy – and now he’s been without..) – it shall be soooo good to get to drive the red car again!! A new engine has been installed (!) so now I hope everything will run smoothly. And hopefully there will be no more car issues in the next couple of years (or more..).

the new car

9. My friend Bea is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks. Sweet. Maybe I’ll get her to cut my hair?! It’s that time again for sure… Looking forward to nice talks and lots of smiles – and images of her new baby girl grandchild. Yay!!

Bea and MT

10. I LOVE the beautiful frosty mornings. Even better when I get winter tires and a ticker coat. :)

frostig nype

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