Our Instagram 11.11.11

Our 11.11.11 was not a very exciting and unusual day, but it is sure to be well remembered. If I can figure out how – and if I can find some time to actually do a bit of work on it – I might have a video from our day to share as well. But not now. I’ve been shooting with both of my cameras today, both the dSLR and my iPhone. I’m in the middle of relocating my image masters from my macbook to an external hard drive, so I’m not able to upload any of the photos from my big camera right now. But the instagram photos are already at my flickr home so I wanted to share them with you all.  Tonight it is all about the instagram photos. Enjoy! And thanks for watching 😀

It's official. 11.11.11 is here :) And I'm late for bed.

Taken in the bathroom right before I went to bed. It was after midnight as usual. I am a night owl for sure!

11.11.11 at 11:11

So glad I nailed it :) I almost forgot, I had plenty of other things on my mind. (Glad I didn’t had to pick it down from the wall and stage the time to get it right!!)

11.11.11 What a cool wedding date! (and, nope, not mine!)

A couple got married in church today. They were excited about having 11.11.11 as their wedding date. I would be too.

Good Night Sweetie!

About time for him to go to bed. I should not have used the flash on this one, though, but his bedroom is kind of dark and he had switched the cameras without me noticing until later tonight.

A Night Time Favorite

And as usual, a perfect ending to my day with a cup of tea and some time on my macbook.

How did you celebrate this day?! I loved Katie’s mention of eating straight looking food for dinner today. Did you do that? I’m sorry to say that we did not manage to do it, though. MT had a friend over and they wanted taco for dinner 😉

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