365 – A project; May 4 – May 10

Oh, my, this was a super busy week and I failed to snap a photo more days than I got it done :( I’ve looked back short and long to fill in the blanks…..

Monday 4th:
photo from May 22nd 2007
need some food

If I remember correctly all we did was hang out at home, MT joined me for a meeting with the youths (where we practiced and prepared for the big Confirmation Service) and I did some scrap booking. Visiting my facebook profile I see that I ordered the tickets for our trip to North Norway on this day so that’s why the photo above is of MT and a plane and taken on our last trip up to our friends in May-June 2007. Can’t wait to go there again!! It might be more, but sadly I can’t remember (help me anyone?!)

Tuesday 5th:
photo from May 2nd
me + camera

Today MT went for a physical check and he had so much fun because the physiotherapist had so many fun toys to play with and so many challenging things to try out. After he went to kindergarten – happy to meet up with his friends again!

I did a blog post about a new scrap page both here and at my lime scrapped blog. But I did not snap any photos sadly, so I’m using a photo from May 2nd with my new hair cut – and a camera 😉

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