My Boy is Seven!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

happy birthday kiddo

MT have celebrated today, for many hours, with his class mates from school. The photo is from a little present excitement from early this morning, before he went to school. I had a few hours by my self to prepare the party, sadly too few to be as creative as I would have liked. But this week has been soooo busy and tiering already, I just didn’t have it in me (and cleaning the house + baking cake took most of the energy I had left anyhow).

Still, the kids had some fun.

I walked them home from school. It was the first time any of them had visited us, so MT had much to show. In their counting of rooms on the first floor (we live in a big house; it’s not ours…) they discovered a dead bird, so before the birthday could take off – there was a little funeral in the garden.

Then it was time for the presents (MT LOVES to open presents – off course!), we had a simple dinner, before more indoor play and fun. Lots of music, lots of high happy voices and interacting. It was special fun for me to see them together as a group and get to know MT’s friends a little better.

The kids played outside as well, I’m so glad we had a sun filled beautiful spring day. Later in the day we went back in to eat some cake. I had made both chocolate cake and cupcakes – and they ate plenty 😉 Since MT doesn’t (normally) like icing on his cupcakes I made two bowls with blue + yellow icing and then a some cake decorating items in a few small bowls. I told them to decorate the cakes themselves using whatever they liked. They had so much fun – and the cupcakes looked wonderfully sweet (pun intended) by the time they got around to eat them. Even MT loved the icing this time…. LOL.

At the end of the party I hid some candy for them outside, took a close up photo of each place a treasure was hidden, showed them the photo hints and let them go treasure hunting. They had so much fun! Some found their treasure fast others had to get help searching before they found it. I love that something so simple work so good!

Now MT is in bed and I’m sitting here by the computer, almost falling asleep, but I wanted to put the day in words before I forgot it. Photos will hopefully follow another day. Tomorrow is another busy day – and the start of our confirmant camp weekend. Yahoo!

Can’t tell you how glad I am for having next Monday off – and for MT to be home as well – we’re going to be walking around in our PJ’s all day long!

Sleep tight!