10 words that describe my son

MT is turning 10 years old today. And I made a list of words that describe him. I found one random photo to go with each. Happy birthday my favorite son!! Love you.

Week In The Life 2012 | Football Boy Atletic.

MT loves to draw Artistic.

11_april_11 Curious.

Daily instagram | Reading Reader.

December 5th 2010 Silly.

365|28aug2011|smile[orginal] Smile.

the conversations Talker.

simle_things-may3 Creative.

Summer 2012 | Friends Friend.

Climbing Brave.

Now I’ll better go and get the house ready for birthday party later today. Happy Monday!


Summer Vacation 2012 | the birthday edition

I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday – even now as an adult. As each year passes I’m more and more aware of how precious this life is. I love my life. I love my family, my friends, my faith and all the other bits and pieces my life is all filled with. I’m not worried about getting older, each and every year I have more to be grateful for and more to add to my story. I hope I can keep thinking this way for as many years that I’m lucky enough to live in this beautiful world of ours.

I’m not saying every day is nice. Because they aren’t. There are hard days and difficult memories, there are hardship and heartbreak. There sure are. But that is not all there is. And I want to remember the good, hold it dear and try as hard as I can to keep in mind that this life is a gift given to me and I get to fill it with as much good and happy as I possible can.

This year I got to spend my birthday with friends I love. Noting special, just hanging around and talking, having some cake and a barbecue in the afternoon so even the littlest among us got to join in. The weather has been good with warmth and sunshine. The evening came with rain, but the sound of it makes me smile. I’m going to treasure this day and keep it close to my heart. This is just how I love it. Simple, easygoing and with people that makes me feel loved.

I snapped a lot of photos today, many of them will be kept for friends and family only – but here are a bunch that I want to share with you. Thanks for looking.

summer vacation 2012 | breakfast
summer vacation 2012 | serious MT
summer vacation 2012 | flowers
summer vacation 2012 | our friends house
summer vacation 2012 | the dog
summer vacation 2012 | the little one
summer vacation 2012 | birthday cake
summer vacation 2012
summer vacation 2012 | farm tractor
summer vacation 2012 | mother & daugther
summer vacation 2012 | grandchild(s) & grandparents
summer vacation 2012 | our friends' house
summer vacation 2012 | birthday barbecue
summer vacation 2012 | birthday barbecue - the food
summer vacation 2012 | a friendly competition
summer vacation 2012 | gone fishing
summer vacation 2012 | the fishing buddies
summer vacation 2012 | he got fish
summer vacation 2012 | he got fish
summer vacation 2012 | flowers
summer vacation 2012 | happy birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me. A really HAPPY day indeed!

Week In The Life

Week In The Life | Day #1 2012

Week In The LifeA very HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY right before he started his Birthday Treasure Hunt. He looked forward to the celebrations – and the gifts. I loved that it was a Sunday, and I had the day off work. I love birthdays too, and any good excuse for hanging out with this sweet guy, our family and eating cake.

The 9th Birthday | Smile

On his treasure hunt around the house the goal was to gather letters.

The 9th Birthday | The Letter A

Sometimes he had to climb to get high enough.

The 9th Birthday | Stool

Other times he spent precious time searching for things (like a book) in the wrong place, only to suddenly remember where he had seen it and run like crazy to find it. Giving his mama plenty of trouble documenting all the seven stops. Lots of blurry photos. Lots of happiness and laughter.

The 9th Birthday | Searching the bookshelves

After he had found all seven of the letters. He got to find his first gift. He was so eager to rip it apart and see what it was inside. I think he never would have guessed this one, although he had a pretty good guess on the big gift.

The 9th Birthday | First Gift

I can draw on this one? Is it a Wii game? …but I don’t have a Wii…..

The 9th Birthday | The Wii Drawing Tablet

About time he got to work on the letters, and rather quickly (with a little bit of help from me saying it was one word and that one word was two words put together) – he found that the big gift was hidden in the: BATHTUB!

The 9th Birthday | The Word

And a few minutes later he was the very proud owner of his very own BLUE Wii.

The 9th Birthday | The Big Blue Gift

The sad news was that it came from England and we needed an adapter before we could hook it up. He was not so happy with this. But the joy of the blue box (and knowing it would be fixed soon) and the anticipation of his guests arriving in only a few short hours kept him pretty pumped up still.

And a little cake batter helped sweeten things up a little as well.

The 9th Birthday | Making Cake

After his uncle, aunt, cousins and grandparents came we gathered around the table in the kitchen and ate dinner. The plan was to BBQ outside (nothing fancy, just some hot dogs), but the rainy weather made for a change of plans.

The 9th Birthday | The Table

But the rainy weather did not stop MT for wanting to get some help getting a few things down that was stuck on the roof top. His uncle was kind enough to head out in the not so nice condition and rescued not only one ball but four. MT was even more happy than before. THANK YOU UNCLE O!

The 9th Birthday | To the rescue

The 9th Birthday | To the rescue

In the afternoon it was finally time for cake and for some birthday candles. MT got to blow them out (and yes he did blow them all out in one intake of breath) and we all sang Happy Birthday To You so he almost got embarrassed. Almost.

The 9th Birthday | The Birthday Candles

The 9th Birthday | The Birthday Candles

MT wanted jello for his birthday party, and I think he was the single one person that ate the most of it at the party. He was also the one that finished the leftovers today (Monday). The yellow citrus one being his favorite.

The 9th Birthday | Jello

And then, in the evening, after all the guests left and MT got ready for bed, we did what we do most nights. We gathered in the sofa, MT found himself something to draw on and I started reading from our book. Right now we’re a bit longer than half way in Harry Potter #4. It was the perfect ending to a very nice day. And what we needed to find our quiet together. This is one of my most favorite things we do together. Reading books. I hope it’s still a few more years before he gets to old to be read for by his mama. I hope he never stops drawing either, I love this creative side of him – and he is really really good at it too.

The 9th Birthday | Drawing

This was our Day #1 of Week In The Life of 2012. I love having his birthday be the first day of this year’s project. Gave me lots of reason to capture gems from a special day. You can find a few more words about the day here.

How was your day? I wish it had something sweet, something quiet and something fun in it – I think all Sundays should have at least that!

Thanks for reading. Have a GREAT week! And I try to update about day #2 tomorrow.



A Birthday Celebrated | Some Thoughts

Daily instagram | Cake plate

A day filled with celebrations is over. My kid is tucked to bed hours ago. He was tired – and happy. It  has been a good day. Spent together the two of us and spend with our closest family; my brother and his wife and kids and my parents. 

MT have gone treasure hunting for his gift, he have gotten sweet gifts from his visitors and then we spent hours together. An easy dinner, some coffee and tea, a few cakes and MT’s wish of jello as dessert.

Daily instagram | After

In the evening a friend called to congratulate him, throughout the day (and earlier this weekend) a few SMS’s ticked in too. Nice to know we have friends that care and make an effort to reach out. I only wish some of them lived closer so we could invite them over more often.

I’ve taken a bunch of photos. More, I think, than all of February…. I’m going to share a few with you, but not today – tonight all I have is a few instagrams, since those already were online.

This is just a few words summing up our day, before I head to bed as well.

I can hardly believe my sweet little boy is 9 years old. How did he grow so fast? I see a lot of changes in him these days, he’s so much more grown up, he takes care of things, he can be left alone for a while without him getting himself into too much trouble and we have conversations about the earth around us, the animals, the dinosaurs, the solar system, how different people can feel and act, our faith and more -or less – everything (even girls and feeling, but don’t tell anyone I said that!).

And as much as I love that sweet little boy, I’m starting to be very found of this growing and changing boy as well. Most of all because he still is sweet and funny and serious and kind and curious and creative (and more!). I can not wait to see what the days and years ahead will give of good and happy memories. And then I pray for wisdom and patience in the difficult times that I’m sure is bound to come as well.

MT has been my treasure ever since I met him. He’s named after my Grandfather on my mothers side, and his name is so true = Gods gift.

Daily instagram | Birthday Boy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BOY! May there be many more years to celebrate life with you!

Birthday Treasure Hunt | the photo clues

Birthday Treasure Hunt

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Chandelier Birthday Treasure Hunt | Keramik

Tomorrow (or in just a few hours actually) we are going to celebrate MT’s birthday. He have been waiting for tomorrow to come all day long. Anticipating both the gifts and the visitors.

To make the morning hours, before our guests arrives, a little bit more fun – and also because he loves a good treasure hunt – I’ve hidden his gift somewhere in our house.

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Boot Birthday Treasure Hunt | Book

To get there he have to follow photo clues to different spaces in our home. In each of these spaces there are also hidden a letter, that he has to find before he’ll get the next photo clue.

Birthday Treasure Hunt | Cup Birthday Treasure Hunt | Towels

When he have been to all the spaces, and found all the letters, he have to make a word with them. This word will then tell where the treasure is hidden. It’s going to be fun following him around. I hope to shot a few photos of him and the excitement and rush to find the treasure. Wishing for better lighting conditions than tonight when I hid the letters and took the photo clues. It was pit dark around here before I got to start, since I had to wait for him to fall asleep. No fun in him discovering where and how until tomorrow is here ;)

I’m also planning on starting Ali’s week in the life one day early. I don’t think I’m going to take as many photos as last time – but I do hope to document the details of our week non the less. I’m planning to share here on the blog each evening (about the day before), but I’ll see what will happen – the week is pretty busy.

Are you planning to join in too?!
Taking photos of our life, both the special days and the every day ones feels like treasure hunting to me. Sometimes I need that to actually see how much I have to be thankful and grateful for. Participating in Week In The Life is for me a great way to slow down a little, see what our life looks like and tell the small stories of what makes us us. I can’t capture everything that a week holds, but something is so much more than nothing.

Wishing you a Blessed Weekend!

Celebrate 40 | The Daily Digi

Celebrate Life @ 40
credits: papers, alpha and elements from Sweet Caroline by Meredith Cardall Designs, template from In One Word: Love by Studio Basic – both as part of The Digi Files for August 2011. Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and Scriptina

Another kit from The Digi Files are revealed at The Daily Digi today, and I made a birthday scrapbook page with it.I love all the happy colors and thought it captured the feeling of my birthday celebration really well (rain and all!).

Here are the words:

I love celebrating my birthday. I think I have loved it since I was a little girl. Back then it was all about getting one year older, getting bigger and more independent. Now it’s all about feeling the gratitude about my life, celebrating another year of sweet memories with family and friends.

Every 5 years I invite to birthday party @ The Farm, on my 40th birthday this July I did it again. And, wow, our (extended) family have grown so much, at least on my mother’s side, so the list of people to invite got longer than before – the weather forecast told me rain was to be expected and it was a challenge finding room for all of them – but what a sweet challenge it was since everyone wanted to come!

It was such a lovely day. I wished all of my friends could have been there too, but so grateful for the ones able to attend. I love truly this tradition – and I look forward to another big celebration in five years. Wonder how my family have grown and changed by then….

I’m so proud to be a part of the team at The Daily Digi. Now they have their Team page updated (still in progress for a few more faces), and here is a link to the page about me.

If you aren’t already a subscriber to the files, check out the options here:

Thanks for looking :)

What a HAPPY day!

I celebrated my birthday with family and friends today. And it was such a happy and beautiful day, even though the sun did not shine.

It was the people that came that made the day so good. All but one of my extended family could be there. My brother and his family as well. And some of my good good friends too. Some I hadn’t seen for a year or more. So nice to catch up and see how much the children have grown.

As usual I wanted to have a barbecue. Setting out the meat and vegetables and letting my guests take whatever they wanted and grill it themselves. I was a bit worried about the weather, but we did all right. Most of the children played outside for a long time, and we had room in the farm house for all when needed.

Off course I wished we could have been outside all day in the sunshine and soaked up the warm weather; that would have been great! Sitting under our apple treas, going to and from the BBQ as we wished and needed.

Maybe next time. I like to do this kind of birthday celebration every 5 years. I have already placed the weather wish for 2016 ;) Then I want some sun!

Thanks for reading this. I promise there will be some photos from this day eventually…. and maybe some words as well about being 40. :D


Look for my 10 on the 10th blog post later today. I need some sleep ;)

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