Friends by the beach | Scrapbook

Friends By The Beach | Detail

I got home late tonight. Tired and worn after a long, long day at work. Instead of just vegging in front of the TV computer, I decided to create something nice. So I found a couple of old, sweet and lovely photos and started playing. It took a few minutes (ok. several!), but this is what I made:

Friends By the Beach

Friends By The Beach

I used Shimelles sketch of the week as inspiration.

Tomorrow is another crazy busy day at work, so I need some sleep to manage it all.

Hope you have some sweet and lovely in you life as well. Cherish it.

A Long For The Western Country

A Long For The Western Country

It’s been a few years since I lived in the Western part of Norway and I quite love living close to family, but still sometimes I long for the fjord, the mountain and the people of the West.

Especially this summer. When we haven’t traveled over the mountains to meet our friends, when it’s been raining like the west here in the east all summer long, when I haven’t had a ferry ride in ages and when I’ve been fortuned enough to have friends come and visit us – making me miss living close to them ever more.

A Long For The Western Country

This is the last page I’m posting for one of Shimelle’s challenges. It’s been so fun making all these and joining in on the fun at Shimelle’s site (as much as I managed during a busy weekend + week at work). This page is for the Half Page challenge.

A Long For The Western Country

It’s been a scrappy kind of day today, I’m having the weekend off and spent most of my day yesterday moving stuff from our old house. Today I’ve just done whatever I wanted (= a lot of scrapbooking) and relaxed together with MT. Trying to recharge for a busy week ahead.

So, did you manage to enter Shimelle’s challenges?

Maybe you don’t scrap as much as I, but I do hope you share your stories. At least a few of them. Maybe capturing your every day life with your camera?! We forget so much so fast and I’m so glad for the moments I’ve shared here, in my photos or in one of my scrapbook pages. And yet there are so much more to tell! See you soon!

Soria Moria

Soria Moria

As I started this page I planned on using far more Hot Pink that I ended up using. I will still post it for Shimelle’s Hot Pink Challenge, because it was there it started :D

Soria Moria

Soria Moria

I love the mood of this photo of a place I lived for a couple of years (almost ten years ago now), the photo is not sharp by any means but it has a fairytale quality. At least to me. It’s taken late in the evening, the sunset is giving everything a tint of pink. I love how the road gives my eyes a path to travel; to the timber house where I used to live for a few years ten or so years ago.

Made with papers and embellishments from recent Studio Calico kits.

I have one more layout to share. Look for a new post soon!

The Cows

The Cows

For Shimelle’s 3 Is A Magic Number I scrapped a few photos from when we had cows on the farm back home. I used 3 tags as my three embellishment grouped together, that’s also where I put my journaling.

The Cows

The Cows

After 20 years without animals we had some cows for a couple of years at the farm. I liked that so much – and do hope we don’t have to wait another 20 years before there are animals on the farm again (it might not be cows, but still).

Papers and embellishments from recent Studio Calico kits.

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

It was so much fun finding these photos again, I just had to scrap them! Good thing Shimelle has a perfect challenge for this: Let’s Go Retro Challenge.

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

I remember our trips to our shabby cabin up on the mountain back when I was a teenager. Sometimes we were only two going up, other times we were several. Every time we had great fun and lots of laughs.

The mountain is a great place to be, I feel so free there, here we have walked up from our cabin and are enjoying the view. And look at our smashing style. LOL. Late 1980s.

Papers and embellishments from recent Studio Calico kit(s).
For Shimelle’s Let’s Go Retro challenge.

Rain Summer

rain summer 2011

Just when I had put my finishing touches on my Saturday Feeling layout using a grid design, Shimelle announced that her next challenge was a Grid It Up challenge. So here I am with another grid and I have to admit I love using grids on my layouts :) I did not opt for her double page example, though.

rain summer 2011

rain summer 2011

I still had a few iPhone images laying around and they were perfect for this layout all about the massive rain we’ve been having this summer. It’s been totally crazy with rain almost every day. I got out my mothers old blue type writer for the journaling. It’s so fun to use it, but my fingers hurt after just a few sentences and mistakes are bound to happen.

I placed the word(s) summer rain on the left side and the word(s) rain summer 2011 on the other side since as I’ve been longing for some sprinkling summer rain instead for the rain summer we been having. Sigh.

I loved the bold colors. Everything is from recent Studio Calico kit(s) + stamp by Ali Edwards.

Next up some old memories :)

Down By The Fjord & Saturday Feeling | Scrapbooking Again

The Saturday Feeling | Butterfly

It’s about bed time here, but I have to share a couple more layouts with you. I still find it super hard to take photos of the layouts and keep the colors as I see them, but I will keep practicing and here are two new layouts for Shimelles challenges this weekend.

I went with a couple of old photos for the Start Here challenge. I loved how it came together, it was so fun playing with the colors and thinking about the time when MT first came into my life.

Down By The Fjord

We spent so many good days (or rather parts of them) down there by the fjord. And on a beautiful day it was a super place to spend some time too!

Down By The Fjord | Detail

Down By The Fjord | M

I was on a roll and jumped right on the next challenge Chop Your Paper.

The Saturday Feeling | Detail

I love papers and I love colors, so before I even read the post properly I was on a roll chopping up papers, making a grid with a few iPhone photos from May and lots of beautiful colored paper bits. I loved the squares and added a few circles for good measure.

The Saturday Feeling

I might have bend the rules for the challenge a little, though, by using more than one sheet of paper. But I had so much fun and hope that Shimelle will forgive this little made-before-I-read-it-through-properly entry of mine :D

And, just in case you didn’t know: I am a

Good Night!

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