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I’ve been so into Christmas lately, and have been gathering ideas for what to make and do during the month of December when ever I’ve had a few minutes to spare. Many of these I’ve pinned on my Christmas board. Here are my 10 favorite ideas, so far:

Sources: 1. tumblr.com | 2. sweetpaul.typepad.com | 3. marthastewart.com | 4. kimmccrary.blogspot.com |
5. tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com | 6. smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com | 7. childmadetutorials.blogspot.com |
8. serendipity-ddv.blogspot.com | 9. littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com | 10. saraspartyperfect.com. All via Lime on Pinterest

I’m still on the look out for December / Christmas ideas and inspiration, please share and link me up here in the comments – or on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by! :D
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a sweet deal

Just a little note to let you know I’m not dead. Thankfully. But the season has been good, busy and filled with joy + a little bit of sickness. So there you have it, the reason I’ve been away for a while…

As usual I’m up way past my bedtime, so I’ll make this short and sweet. :D I just wanted to share a few news about a designer I CT for: Sweet Tomato Designs. Cara has decided to move her designs to one store only (where that is will be told on January 1st; follow her blog for updates). Because she is leaving her current three stores she’s having a huge sale right now. Click image below to jump to her store at Pretty Scrappy. (But hurry, her store(s) closes tomorrow.)


I made this LO with her last kit I Believe (I also used a template of hers):

Click image for credits.

Hope to be back soon!! I have so many things to share and show. I see that I have to fix the heading image as well – it’s winter around here and it’s snow, snow, snow and freezing cold. Right now 18 degrees Centigrade below zero. Brrr.. I’m bringing a wool blanket to bed tonight! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December Daily 2009 – a start

I had some fun yesterday evening, working some more on my advent/christmas album. I’m inspired by Ali Edwards and (more recently) by this image:

– and this post by Janet Phillips of the Daily Digi to take a change on getting this busy season documented in real time (more or less). I can’t wait to start adding photos – to the pages.

december daily; album

Yesterday I proceeded to work some more on the front page. I found some photos from last December and made a collage of a few of my favorites, as the thunderstorm approached I sat down and tried my best to make a front page with real glue, scissors and papers (I’m used to go all digital) – and found that I wasn’t happy with the result at all (bummer!) – but I love the collage!

front page blocks

This morning I’ve figured out a different approach – I think I’m starting to get it together (so far only in my imagination). The original collage for the front will now end up making the back side beautiful. And then I will use only one photo at the front, layered with different papers and whatever I can find. I have good hopes for this image, it makes me smile just looking at it:

santa MT

I guess there will be more changes when December rolls around (or rather late November when Advent season is starting). This is going to be both fun and challenging, hopefully I can pull it off even thought it’s a really busy time and I’m at a new place. Make it simple is what I’m trying to live after. I wonder if I can do that ;)

Happy Monday, people!


365 – a project; Jan 11

by the Christmas tree

Since a colleague of mine was sick I had an extra service at the church where he was supposed to be this Sunday. I brought my dad along to sit by MT since I want to bring MT with me to church. (I’m wondering how much help it is since he’s playing my dad quite a lot lately. Honestly I’d rather have him in the back sitting by himself, playing or drawing or something. But off course then he might come forward to hold my hand or something and I’m a bit worried about how people will react to that. He’s not a loud speaking kid at church, but he has some problems sitting still….).

After church my dad took us out to dinner and then when we got home he wanted to take a photo of MT in front of our Christmas tree to show my mom, since she hasn’t been here since winter kicked in(!) Off course MT had some problems with the concept of keeping still, and I guess my dad’s photo is just as blurry as this one – but it was kind of nice to have him there by the tree like that :D

more christmas tree decorated

christmas tree

A few more photo from our decorating-the-christmas-tree-day on December 23rd. Just had to share, I might do a scrap later – but first some sleep, then some other chores – then we’ll see :D This year we got a tree from my dad’s forest; the tree he rejected for his own house, by the way. I love trees that have some flaws, it makes better stories!! (One of these days I have to scan in a photo of my most crappy tree ever – that was a seriously crocked tree; we still tell stories about it, every year!!)

MT decorating tree

christmas tree decor and light

christmas tree

That’s all for now ;) Good night!!

cold weather and a christmas tree

We got home late from the birthday yesterday, so today has been a day to recover and get ready for the everyday life starting tomorrow. It came some snow last night, so MT had fun playing in it and I got my exercise showing it out of our way. I also got some more wood in to the wood fire that we have got going all day; it’s so cold at our place – tonight closer to 20 degrees below zero than ever before this winter. Brrr. Almost wished I could stay at home tomorrow and keep the house warm, it gets cold so easily!

Anyhow, wanted to show you what I did scrapping today and then I’d better get to bed – tomorrow is an early morning(!)

Here is our Christmas Tree, a tiny bit crocked – but we like it! :D

our christmas tree

Click for credits.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

A late, but warm wish to you from me! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The photo is from our Christmas Eve and my mom’s Christmas tree. I’ve edited it a bit; loved that brightly colored Christmas decoration and wanted the surroundings to be less bright so I added a sepia layer and did some erasing….  ;)  The gift in the background was the largest gift under our tree – and the first one my kid decided to open. No surprise there – LOL. He loved what was inside it, though, and we both had a wonderful Christmas celebration at my parents place.

Hope you enjoy the holidays!

Hugs :D

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