December | day 26

Winter morning

In a way I wanted to end my documenting of December yesterday. 25 days felt like enough. But then I remembered that my parents wanted to have their Christmas family party, for us, my brother + family, and my dad’s brother + family – and that seems like a good way to end the album. Celebrating Christmas with extended family like we have done in so many years now. Always on the second day of Christmas. Always at my parent’s house. And now that they have moved over in another house on the farm – the party moved with them. I don’t get to see my cousins so often, so it was nice getting a little update on life too. And we had plenty of good talks, even though this photo below doesn’t showcase that so much. Love the connection between my father and his brother, though, the light and that I actually am in it (in the left corner, you can see my glasses). MT was pushing the shutter again…

Family Christmas partyAn angel watching over me Frost

I have been struggling with a cold that just won’t go away ever since Christmas. Warm drinks helps cope with it, and thankfully I feel much much better now, than I did over the holidays.

Evening tea

THANK you for reading and coming by my little blog.
So happy to have finished up documenting our December days here on the blog. Next: make the album. Hopefully I have something to share. But first I have some exciting and demanding projects at work to take care off. Hope to be back blogging next week about the new year and new STORIES to tell.

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December | day 25


Christmas Day is our day to relax, to regroup after a busy season, to do what-ever we want to do, being together, doing our own thing, doing things together, just being and relaxing and enjoying the season. We spent a lot of time inside. In the afternoon we went out in the orange-red sunset light. It was beautiful! MT threw his frisbee around, I shot photos and Ferdinand ran around happy to have us both outside. It was a goooood good day!

Christmas Day Merry Christmas kid After Christmas Eve In the air in the air 4 real on our door a closer look

Gems from my phone:

The two of us Life is good Merry Christmas

Thanks for looking and reading (and thanks for comments as well!).

Only one more day and I’m finished documenting. So happy I got the words down. Later I’m going to put together the album as well. Hoping to send off the photos to the printer in a couple of weeks. This season is my favorite!


December | day 24

outdoor candle lights

We celebrated Christmas Eve with family this year, like we have done for the last three years now. I love spending this special evening with them – and this year we gathered in our home. Since both my brother and I were at work in the church (different churches, different jobs) and my sister in law had animals to care for in the barn, it got quite late before we could gather at the dinner table. We were a hungry bunch. I served Pinnekjøt (salted and dried lamb side), potatoes, swede puree and sausages. It is one of my favorite meals and one of the traditional dinners for this evening, I got the taste for it while working in Western Norway for many years. It is best enjoyed with family (and/or friends) all around. We ended with ice cream and caramel sauce. Yum.

After dinner we gathered in the living room to open presents.

Christmas tree 2014 Christmas tree MT by the tree Christmas Eve Ferdinand our dog

It got quite late this year, as every other year, before all the gifts were opened and looked at. We had a little bit of coffee, tea, cookies and fruit in the night before our guests had to go back home. So thankful for celebrating it together with them. So thankful for MT being with his cousins. So thankful for having the day off the 25th. :mrgreen:

welcome light

Captured with my phone:

Drawing at church Snowy Christmas Eve Simple wreath on our door Had a really good Christmas Eve

A very Merry Christmas it was. Hopefully yours were too! THANKS for reading 😀

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