December Daily | Day 5

Movie Night

Another day filled with work and school – but this time we had nothing planned for the afternoon and evening and we both got off early. This meant plenty of time together by the wood fire (it really is the best place to be on cold, cold days such as these!) – so we made it a Movie Night and watched a Holiday favorite: The Polar Express. This is our third year seeing it during Advent, so we can now call it a tradition, can’t we?! I love how MT several times during the movie shout out:

“Look at that, it’s almost impossible to think someone drew that! It is so well made! Wow, so talented”

Below is a screen shot I took of the movie during one of our little breaks.

Skjermbilde 2012-12-05 kl. 18.09.08

This was also the night were MT decided what we should have for dinner. Meat balls with red sauce and pasta. One of his favorite things. He had to help making it too (even though he didn’t want to that much….).

Pasta Jar MT in the kitchen

Yep! It was a good day!


December Daily | Day 4

It was a cold day indeed. Most of the day we spent at the office (me) and school (MT) – and when we finally came back home again the house was really cold.

Cold View Keeping Warm

So we lit the wood fire and kept close to it.

Wood Fire Wood   Wool WoodLiving Room

I miss spending the few hours by my self (after MT have gone to bed and before I have to crawl in too) in my living room, but right now I’m staying in the kitchen where it’s somewhat warm. I think I need a couple of new wool blankets to keep me warm during this winter. It’s like I’m freezing more and more for each year. MT laughs of me for using layers and layers of wool socks, but it’s the only thing that can keep my feet warm and cozy. I could use a new wool sweater as well.

I think I need a couple of sheep too, now that I’m thinking of it, to make sure that there are lots and lots of wool around at all times. Good thing I’m a farmers daughter! LOL.

3 k’s in ski track on foot..

ski guy
photo is from January 21th – I took a few today but they are still in my camera….

Tonight we went ski carouseling again. Thankfully it was not as cold as last week, then it was freezing 15 degrees Celsius below zero. Brrrr. Today it was around 5 below zero, I think. We teamed up with our neighbors and instead of hanging around the short track, as usual, we went for the long track this time. I have to admit that I wasn’t eager to go the 3 kilometer long ski track on my feet, but my neighbor drag me along ;) MT was happy to try out some new tracks and to walk in the light uphill and downhill, through forest and over fields.

It was a nice track, special nice because it was lighted and I had someone to talk with along the way. The only thing that I didn’t like very much was that my kiddo went ahead of us (and also left my neighbor’s kid with us adults). He’s eager to ski and he’s good at it – but I told him afterward that he must wait for us and wait for his friend. Hopefully he chooses to do it next time!

He told me that he almost cried when he got to the finish line since I wasn’t there, I asked if he knew where I was and he told me that yes he knew I was behind him and that I would come. Next time I’m bringing my skis, I have to keep up with that guy!! (right. who am I kidding?!?)

Anyhow, I was so cold when I got back home. My chest felt sore and I saw a cold coming (or worse), even a big cup with warm cacao didn’t warm me all the way through. I feel better now, though, so hopefully this will pass – but I do keep close to the wood stove and tomorrow I will wear something warm….. Still I feel kind of proud of my self; I don’t walk 3 K’s every day!

my eyes

365 – a project; Jan 1

The celebrating of the New Year!!

boy in smoke and stars..

I absolutely LOVE this photo of my nephew twirling his star sparkle (or what to call it) while the smoke from his fathers firework is making everything kind of purple. We celebrated New Years Eve with my brother and his family. We had a really good time with them and I LOVE this tradition of spending the Eve together. :D Thanks for having us!!

too cold?

It’s around 17 degrees below zero here at the moment; and my car won’t start :( Was a bit worried about that since I have no way of heating up the motor (or what to call it!) and it have been a tiny bit difficult to start it before when cold….so that’s life! My dad is coming to my rescue – and I have made appointments with the garage to look at the car battery on Friday – but right now we are stuck here at home. MT too, it is just too cold to walk over a mile in this weather! He’s eager to meet his friends at the kindergarten, though, so I guess I’ll drive him up with my dads car later. ;)

In a few hours I have confirmant class. Better start planning them!!

cold weather and a christmas tree

We got home late from the birthday yesterday, so today has been a day to recover and get ready for the everyday life starting tomorrow. It came some snow last night, so MT had fun playing in it and I got my exercise showing it out of our way. I also got some more wood in to the wood fire that we have got going all day; it’s so cold at our place – tonight closer to 20 degrees below zero than ever before this winter. Brrr. Almost wished I could stay at home tomorrow and keep the house warm, it gets cold so easily!

Anyhow, wanted to show you what I did scrapping today and then I’d better get to bed – tomorrow is an early morning(!)

Here is our Christmas Tree, a tiny bit crocked – but we like it! :D

our christmas tree

Click for credits.

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