365 – a project; Jan 1

The celebrating of the New Year!!

boy in smoke and stars..

I absolutely LOVE this photo of my nephew twirling his star sparkle (or what to call it) while the smoke from his fathers firework is making everything kind of purple. We celebrated New Years Eve with my brother and his family. We had a really good time with them and I LOVE this tradition of spending the Eve together. 😀 Thanks for having us!!


my car

Will my car start today?? I’m a bit worried since it’s a little cold outside and it’s kind of early. But then, it started yesterday! Today it’s going to the garage. That’s a good idea, even though I don’t really want to pay for it. 😉

I’m going out! 😀

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too cold?

It’s around 17 degrees below zero here at the moment; and my car won’t start 🙁 Was a bit worried about that since I have no way of heating up the motor (or what to call it!) and it have been a tiny bit difficult to start it before when cold….so that’s life! My dad is coming to my rescue – and I have made appointments with the garage to look at the car battery on Friday – but right now we are stuck here at home. MT too, it is just too cold to walk over a mile in this weather! He’s eager to meet his friends at the kindergarten, though, so I guess I’ll drive him up with my dads car later. 😉

In a few hours I have confirmant class. Better start planning them!!

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