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I wanted to put in a little plug for The Daily Digi since it’s the last day to purchase The [June] Digi Files. If you want to learn more you can check out The Digi Game for options for subscriptions and more; so you’ll never miss another set of files.

This month I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t been sharing any of the layouts – but here we go:

A Wee Bit Of Wishful Thinking

Journal: I remember the day we went to the store to buy a new bike for you. Your 2nd bike. You were happy happy happy. I remember trying to get you to chose a big boy bike, but you refused. ‘It’s too big mama, I’m going to get hurt falling off’. So I gave in and we bought the bike you wanted. It took only a month before I started regretting not pushing you; when visiting our friends you rode a grown up bike with ease. And it took only a year before you started complaining that it was too small. (Sigh.)

Today I saw your big smile; borrowing your friend’s bike. I know, I know. Digging deep in my pocket as we speak. Ready for bike #3?!

speak bubble says:
‘Mama! I really want a new bike. You know how I’ve grown so much this year. I’m getting too big for this old little one now. And I want one with gears. 21 gears would be good. Can I? Pretty Please!’


Journal: Sometimes you just love making funny and silly faces, there is no point in denying that. I have plenty of evidence.
Love you goofball! Mamma

May Sundays

Journal: Notes from a rural pastor’s life | 2011 [What I see]

Spring equals Confirmant Services around here. Not that I haven’t been with the youths all year long. But in Early May (usually) the big service with family and friends are happening. And, wow, there are a lot off people gathering in church – and a lot of happiness as well. And nervousness too, to be honest. Mostly from the youths, but also from me.

It’s a bittersweet time for me. After following them throughout the year, this is a good bye of sorts. No more classes or gatherings. No more questions I have no answers for, silliness when they should be working or big smiles around the table because we shared a funny story.

I know there will be other youths coming along. Other smiles, questions and quest. But right now I’m just going to let it be all about them. I’m going to miss them, for sure. But I’m also happy to see them on this very special day. All dressed up, big smiles and with so much of their life before them.

We prayed for them in church. I told them to keep Jesus close at heart. To put their trust in Him. I also told them to never forget that they are more valuable than anything else, that they are like beautiful pearls. I hope they dare to believe that.

I’m keeping them in my prayers and thoughts. Wishing them all that is good including a relationship with God. A bittersweet day, but also such a happy day.

A  Heart For Fishing

Journal: As soon as the spring starts to turn into summer, as soon you start to ask the question: ‘Mama, can we go fishing today?’. You have yet to catch a fish, but you still love to walk down to the lake and spend a few hours preoccupied with the water, the bait and the floating platform. I don’t mind following you, as long as it’s not raining. One of these times, a beautiful Saturday evening, I snapped a few photos with my phone. I love how they captured the feel of the sunny evening, the peace and joy. I guess there will be many more fishing trips throughout the summer. Each of them a everyday happy moment.

So there you have it! Lots of layouts done with the June collection 🙂 Thanks for looking – and reading!!

And, if you don’t already are a listener, please check out the digi show – a podcast all about digital scrapbooking. I love the conversation going on and can’t wait for another edition next week.


Layouts to share | CT

I have two new digital scrapbooking pages to share. I made them with Raspberry Limeade a new kit by Sweet Tomato Designs. It’s brand new today and you can read more about it on her blog – or jump right over to Funky Playground Designs where she has one of her stores.

ME + Spring | April
Stitched frame by Anna Aspnes

I always love the moment when the spring really takes over for the winter. When the snow is melted away and new sprouts are coming from the trees. That’s the time when I bring my cup of coffee with me outside. Licking some sun after the long and cold winter. And this spring, the spring of 2011, have been amazingly warm and sunny, so much that the birch already are green and beautiful a week before May even starts. I will enjoy this and keep spending some of my hours outside. The rain will come again , the chilly weather will be back. But right now the sun is here, the spring is in the making and everything thing wakes up to new life again. Even I can feel it.

Right now our spring is rather cold and cloudy. We could use some rain – to be honest, but I would like for it to come now and not at the weekend. Please?! After that I’m ready for warm spring weather again.

Spring has Sprung

I tend to spend a lot of my days indoors, due to a couple of things (mostly): First my working hours tend to be in my office or somewhere else inhouse. Secondly when I get back home, there are plenty of tasks to take care of, like laundry and dishes that needs washing, dinner in the making. But when spring finally comes around I run outside to soaking it all in.

Look for the Capture Your 365 blog hop tomorrow.


More digi goodness

I have a new layout to share with you. I made it almost a month ago, but today it’s the day for reveal of another contribution to The Digi Files @ The Daily Digi. I loved working with Sara‘s templates and had so much fun trying piecing together all the papers for this one. The papers are from designers from 9th & Bloom (also part of the files this month).

summer. flower. favorite
(click image for journaling + credits)

I love being on the team for The Daily Digi and feel so grateful for all the stories I get to tell by making layouts with the files each month (we work a month ahead, so right now I work on the May edition 🙂 ). More good stuff to come!

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