Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2013

We are at the last day of the month again. I’m snapping a few photos for my DAY IN THE LIFE project, but had to take it easy this month. Life has been full and the moving houses is taking it’s toll on me. Some days I feel like I’m not going to manage to get it done, other times it feels like it’s almost manageable. There is just so much going on.

Thankfully MT have a good time at his new school and have already gotten new friends to hang out with. I love that! I’m not that happy about living with my parents for the next month or so, but we’ll manage and it will be so nice to live next door to them in the future. So, to wrap it up: life is GOOD, but not without bumps in the road.

I have a few layouts to share – and scrapbooking puts a smile on my face, hopefully on yours as well – it’s the last day to buy the files for the month of August. (If you read this a little bit late, don’t worry, the files for September are lovely too!!) (And if you are new to this whole digi file thing, jump over to The Daily Digi and read all about it!)

..and in a door; kindergarten
yippi kindergarte, here I come
This one below is from MT’s first day in kindergarten, August 2006. He was so eager and silly all the way there, and so ready for learning and playing.

So ready! Credits: papers and elements from Twilight by Gina Miller | Font: Arial Black

I just love the color of this kiwi, and it tasted delicious too. Perfect on a hot summer day.

Kiwi love Credits: alpha, papers and elements from Summer Blossoms by Wimpychomper Creations | font: Georgia | Words: I think this will be the summer of kiwi. For some odd reason I haven’t been buying it for years, but this June of 2013 I did and it was delicious.

Thanks for looking. Hope to see you around!
Wishing you all a wonderful and colorful fall season!

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Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2013

New digital files are added to the Daily Digi and i got to work with them early as part of the team. I scrapbook all kinds of things, especially everyday life kind of stuff and this time I was inspired by this photo below, snapped with my iPhone as I took a little break from a busy day at work. Water is my friend when I need to refresh.

15. From above.
Beauty in Everything Words: It was just a glass of water in the middle of a long work day. I enjoyed it outside, even though the sun had decided to hide behind the clouds. I needed to clear my head a little. I needed open space. As I sat there on the bench getting a grip on my self I looked down and saw the beauty of this regular glass, the water – and my hand holding it. I loved the brown of the wood, I loved the gold on my nails and I loved the shine of the water. So I did as I usually do: I picked up my phone and tried as best as I could to capture it all. (words & photo: 15. june 2013) | Credits: template from Sun-Drenched by Amber Morrison | papers and elements from Beauty in Everything by Meghan Mullens (both from the digi files for august 2013) | font: DJB LIZ

Thanks for looking. See you around! Wishing you all a wonderful summer in August!

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Digital Scrapbooking | June 2013

I can hardly understand it, but this is the last day of the month – how did it get here this fast?! As usual I want to share with you a couple of Digital Scrapbook layouts done for the Daily Digi with the files for this month. I’m a part of the team there, thankfully! These days I don’t scrapbook much else, but being a part of the team I get to scrap at least two each and every month.

This one was prompted by some disturbing news about the house we are renting and thoughts about the future, not all changes are bad ones – even though it didn’t look good in the beginning! But, off course, they take some time getting used too:
Credits: Papers and elements from Changes by Cilenia Curtis (as part of The Digi Files of June 2013), fonts: Soymilk and American Typewriter

The kits theme inspired me to look for beach photos and I found this gem from 2009:
sandy bliss
credits: papers and elements from Sal de Mar by Studio Vi Va Artistry (as part of the digi files for June 2013), font: American Typewriter

Since I did not post my layouts in May, I’ll add them here – the kits are now not for sale at the daily digi but they can be found in the designers own stores for individual purchases.

Favorite instagram photos from the lake last year:
By The Lake
credits: papers and elements from Modern Mama by Miss Mint, font is Curier New

Spring flowers and spring thoughts:
spring thoughts
credits: papers and elements from Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett, font is Courier New

That was all I had to share this time. July is right around the corner and soon new designers and new kits will be revealed at the daily digi – and new layouts for me to share here. Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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Digital Scrapbooking | April 2013

One of the things that make me HAPPY is scrapbooking. These days I’m not scrapping as much as I want – but those pages that I do get done means so much to me. Thankfully I’m part of The Daily Digi Team witch mean I have to make at least two pages a month. You can find the first one I made with the April 2013 edition in this blog post, the second one I made with the April 2013 the digi files you can see below:

Good Morning Beach
Credits: Credits: Template by Nettio Designs. Papers and elements from Today Tomorrow Always by Erin Kay Studio (as part of The Digi Files for April 2013). Font is Curier New. | Words: I’m no big fan of getting up early in the morning. I’d much rather sleep some more, to be honest. But give me a morning stroll by the oacean to wake up and I’ll sing out loud and clear: MORNING IS GOLDEN!

The photo was taken last year on confirmant camp early Sunday morning. It was so beautiful down by the beach and I needed the fresh air to get through the last day of camp. I was tired. I always am. But, then, that is all part of the experience of camp.

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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My Favorite Fall Page | The Daily Digi

September Morning

Sometimes it’s the iPhone photos that I love the most. And as long as I keep them small they do very well on a large layout. I can’t wait to print this and put it in my album :) Love all the patterns and colors as well in the papers and elements here:

morning has broken
credits: papers, alpha and elements from September Blooms by Che Yang Designs as part of The Digi Files for September 2011

I’m not a morning person. I sleep in as much as I can. So early morning glory is a sight I seldom see, at least when the sun is up more than down during the lighter half year here in Norway. But even though I’m not a morning person I love the look of morning. Especially a sunny early September morning like this. I’m so glad I captured it with my iPhone on my way up and out. Loving how the mist and damp plays with the sun rays – and love, love. love how the early sunshine falls on our beautiful pine tree. Well, good morning to you too!

If you like scrapbooking & aren’t already a subscriber to the digi files, check options here (click image):

(This is an affiliate link. Using it helps support this little blog of mine. Thanks!)

My Favorite Spot | Digital Scrapbooking

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic

I just knew, that all the thinking and photographing of Favorites back in August, would be food for my scrapbook pages for months to come; in fact I made this one below after only three days of capturing – and I can feel a few more coming along as the fall sets into a new winter.

This first part of September have been rather busy as it always is when everything starts back up again. Lots of good conversations and plans in the making at work, though and lots of photos to share and memories to capture on digital (and traditional) scrapbook pages as the light day time gets shorter and the dark evenings gets longer here in the north. I’m so glad for belonging to a couple great Creative Teams and I get plenty of inspiration for my scrapbook pages from my fellow team members. Love that.

a favorite place to sit
credits: papers and elements from All About Me collab by Scrap Orchard Designers as part of The Digi Files for September 2011, font: Gimme Space

I have a favorite place to sit down. It’s the front step on the farm house back home. It brings back so many good memories from both my childhood and adult life. It makes me feel calmer and more at peace.

I’ve been sitting here talking with friends or members of our family more times than I can count. I’ve been sitting here in the morning with my coffee and a book, happy for a little time on my own.  I’ve been sitting here in the summer as the sun sets behind the mountain, enjoying the last few rays of sunshine. I’ve been sitting here gazing down over our fields, just letting the thoughts wander.

Today I barely had time to sit down and make MT take a photo of me before it got too dark. But I’ll be back one of these days preferably with a cup of coffee in my hand or a book to read. Trying to grab what’s left of the summer feeling.   [August 2011]

This time I used products from this month’s Digi Files, from The Daily Digi. I’ve been a follower of the site since it launched and love all the great information found there as well as the new products available each month. I’m now on the creative team for the site, and love it there!

If you want to get to know the owner, Steph, a little bit better you can listen to an interview she did with Tim Conley of the Foolish Adventure, or you can listen to the digi podcast she produces, The Digi Show. I love that show and can’t wait for new shows starting next week :D Feels like I’m talking to some good old friends about the passion we all share for scrapbooking. Off course, they can’t hear me talking to them, but still, I share plenty of laughs with them non the less.

So, where do you go for inspiration to feed your passion?!

If you aren’t already a subscriber to the digi files, check out the options here (click image):

for the love of a dog

MT and dog in box

..and his dog..

I’m so glad for catching a few words or glimpses here and there from what MT is saying or doing. I really should be better at writing them down when they happen. I will not remember later on, apparently, because when I went to Flickr to take this layout below from private to public (since it’s featured at the daily digi today), I found something unexpected when I took the time to read my journaling. I wrote it a little over a month ago, and while I’m quite used to thinking about Whuzha (MT’s favorite stuffed animal) and knew the page was about it, I had already forgotten that I scrapped this because I heard him talking to his friends about this. So so glad for capturing that detail, and for getting it on my page. Yay.

credits: papers, alpha and elements from Close To Heart by Designs by Kat as part of The Digi Files for August 2011. font: Junction

While having our friends here visiting I heard my boy and their girls talking about their favorite stuffed animals. I guess they were looking at a few of them from his collection and I heard him say: ‘Yes, this is one of my favorites, but the one I like the most is Whuzha*. It’s a dog and it’s at my Grandma’s right now’. I smiled hearing this. And I know how much he loves that dog. He got it from one of my friends when she came to Addis Abeba to help bring MT home to Norway. For a long time he kept it with him wherever he went. At home, on holidays, in the car and in his bed at night. He played with it and cared for it.

I’m so glad he still thinks that Whuzha is his favorite stuffed animal. That he still care even though he’s a big boy now.

* as far as I know Whuzha (my spelling, it might be wrong) is the word for dog on Amharic, the language MT spoke when I met him.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the stories yet to tell or with all the little moments that passes us by because we doesn’t pay attention, but I will rather be happy about the glimpses and stories that are actually told than worry too much about the rest.

Have you told a story about your life – or a loved one lately? Please share :)

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