December Daily – lime version

december 4th
(Dec. 4th of my album, click image for credits and more info).

Since last year I’ve been following Ali‘s blog and especially her project December Daily. This year I promised my self to play along and document our Advent and Christmas season, I even made an album in July (!) for it – and you know what? I’m doing it, slowly (but steadily) it is taking form. I’m printing my images at home and almost everyday has a digital element of some kind.

I started the album on the 1st Sunday of Advent and it’s going through to Jan 1st. So by the end of it it’ll contain more than a month of memories. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up during the holidays, at least to put a few words down somewhere so I have a story to go with the photos. The days are busy with work and living, so we’ll see what happens – but so far I have a few things to show from the four first days of December (click images for credits and more info):

december 1th 2009 december 2nd 2009

december 3rd gingerbread cookies

I plan on taking photos of the actual album as well, as soon as I can get around to that 😉 I’m also getting back to that gingerbread cookie recipe in it’s own post (with translation to English as well and maybe even some US measurements if I can manage :) ).

A few things from TODAY:

  1. got to bed to late
  2. but managed to get out of bed in time
  3. fought computer issues at work
  4. really frustrated about that – hoping everything runs smoothly tomorrow
  5. had an advent/christmas devotion at a nursing home
  6. MT came by and we both went home for some dinner
  7. and some muffins making
  8. we’ve decided that muffins makes as good a christmas cookies as any
  9. and MT loved to have a taste before we put them in the freezer
  10. I loved the tasting as well…
  11. we are reading Julemysteriet by Jostein Gaarder
  12. finally MT is old enough to understand most of the story
  13. and he loves it
  14. talked to my mom
  15. and made a blog post
  16. hoping to get to bead early (earlier….) – already missed that one, but now this is going to publish
  17. must make the card to go in the advent calendar first, though

See you around. Have a sweet Advent :)

December Daily 2009 – a start

I had some fun yesterday evening, working some more on my advent/christmas album. I’m inspired by Ali Edwards and (more recently) by this image:

– and this post by Janet Phillips of the Daily Digi to take a change on getting this busy season documented in real time (more or less). I can’t wait to start adding photos – to the pages.

december daily; album

Yesterday I proceeded to work some more on the front page. I found some photos from last December and made a collage of a few of my favorites, as the thunderstorm approached I sat down and tried my best to make a front page with real glue, scissors and papers (I’m used to go all digital) – and found that I wasn’t happy with the result at all (bummer!) – but I love the collage!

front page blocks

This morning I’ve figured out a different approach – I think I’m starting to get it together (so far only in my imagination). The original collage for the front will now end up making the back side beautiful. And then I will use only one photo at the front, layered with different papers and whatever I can find. I have good hopes for this image, it makes me smile just looking at it:

santa MT

I guess there will be more changes when December rolls around (or rather late November when Advent season is starting). This is going to be both fun and challenging, hopefully I can pull it off even thought it’s a really busy time and I’m at a new place. Make it simple is what I’m trying to live after. I wonder if I can do that 😉

Happy Monday, people!


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