December Daily | Day 3

This day was all about driving. I spent most of it behind the wheels as I helped my dad transporting some grain from the farm to a mill around 100 km north of us. I did not mind. Much. But his car was icy cold on the feet, there was something wrong with the heating system, I think, sending the warm air up but not down. After driving for several hours, I really noticed.

In the mirror Driving home Views from the mill

In the evening MT came with me to the farm again (to keep mom company, bring home some more wood and to pick up my own car). My brother was there as well (I did not know that until I came there), nice to chat a little with him – and so thankful for him being the stronger one so we actually managed to get the door, to where my dad keeps the good wood, open…

Uncle O

When we got home we lit the wood fire, but as I went to bed it was still quite cold throughout the house. I want the warmer weather back. Please! The snow is welcome, though.


December Daily | Day 1

December 1st snuk up on me this time. Big time.
But still I managed to find the good old advent calendar, write a note to MT and make a puzzle for him to solve in the morning. So it did not go too bad :D

Celebrating a birthday tonight :) and it's almost the first Sunday of advent! Enjoy the moments that makes you smile. WHITE #ssdecember @shuttersisters

In the afternoon we went to celebrate my SIL’s birthday. She had decorated the house and it was so nice to spend some hours with her and the rest of the family. Nothing fancy or big, just us, the family, enjoying time together.

Setting the table

MT had looked forward to be with his cousins all day long. He love spending time with them, but I never think he would have thought that he would be going home with a new hairdo. He was so proud of it and could not stop talking about how fun it was to get those curls flatten out a little for once.

Sporting the new hairdo Tumbs up for the new hairdo
Thank you I, you made his day!!

………………………………………………. and with that December is off to a good start! Look forwards to the days ahead :)

Weekend December Daily | The Photos

The 3 Advent stars in my windows made me smile this morning.

My December Daily album is slowly worked on when ever I can find a few spare moments. I’m feeling a little bit whiped out right now, but hoping a little sleep and a loong day at work tomorrow will get me back in the groove. ;)

I just wanted to share a few photos from the last few days. One of these days I’ll share the album as well, but I need some decent light and some time in the middle of the day to shot photos of the pages first. I think it is this that makes me love digi so much. But then I love the making of an album from scratch also, with traditional papers and glue.

Anyway, here the photos. Thanks for looking! (and if you want to read a little about the days, click the image and jump over to flickr to read), Saturday we baked and decorated gingerbread cookies, Sunday we went chasing snow and found it up high in the mountain:

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #4 | 2011 edition

December #4 | 2011 edition

Up in the mountain #decdaily

December #4 | 2011 edition

Yum. Cacao. #decdaily

December #4 | 2011 edition

Today I haven’t been snapping away like I did on Saturday and Sunday. But if you want to see what I see on a daily basis now in December keep an eye on my December Daily set at flickr.

Enjoy the Season!!

Hello December – day 1

December #1 | 2011 edition

This year December came to us warm and moist. Last year we had 18 cold degrees below Celcius, today we had 5 warm degrees above Celcius – that is quite a difference, for sure!

December #1 | 2011 edition

Because I had to go to the mountain for a day with my fellow pastors of the area; I got to see and feel snow. Nice. We were at this cool old hotel and I had to snap a few photos of the rooms and displays, not sure how many of these that will make it into the album, but a few for sure!

Cozy bathroom

December #1 | 2011 edition

December #1 | 2011 edition

December #1 | 2011 edition

December #1 | 2011 edition

December #1 | 2011 edition

December #1 | 2011 edition

We ended our day together with a little service in the local church. Loved that altar painting.

A Holy Moment in an everyday day

December #1 | 2011 edition

This afternoon it was time for our Thursday Sunday School (I know it doesn’t quite sound right, but everyone knows what a sunday school in church is, more or less, so even though we have moved it to Thursdays we wanted to keep the name..). This time we had about Moses, and we made heart shaped cards to give to people we loved. Kiddo made two cards, one for each of his cousins. So sweet.

When we got home it was time for the second happening on his Today-card: make snow flakes from papers while listening to me reading a couple more chapters from Harry Potter book #3. We could hardly put the book down after reading into the evening, but we had too; he needs his sleep and mummy needs some mom-time :)

December #1 | 2011 edition

It was fun to hear that MT have told the class that he had this cool calendar at home that he got to read each morning. So great that he still fell the excitement and thrill about it. He was actually a little worried about me forgetting to put something in for him to find tomorrow. ‘There will be a card tomorrow as well, will there not?!‘, he said while going to bed. Oh, yes, my son. Off course there will. I love this calendar as much as you do!

MT was worried about me forgetting the advent calendar. Oh, no, it's ready for him now :)

I am reminded that even though he sometimes is a bit grumpy about not having enough cool stuff, it is the things we do that he really loves; the simple excitement before he reads the card of the day, the happy feeling he has all day at scool because he knows when he gets home we are going to do something together.

We had a filled-to-the-brim + nice day. How did your day go?!

December 2011 is here!

My Favorite Advent Calendar Brought Out Again

December is here. It is hard to believe. No snow. No cold weather. It is almost like a long long fall around here. But the date is here for sure. MT have told me over and over. He can not wait to go down tomorrow to find the Advent calendar I made a couple years ago (thanks to a blog post from Stacy. Thank you Stacy! This has been a favorite of ours, I have even made a few gifts like this to friends and family too. So fun!).

In this calendar we each day have a snippet of the Christmas story on one tag and on the other tag there is a Today sentement and the a couple of things we are going to do. Mostly these are things that we are going to do together.

Each day with a snippet of the Christmas story, each day with a card with things to do.

On December 1st we are going to church for Sunday School on a Thursday and later we are going to find some thin sheets of paper and make snow flakes to put up in our kitchen window to give this not-so-ready-for-the-season-to-begin-house a flying start :) I guess that it is MT that is going to do the major part of the snow flake creation as I plan to read out loud to him from one of the last chapters of Harry Potter and the prisoner from Azkaban.

My orginal plan was to start reading one of our favorite Advent book as soon as Dec. 1st rolled around, but we just can not put down the Harry Potter book right now, we (as in MT, I have already read it three times since the book was published) need to know how it will end! And then we can find the Advent book and use the Sunday (that is my one weekend off before New Years weekend) to read us up a few chapters, no worries if we miss a day or two.

I know MT love this calendar. But he also loves to get a little something too, so every day later in the day (after school) he is going to find a bag hidden somewhere in the house (he has to work some, don’t you think) for him to find and once in a while there are going to be candy or a little gift in there, most days there are going to be a figure from our nativity and there might also be something he need to finish the task of the day. I hope that he will find it just as fun as he has found it earlier year. And this way I don’t have to have it all planned out from the start of the month, and can make it happen as we go along.

My December Daily album is ready to be filled up with stories and photos as well :) #decdaily

I have also my December Daily to work on and take photos for. I’m sure I’m going to fall behind, but last year I almost got it finished (still have a few pages to get in place, but are planning to finish that up while I go along with the other album for this December), so I have big hopes for this year too. I know I will fall behind, though, that is just what I tend to do, at least when it comes to blogging about it. But I will embrace that and be joyfully happy for every word and every photo that get put in the album on this busy season. Wish me luck will you?

1. Dec - before

And if you are doing December Daily as well (I know a lot are doing that!) please do not be shy putting a link to your blog or photos here, there are always so much inspiration in looking how others are celebrating the season and documenting their every day at this time of the year.

I feel almost ready to welcome the season right now. Snow or no snow!

December Daily – lime version

december 4th
(Dec. 4th of my album, click image for credits and more info).

Since last year I’ve been following Ali‘s blog and especially her project December Daily. This year I promised my self to play along and document our Advent and Christmas season, I even made an album in July (!) for it – and you know what? I’m doing it, slowly (but steadily) it is taking form. I’m printing my images at home and almost everyday has a digital element of some kind.

I started the album on the 1st Sunday of Advent and it’s going through to Jan 1st. So by the end of it it’ll contain more than a month of memories. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up during the holidays, at least to put a few words down somewhere so I have a story to go with the photos. The days are busy with work and living, so we’ll see what happens – but so far I have a few things to show from the four first days of December (click images for credits and more info):

december 1th 2009 december 2nd 2009

december 3rd gingerbread cookies

I plan on taking photos of the actual album as well, as soon as I can get around to that ;) I’m also getting back to that gingerbread cookie recipe in it’s own post (with translation to English as well and maybe even some US measurements if I can manage :) ).

A few things from TODAY:

  1. got to bed to late
  2. but managed to get out of bed in time
  3. fought computer issues at work
  4. really frustrated about that – hoping everything runs smoothly tomorrow
  5. had an advent/christmas devotion at a nursing home
  6. MT came by and we both went home for some dinner
  7. and some muffins making
  8. we’ve decided that muffins makes as good a christmas cookies as any
  9. and MT loved to have a taste before we put them in the freezer
  10. I loved the tasting as well…
  11. we are reading Julemysteriet by Jostein Gaarder
  12. finally MT is old enough to understand most of the story
  13. and he loves it
  14. talked to my mom
  15. and made a blog post
  16. hoping to get to bead early (earlier….) – already missed that one, but now this is going to publish
  17. must make the card to go in the advent calendar first, though

See you around. Have a sweet Advent :)

December Daily 2009 – a start

I had some fun yesterday evening, working some more on my advent/christmas album. I’m inspired by Ali Edwards and (more recently) by this image:

– and this post by Janet Phillips of the Daily Digi to take a change on getting this busy season documented in real time (more or less). I can’t wait to start adding photos – to the pages.

december daily; album

Yesterday I proceeded to work some more on the front page. I found some photos from last December and made a collage of a few of my favorites, as the thunderstorm approached I sat down and tried my best to make a front page with real glue, scissors and papers (I’m used to go all digital) – and found that I wasn’t happy with the result at all (bummer!) – but I love the collage!

front page blocks

This morning I’ve figured out a different approach – I think I’m starting to get it together (so far only in my imagination). The original collage for the front will now end up making the back side beautiful. And then I will use only one photo at the front, layered with different papers and whatever I can find. I have good hopes for this image, it makes me smile just looking at it:

santa MT

I guess there will be more changes when December rolls around (or rather late November when Advent season is starting). This is going to be both fun and challenging, hopefully I can pull it off even thought it’s a really busy time and I’m at a new place. Make it simple is what I’m trying to live after. I wonder if I can do that ;)

Happy Monday, people!


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