Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2015

Late August =

As I mull over the Week In The Life photos and my album in-the-making (I have uploaded many of the photos to print already! Hoping to add the rest and order the prints by the end of this week, that went faster than I dared to dream!) I wanted to share a couple of layouts I made for The Daily Digi with this months digi files.

August Morning Credits: papers and elements from Nuts About You by Jady Day Designs, font: Courier New

What I saw an early morning late August:

There is a chill in the air, the apples are getting ripe and the yellow fields are ready for harvest. I’m determined to enjoy the summer as long as it last, but it’s starting to feel like fall. (27.aug2014, 08:14)

Back to school 2014 Credits: papers and elements from Wanterlust by Studio Blagovesta, font: Soymilk and Courier New.

Having had vacation all summer has been really nice, but now you’re ready to meet your friends at school again. The bus is waiting down by the road, just a little run and you are on you way. (18.aug2014)

As always: THANKS for stopping by!

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Digi Scrapbooking | Feb 2015

Pink sky
We’ve had some beautiful sunsets this week, so glad to have captured a few of them with my phone. We are just home from celebrating a birthday in our family – so good to meet and talk with a part of my family that I haven’t seen for years!!

I wanted to share a couple of layouts with you this week, so here it goes. I made them both with the February files from

a good saturday Credits: papers and elements from Birds of a feather by Forever Joy (part of the digi files from for February 2015). Fonts: Didot and EM Photogram.

My words:

After sleeping in a little (or a lot) I took MT and a friend of his skiing in the mountain in the early afternoon. It was incredible foggy and crowded. But the boys had fun and eventually I got a table to sit down by as I played the waiting game. Glad I brought both books and my Mac. Sadly the elevators stopped running at 4 pm, MT was a little bummed, he wanted to stay longer, but this made for a quiet evening at home with our iDevices and reading from Harry Potter #6 (me) and drawing a beautiful portrait (MT). A good Saturday.

seriously cool Credits: template from Snow in Love by Scrapstacks Southern Serenity; paper and elements from Little boy by Sugary Fancy (both part of the digi files from for February 2015). Font: EM photogram and Courier New.

The words were just snippets of a memory from 24. Feb 2006:

Ok, mama! I’m ready to go! Got my shades on. Looking cool!!
Great! Off we go, then, button up your jacket, you don’t want to be too cool…

As always: THANKS for stopping by!
Wish you a happy weekend and a happy Valentines day too!

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Digital Scrapbook Product : Love

week4 | PL2015

I love scrapbooking. My goal is to get more done in 2015. Tell the stories. Have fun with colors and shapes. This week I’ve been working on my project life photos for January (hoping to send them of to be printed tonight!). During my search for overlays and templates for my photos I came across Paislee Press’s 2015 Calendar Title Cards (4×6) and I decided to use them as my weekly cards throughout the album. Above and below are my cards for January.

week 1 | PL2015 week 2 | PL2015 week 3 | PL2015

I love how they turned out. Looking forward to slip them into the pockets with my photos.
Happy weekend.

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