Digital Scrapbooking | Aug 2013

New digital files are added to the Daily Digi and i got to work with them early as part of the team. I scrapbook all kinds of things, especially everyday life kind of stuff and this time I was inspired by this photo below, snapped with my iPhone as I took a little break from a busy day at work. Water is my friend when I need to refresh.

15. From above.
Beauty in Everything Words: It was just a glass of water in the middle of a long work day. I enjoyed it outside, even though the sun had decided to hide behind the clouds. I needed to clear my head a little. I needed open space. As I sat there on the bench getting a grip on my self I looked down and saw the beauty of this regular glass, the water – and my hand holding it. I loved the brown of the wood, I loved the gold on my nails and I loved the shine of the water. So I did as I usually do: I picked up my phone and tried as best as I could to capture it all. (words & photo: 15. june 2013) | Credits: template from Sun-Drenched by Amber Morrison | papers and elements from Beauty in Everything by Meghan Mullens (both from the digi files for august 2013) | font: DJB LIZ

Thanks for looking. See you around! Wishing you all a wonderful summer in August!

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Random me

Morning by the river

Just a few words from me in the middle of the night, as I sit here in my kitchen not wanting to go to bed. I’m so happy my dad came by with some more fire wood the other day, I love having (at least) one good warm room in the house!

Today, after church, we went by to visit my brother and his family. Just because it’s been a while since we last saw them and because we had a couple of hours to spend not sitting in front om the computer screen 😀 I’m so glad they where all at home and for catching up a little bit with them. They are in the middle of remodeling their kitchen and it was fun to see it in real life (and not just from photos). I wish I had time and energy to swing by them more often, though. And I know for a fact that MT does as well. Oh, well, they’ll never know when we’ll come knocking on the door next. Maybe soon, maybe later….

Lately life have been kind of busy, we’ve also been a bit sick and have had a few struggles. It seems like things are settling down now, though, and I’m really glad about that. Being sick just takes too much time, and since most of my work doesn’t get done when I’m sick, I have a lot to get through when I’m finally back at it. I’m still not caught up after being sick in the beginning of October – and it drives me completely nuts!

A few days ago (almost a week, to be honest) we got our second downpour of snow this season. MT was thrilled (even though he also mentioned looking forward to summer. LOL.) – and before I knew it he was out and about and ready to go skiing. I don’t think it was all that easy, the snow layer was a bit thin, but he got to try it out and that was all he wanted. Since that night we’ve gotten even more snow, so it’s a beautiful winter land outside our door step. And I love it too, for the time being (I’m not being this supportive of winter come February…), and since the sun isn’t shining on our house during the winter months, the snow gives at least something light to look out on. Only it feels a bit cold around here now.

This is really a random not well thought through post. Oh, well, it’s just a snapshot of the chaos my head is I guess :) Sorry about that! I haven’t been blogging for a while and it is just fun to throw a few words together sending it out to you. Thank you so much for reading them all! 😀


Gone Fishing


A couple of days ago we went fishing in the river. MT desperately wanted to use his new fishing rod and I didn’t have any excuses for not to go. It was a nice evening and there was no rain in the air. So we went.

practicing the perfect throw fishing from the bridge

Our river is rather wide one, so it’s a lot of places to stand throwing into the water. Most places we would need boots to reach, though, so we didn’t go there. But we still had to struggle a bit through the bushes and over rocks to try out a few different places. Once MT got stuck in a thorn bush, poor guy. He got himself out of it, but not without some scares and cries.

wading out into the river loosing the fishing hook

Since the river is rather shallow at the banks the fish hook got stuck in the rocks, MT had to wade out into the water to save his fish hook more than once, I think he found it rather exciting to go out in the river like that some places it runs rather wild (not that he would wade out into the river on those places) and he was so pleased of himself for not falling on the slippery rock, I sure would have. The last time the hook got stuck he wasn’t allowed into the water, since it was deeper there, so that was it for the fishing hook and for our fishing trip. And now we need to buy a few more hooks before next time fishing is the thing to do 😉 He’s already told his Grandma that Mama needs to borrow Great Grandpa’s old fishing rod to go fishing with me.

finding the right place fishing time

Time will tell; and we still have to figure out which one of us is going to kill the fish. My vote is on him….

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