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May, in bullet points

Well, HELLO THERE June! You’re early!

I can hardly believe that May is over. It went so fast and was so packed full of happenings, both good and bad. So much living and so much work. I hardly have words for it, even though I really would like to tell – and looking down the list belove I now see that I do have words, so here we go:

I’m doing this in bullet points.

  • I managed to hoist the flag two times during the month of May. Yay me. I was really unsure if I could manage it. But then it turned out to be really easy. (And now, sitting here, I feel kind off bad because I forgot to flag for the funeral last Friday, got to do better next time…. As it’s the nice thing to do, living as close to the church as we do.)
  • I joined a speed scrap for iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day) and had some fun 😉
  • We had some really beautiful Confirmation Services
  • Some friends of mine had hard time keeping it together.
  • I helped my dad at the farm, a little. It was fun to drive the tractor again and feel the dust. Only  wish I could do it more often.
  • We had some seriously busy days at work
  • MT started the outdoor football season (soccer), and bought new sneakers to fit..
  • We had the last Youth Club of the year.
  • And prepared a whole bunch of services. May is full of holy days.
  • My nephew celebrated his Confirmation Day. A fantastic day to be a part of. His parents had prepared a feast in his honor and we celebrated with family and a few friends. We love you big kid.
  • I helped clean the school yard in time for our national day; together with other parents.
  • We had guests from the western part of the country. So nice!! Come back soon, please!
  • I got a new hair cut. Got to love that!
  • We celebrated MT’s birthday with family and friends. Finally. Almost one month after he had his birthday in April.
  • MT had many days off school. Because of all the Holy Days. It was nice. And different. He loved it. And missed school too.
  • We celebrated the National Day of Norway on May 17th. MT was proud to walk in the procession together with his class. Singing and shouting. So happy.
  • MT had his first (and second) Football Match of his life. It was a BIG day. And he had so much fun. Jumping around on the field, cheering on his team mates (almost forgetting to play himself because of all the excitement).
  • I got some really big bills in the mail. That was not so fun.
  • I got to know a few of the other parents at school better.
  • I had my first meeting with the first couple of several I’m marrying this summer.
  • One of my colleague got seriously ill.
  • I went on a little 24 hour (more or less) tour with my colleagues and got to smell the ocean. Nice.
  • I met Mathilde and Oskar. The class stuffed animals. It was nice.
  • We moved our bedrooms away from the warm and light morning sun.
  • I had only one funeral the entire month. Great.
  • I did a few scrapbook pages.
  • I took a few photos. But I haven’t uploaded any of them to either flicker or my computer yet. Yes, I know. A busy month. With a lot of small and big happenings all the time.
  • I almost forgot. We’ve already had our first thunder storm of the season. It got me soaking wet trying to rescue the laundry hanging outside….. 😉
  • And now. We’re just waiting for the summer to take over…. For that we’ll meet June with a smile!!
  • I have taken a photo with my iPhone though, each and every day with the exception of one. I’m happy with that. (And I’ll soon show them too)

Bare feet

As soon as I have gone through these daily photos I’ll post a link to the flickr photo that will take you somewhere. But for now, only the image will do….

See you around! Remember to enjoy life!

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right now – some random thoughts

Right now..

  • the evenings are getting darker and I get the urge to burn more candles
  • I wish I had more time in the day to get everything done in time
  • I cherish the moments spent with my kid
  • the fall is at it’s most colorful. Gorgeous.
  • I’m happy to have broad band installed in our new home
  • I’m blessed with family and friends that make me feel good
  • I’m eager and happy to get to work with and for people that appreciates me being here
  • I’m happy the first service went so well and humble about the tasks coming
  • I try to catch up with life both offline and online, I’m getting there but it’ll take some time
  • people are working on our basement making it less damp and possible mouse free. A good thing.
  • I’m happy to know that a few of my new colleagues also blogs and takes photos. Friends instantly.
  • I have a few photos to show:
    Random recent
    1. messy office, 2. blurry water boiler, 3. Ups…, 4. table is set, 5. biking MT, 6. river in the evening, 7. shiny red, 8. Bea, 9. eating waffles, 10. some berries, 11. mixing, 12. frosty morning 4, 13. frosty river
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green on wood

Finally I’m back online on a regular basis. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve only been here a few minutes now and then (when I’ve got the chance to borrow someones Internet connection 😉 ) – and I love being able to check up on blogs I’m reading and loading up my stuff to galleries and such again. I know, I know, I have an www-addiction….

Anyway. We are doing great! MT is happy at school and I’m finding my way at work; slowly learning how things are done. My new colleagues are nice and welcoming, they help me figuring things out and I can’t wait to get to know them better 😀

I’m excited (and a bit scared) about it all and look forward to meeting the congregation on Sunday for my first service here; working on the sermon as we speak.

Our home is also getting together nicely, there is off course many things to do yet (like hanging something on the walls.. or placing the washing machine in it’s little corner of the kitchen,) I have gotten many things done too. (Yay!!)

Right now I’m all alone in the house, working on my sermon, blogging, thinking, praying, washing clothes and getting ready for the weekend. In a few hours MT is finished at school and a bit later my friend is coming back to stay some more days with us (SO NICE!!) We don’t see her often enough since we live so far from each other, so having her visit for a week is super great for both me and kiddo.

A little bit of everyday life and new things from me.

Take care and be blessed!!


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