Hello Fall!

I went outside, but had to go back in to find a thicker sweater, for even though there were a little bit sunshine, there were also lots of clouds and a chill wind. September is here.

self | september 1
Sitting for a little moment by my self on the front stair @thefarm.
Me and my coffee. My favorite spot.

Embracing that fall is upon us. Hoping it’ll be warm, long and colorful.
What are your hopes for the new season?

Wishing everyone a blessed + beautiful month!

Mountain Air

Mountain Air | Canoing

Sweet Tomato Design is out with a beautiful fall kit. I used it to scrap one of my favorite weekends in September. The one where we went up to the mountain and visited my friend and her cabin. So nice to spend some time together, so nice to talk and drink coffee and be outside in the fall weather. I really love the feeling of the mountains, it makes me feel free and happy. I should go there more often!

Mountain Air
credits:  Fallish by Sweet Tomato Designs; fonts: Gimme Space by Darcy Baldwin & Lauren Reid + Blair md ITC TT.


a couple of special days in the mountains with our good friends. 
loved the break from our everyday and busy life. 
the mountain air makes me feel so happy and free. 
we’ll be back for sure! 

Mountain Air | MT

Have a wonderful weekend!

My Favorite Fall Page | The Daily Digi

September Morning

Sometimes it’s the iPhone photos that I love the most. And as long as I keep them small they do very well on a large layout. I can’t wait to print this and put it in my album :) Love all the patterns and colors as well in the papers and elements here:

morning has broken
credits: papers, alpha and elements from September Blooms by Che Yang Designs as part of The Digi Files for September 2011

I’m not a morning person. I sleep in as much as I can. So early morning glory is a sight I seldom see, at least when the sun is up more than down during the lighter half year here in Norway. But even though I’m not a morning person I love the look of morning. Especially a sunny early September morning like this. I’m so glad I captured it with my iPhone on my way up and out. Loving how the mist and damp plays with the sun rays – and love, love. love how the early sunshine falls on our beautiful pine tree. Well, good morning to you too!

If you like scrapbooking & aren’t already a subscriber to the digi files, check options here (click image):

(This is an affiliate link. Using it helps support this little blog of mine. Thanks!)

10 Things on the 10th | Embracing Fall

Missing Summer

Ok. I have to admit it. I miss summer. I miss the sunny warm weather. The lazy days. The living as much outdoors and indoors. I miss it for sure, but, I also love the fall season. And I want to embrace the right here and now, so here is my 10 things I’m happy and grateful right now:

1. I’m happy and grateful for my son, how he is growing, learning and having more and more faith in himself.
2. The nature is turning into fantastic colors. And the forest is filled with berries. We should go pick some….
3. Football season started again. And MT loved that, I love watching them play as well.
4. We’ve had several sunny days. Got to love that!
5. I can capture the beauty with my camera and look at in on a rainy day.
6. Come to think of it, some of the rainy days are kind of beautiful as well.
7. School and work are starting up again and the days have some structure.
8. We’re both healthy and non of us have caught the flue yet.
9. It’s still warm enough for nice walks down by the river.
10. September mornings are misty and glows with the first ray of sunshine on a nice day, I love them.

So, what do you want to embrace in the season you’re in right now?!

Hallo September!

Hello Fall | 1

I went for a little walk yesterday and brought my camera.

Hello Fall | 5

I’ve really not been okay saying farewell to summer, but now as September is here I feel that I’m ready to embrace the new season approaching. Yesterday I tried to find the beauty in the changes.

Hello Fall | 3

Hello Fall | 2

Hello Fall | 4

Thankfully it was a warm and sunshiny day, after so much rain in August it felt almost as a relief. I guess we have more rain coming, but just now I want to enjoy this new month and the new season. Hoping for good things to happen.

Hello Fall | 7

Hello Fall | 6

Thanks for looking, how is the season going at your place?

Mama’s Scarf | Starting Point

Mama's Scarf

I’ve really been into scrapping with real paper and glue this month. Not because I don’t like digi scrapping any more (because I DO!) – but because I found a bunch of photos from when MT first entered my life and it’s been so inspiring and fun adding a few stories to paper and putting them to good use as a scrapbook page. It doesn’t hurt that I have some beautiful papers to use either ;)

Mama's Scarf

This photo I nearly put in the bin, but then I remembered the first weeks we had together. How the weather were nice, but a little chilly. How we were stuck in our little town because my car didn’t have the back seat put up, neither did we have a safe stool for MT to sit. How we had to use what we could find. Like this scarf around his neck to keep it warm while we went walking along the fjord side.

You came to Norway in October.
I should have thought about it being fall.
You had both jacket and hat –
but I hadn’t found a scarf for you.
So you had to borrow mine.
It was a little to big, but you didn’t care.

Here we are out walking together with Grandma and Grandpa. It was their first time visiting us . It was so nice having them for a week. One get to know each other well that way.

22. October 2005

Mama's Scarf

Made with Shimelle’s Starting Point.


fireman serious

Searched around some old photos and found this gem from 10. Sept 2006. So cute!

I had such good plans about blogging regularly this time. Even when I went back to work after the vacation. But it’s really hard sometimes to find time, especially when I also want to do some scrapbooking ;) So this past week / weekend I’ve been scrapping my heart out – and it’s been great! But on this last night of August 2010 I just wanted to make a little post. Just to say hay, just to tell I’m still here living my life both online and inline..

We are getting back into the everyday life, both kiddo and I. Starting to get used to the early mornings and the scheduling to make sure we manage to do it all… So far it’s been good, even though it’s been a challenge to remember everything some days.

I think I’m ready for September now. It’s fall around here anyway. The nights are starting to get darker and the weather is getting colder. I’m not sure I like it. But I will embrace it and enjoy the colors.

Tomorrow I’ll bring my camera along in the car. I might run into something beautiful that needs my attention and snapping.

I don’t think I’ve mention this before, but MT have started reading books. Not only cartoons, but real books. Books written for children, off course, but anyway books. Last week I was a bit late coming up to sing for him at bedtime, so he found a book I bought him this summer and started reading in it (I’ve been trying all summer to get him interested, lol..). When I finally got up he asked if he please could read a little bit more after I said good night. It’s so exciting, he told me. I was excited too, I spent my childhood borrowed in books and I love reading! So I told him, yes, you might read two more pages – and then you have to sleep. Yay! I’m so proud of him and LOVE the way they are teaching the love of reading at school!

O.k. so this has been a totally random post, so I might as well add a photo from a previous august day (26th 2005). Originally I had some  plan of a “5 years ago post”, but I never got around to it. It’s the same this year anyway; time to harvest at the farm – if only the rain could stop! The oats are beautiful at close op :D

5 years ago

See you around!

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