December | Day 15 | 2013

December tradition

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoLast year we gifted both of MT’s cousins a visit to a great indoor swimming pool with us + going out for pizza afterwards. We went with one of them this summer and on Sunday we went with the other. Yay! I think they both had some fun. MT did for sure. He loves any visit to the swimming pool, but the perk of bringing one of his favorite cousins along was sure something he really loved. Makes me glad.

I did not take lots of photos, the day was such a wirvle wind of happenings (I do have a couple more that I won’t share here for privacy reasons), but this is a little peak into our day.
In his {happy} element While waiting for our pizza

Thanks for coming by.
Do you have a December tradition that makes for extra happiness?!

December | Day 7 | 2013

Coffee and cake at our neighbors | December day7 AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo I spent most of Saturday in bed being sick, my neck threw me a curve ball – like always when I’m trying to stretch myself too much. I had so much that I wanted to do, but had no choice but lay down and let my whole body get some rest. In the early evening I felt better and enjoyed a coffee + cake visit to our new neighbors. Kind of nice having my parents next door (although they still sleeps in this house, this makes a big difference during the day – we just have to fix their TV receptions so they can watch their shows whenever they want to – and they’re good to go!). In the evening MT got tired and went to bed early, leaving me the luxury of alone time in our house for the first time since forever. I really needed that! Looking forward to more in the future.

Christmas Rose Only a couple photos today, this flower we call Christmas Rose and it is so beautiful.

As always – THANKS for coming by – I’ll try my best to keep up with the photos the rest of the month as well. When it comes to the actual album, I might not put it together until after the holiday (if I’m able to do it at all). I try to to put a few things in now and then from our days, though and MT promised to write his annual wish list – I love how he decorates it and treasure that page each year.

We’ll see how it all work, but I’m happy for capturing my moments non the less. See you around! Happy Advent monday :) I’ll be back with my Sunday photos later today.


Last week

The week we just have put behind us was my second week of vacation (thankfully I have three whole weeks left!). We spent the week doing lots of things that needed doing. Some of it was quite tiresome, some of it was quite nice and even great. All in all, I’m so glad we spent the week doing what we did – and getting some great help in some of it as well. Here are a few instagram photos and the story:

Daily Instagram | Ice Lover Instacamp | Water

We came up to our old house by the forest on Sunday night. We haven’t slept over in the house for a couple of years, MT didn’t like the idea of spending the night there (he wanted to be at home and with his playstation and TV screen) – but we made it like a camping trip and it wasn’t too bad, even MT had to admit that!

Fun play Instacamp | Breathe

Monday morning I got up a bit later than I planned and found that my aunt had called; she wanted to know if I could use some help washing down the house (we are planning to sell it) – because she and my cousin had some free time. If I wanted help?! YES PLEASE! It made me so glad to know I didn’t have to do it all myself. After breakfast and a short trip to the store, down in the little town by the lake, MT and I started. I was so pleased to see him making an effort to help (at least for a while). He did wash down his own old room, with only a little bit of help from me.

Instacamp | Breathe

We washed all day long. A couple of times we took a break and sat down to eat cake and dink a few cups of coffee together. I got to catch up on life with my cousin and we all got to hear MT tell us his favorite jokes.

In the evening I looked out to see all the grass grown wildly where there used to be a lawn, thinking to myself that I needed to tackle the inside of the house first. Then I thought about the many nights I’ve been gazing up to the trees and the sky west of the house; love this view and miss it now that we no longer live here.

Instacamp | Breathe

Tuesday was another day filled with washing and clearing. My dad came and helped with cutting down the gras (that was a BIG job!). I and MT filled the car with cardboard boxes and went by the recycling station. Twice. I was happy that my aunt and cousin could help us out this day as well (THANK YOU!).

Daily Instagram | Taming the wilderness Instacamp | Breathe

In the evening we drove back home, filling up my dad’s car before we left and brought a few more things home. It was good to spend the evening just doing our favorite things. MT said something like our home is where our stuff is and did not miss the old house by the forest as much as I. Oh, well, I’m glad he is happy right here. I am too.

Instacamp | Lazy Days of Summer Instacamp | Lazy Days of Summer

Wednesday we left early since we had an appointment for the car at a garage to get the EU-control done (Norwegian law says that all car needs to pass this test regularly). Luckily we had some extra time  on our hands, so we got there in time even though I took the wrong lane at an exit and had to drive through the city and back before we got to the garage. While we waited for the car we bought a cup of coffee (for me) and a milk shake (for him). I even got to read a little in my book. MT talked to the birds gathering around the table and had fun looking at them and making up stories. The car did not pass the test, but it’s an easy fix, I have until the end of July to get it done. So now back to vacation and other thing we need to do.

Like visiting IKEA. MT got himself a new bed. And we ate some meat balls.

Instacamp | Lazy Days of Summer

And visiting old friends. It’s been so long since last time we went to their house (we’ve met them at their cabin in the mountain lately), so we struggled finding our way. But finally we found them and had a sweet evening together.

Instacamp | Lazy Days of Summer Instacamp | Lazy Days of Summer

On Thursday we met my friend for lunch at Grønland in Oslo. I haven’t driven in Oslo’s streets since I lived there many many years ago. It’s scary to see how much of the city is unknown to me now, I drove wrong several times on the way out of it too.

Daily Instagram | New Camera! Daily Instagram | New Glasses

Friday was a big day. I got to pick up a couple of important things: my new glasses and my new camera (more on that in a later post). Yay! And then we went and visited The Farm and my parents for a couple of hours before we saw Ice Age 4 at the movie theatre. MT loved the movie and said it was better than the 3rd. I’m not sure if it was better, but I loved it too. Seeing it in 3D was fun.

And then we went up to the house by the forest again and spent the night.

Daily Instagram | LOL Daily Instagram | Sweet Smile
Daily Instagram | New Camera Daily Instagram | New Camera

On Saturday we did a few things around the house before we left for a few errands and went back home. The week’s taking it’s toll on me, so it was good being back home, relaxing and reading and not doing anything of importans for a few hours. Or, well, I did wash a few loads of laundry. But, still…

Daily Instagram | New Bed Daily Instagram | MT and Grandma
Daily Instagram | The tree

I slept for a long time on Sunday (too long to be honest, but I needed it), later my mom and dad came by for dinner. My dad helped me put together MT’s new bed – that took longer than I had thought – but he got to sleep in it that night. Lucky boy!

And with that our second week of vacation was over. Puh! Vacation is tiresome. And fun! Glad I have more of it left!

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