2 Favorites & 1 Bad Sync

365 | 2 aug 2011 | seven
2. August 2011 - Favorite number: SEVEN

July 365 photos are coming to a blog post soon, but here are my two photos from August. I love the Favorite theme @ Capture Your 365 for this month. I have printed the PDF and put it by my calendar. Can’t wait to scrap all these favorites too.

Week In The Life | Day 1 | #24

1. August 2011 - Favorite color: ORANGE

After spending a couple hours fixing errors by Aperture’s last sync with Flickr, Aperture have lost their permission to my Flickr!  I can’t have it changing the photos URL every other day; it makes using them on my blog almost impossible. And using the photos on my blog is kind of what I upload them to flickr for (at least the web versions). So frustrating; off to explore some options.

If you have suggestions please let me know 🙂

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