congratulation on your day, HM

HM and MT

Project 365 - Baptism; Jan. 21.2007 Two years ago we celebrated with you that you got baptized. It was so great to be with you then – and I wish I lived closer so I could be come by and give you a hug today. You have been in my thoughts and prayer, though, and now I’m sending you this virtual hug. 😀 (Hopefully you mummy can bring it along for me) 😉

Hope to see you soon, I miss you – and MT misses you as well!!Happy Birthday H!

…still loving that hat 😉

boys in snow

friends in snow

The kid next door (more or less) visited us tonight. And we had fun playing in the snow in the evening :) I had to join them because of the darkness (it was scary tigers in the forest!) – and ended up with a nearly shoveled drive way and a big smile on my face from spending 1.5 hours OUTside. I loved it; that kind of took me by surprise and I look forward to other nights like this with some of MT’s friends over. It so great to have the snow here, it’s a whole lot – but manageable (at least after a few days of getting it out of the road….)

Anyhow. It’s late. Better find my bed. Good Night!friends in snow

I’m not loving the blitz at these photos, but I had to shot them quickly because the boy moved fast AND it was snowing on my camera(!) Next time I hope to get more photos of them too!

neighbor kid

Late last year we got a new neighbor, a boy at age 5. Could it be any more perfect? MT have missed going outside to find someone to play with – now he can almost do that (since he has to cross a heavy trafficked road he still has to bring his mummy along, but they have plenty of places to play both in the fields and forest that have no cars….).

The kid came to see us today. He brought his mother with him for security, since it was his first time visiting us, that was nice for me to get to know her a tiny bit more as well. But after a while her son told her to go home, he was okay being at our house on his own. It was so nice chatting with his mum, but I was also happy with him being comfertable being here on his own. I hope he’ll become a regular guest and play pal for MT; by summer I guess they will be hanging out, more or less, every day possible.

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