Summer Vacation 2012 | day 2 + 3

It did not take long before MT was ready to visit his good friend from when we lived here. They were neighbors back in the days. And thankfully they where home and MT got asked if he wanted to stay with them for a couple of days. If he wanted to? He didn’t even have to think: YES! Off course.

The very next morning he went down to them, and had so much fun. The weather was nice and they spent most of the time down by the fjord - swimming, jumping, talking, catching crabs and playing. Talk about the summer feeling!

I spent the day with my friends and their family. Not a lot of photos at all, but here are a couple:

summer vacation 2012 | love
summer vacation 2012 | beautiful

On Friday I slept for a long time and ate late breakfast outside while talking to my friends.

summer vacation 2012 | late breakfast

Then we went down to get MT and spend a couple of ours down there by the fjord. It was BEAUTIFUL. Glad to have a chance to catch up a little, it’s been two years since I last was there.

summer vacation 2012 | two friends
summer vacation 2012 | drying hay
summer vacation 2012 | the bay
summer vacation 2012 | the fjord
summer vacation 2012 | jumping in the sea
summer vacation 2012 | tiny fish
summer vacation 2012 | by the fjord

In the evening my friend and her granddaughter made birthday cake. And then we just hang out a little.

summer vacation 2012 | baking cake
summer vacation 2012 | train set playing
summer vacation 2012 | bubbles

In the evening we went by the lake – and I had my very first swim of the season. It was both nice and really cold. And with that another couple of great vacation days were over. So thankful for my friends.


Summer Vacation 2012 | the birthday edition

I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday – even now as an adult. As each year passes I’m more and more aware of how precious this life is. I love my life. I love my family, my friends, my faith and all the other bits and pieces my life is all filled with. I’m not worried about getting older, each and every year I have more to be grateful for and more to add to my story. I hope I can keep thinking this way for as many years that I’m lucky enough to live in this beautiful world of ours.

I’m not saying every day is nice. Because they aren’t. There are hard days and difficult memories, there are hardship and heartbreak. There sure are. But that is not all there is. And I want to remember the good, hold it dear and try as hard as I can to keep in mind that this life is a gift given to me and I get to fill it with as much good and happy as I possible can.

This year I got to spend my birthday with friends I love. Noting special, just hanging around and talking, having some cake and a barbecue in the afternoon so even the littlest among us got to join in. The weather has been good with warmth and sunshine. The evening came with rain, but the sound of it makes me smile. I’m going to treasure this day and keep it close to my heart. This is just how I love it. Simple, easygoing and with people that makes me feel loved.

I snapped a lot of photos today, many of them will be kept for friends and family only – but here are a bunch that I want to share with you. Thanks for looking.

summer vacation 2012 | breakfast
summer vacation 2012 | serious MT
summer vacation 2012 | flowers
summer vacation 2012 | our friends house
summer vacation 2012 | the dog
summer vacation 2012 | the little one
summer vacation 2012 | birthday cake
summer vacation 2012
summer vacation 2012 | farm tractor
summer vacation 2012 | mother & daugther
summer vacation 2012 | grandchild(s) & grandparents
summer vacation 2012 | our friends' house
summer vacation 2012 | birthday barbecue
summer vacation 2012 | birthday barbecue - the food
summer vacation 2012 | a friendly competition
summer vacation 2012 | gone fishing
summer vacation 2012 | the fishing buddies
summer vacation 2012 | he got fish
summer vacation 2012 | he got fish
summer vacation 2012 | flowers
summer vacation 2012 | happy birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me. A really HAPPY day indeed!


And with this the real vacation is ON!

So good to be back with good old friends! Looking forward to stay here for a few days and all the talk + coffee + laughter. MT is looking forward to meet a friend he hasn’t seen for a couple of years too. This is going to be good. Vacation rocks! (Especially when it is the no-washing of house kind of vacation). I’m going to enjoy this!

A few photos from our drive up here:

Summer Vacation 2012 | sleeping boy Summer Vacation 2012 | raining Summer Vacation 2012 | mountain view
a little sleep for a tired kid – some passing rainy weather – a spectacular view from our car as we stopped for some food

Summer Vacation 2012 | the ferry Summer Vacation 2012 | old memories
We got the last night ferry and came to our friend late instead of early ;) Right now we are enjoying our first day here – and MT is ready to borrow the laptop. He has been for half an hour. See you later!

Friends by the beach | Scrapbook

Friends By The Beach | Detail

I got home late tonight. Tired and worn after a long, long day at work. Instead of just vegging in front of the TV computer, I decided to create something nice. So I found a couple of old, sweet and lovely photos and started playing. It took a few minutes (ok. several!), but this is what I made:

Friends By the Beach

Friends By The Beach

I used Shimelles sketch of the week as inspiration.

Tomorrow is another crazy busy day at work, so I need some sleep to manage it all.

Hope you have some sweet and lovely in you life as well. Cherish it.

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

It was so much fun finding these photos again, I just had to scrap them! Good thing Shimelle has a perfect challenge for this: Let’s Go Retro Challenge.

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

Goodlooking People (of the Mountain)

I remember our trips to our shabby cabin up on the mountain back when I was a teenager. Sometimes we were only two going up, other times we were several. Every time we had great fun and lots of laughs.

The mountain is a great place to be, I feel so free there, here we have walked up from our cabin and are enjoying the view. And look at our smashing style. LOL. Late 1980s.

Papers and embellishments from recent Studio Calico kit(s).
For Shimelle’s Let’s Go Retro challenge.

What a HAPPY day!

I celebrated my birthday with family and friends today. And it was such a happy and beautiful day, even though the sun did not shine.

It was the people that came that made the day so good. All but one of my extended family could be there. My brother and his family as well. And some of my good good friends too. Some I hadn’t seen for a year or more. So nice to catch up and see how much the children have grown.

As usual I wanted to have a barbecue. Setting out the meat and vegetables and letting my guests take whatever they wanted and grill it themselves. I was a bit worried about the weather, but we did all right. Most of the children played outside for a long time, and we had room in the farm house for all when needed.

Off course I wished we could have been outside all day in the sunshine and soaked up the warm weather; that would have been great! Sitting under our apple treas, going to and from the BBQ as we wished and needed.

Maybe next time. I like to do this kind of birthday celebration every 5 years. I have already placed the weather wish for 2016 ;) Then I want some sun!

Thanks for reading this. I promise there will be some photos from this day eventually…. and maybe some words as well about being 40. :D


Look for my 10 on the 10th blog post later today. I need some sleep ;)


green on wood

Finally I’m back online on a regular basis. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve only been here a few minutes now and then (when I’ve got the chance to borrow someones Internet connection ;) ) – and I love being able to check up on blogs I’m reading and loading up my stuff to galleries and such again. I know, I know, I have an www-addiction….

Anyway. We are doing great! MT is happy at school and I’m finding my way at work; slowly learning how things are done. My new colleagues are nice and welcoming, they help me figuring things out and I can’t wait to get to know them better :D

I’m excited (and a bit scared) about it all and look forward to meeting the congregation on Sunday for my first service here; working on the sermon as we speak.

Our home is also getting together nicely, there is off course many things to do yet (like hanging something on the walls.. or placing the washing machine in it’s little corner of the kitchen,) I have gotten many things done too. (Yay!!)

Right now I’m all alone in the house, working on my sermon, blogging, thinking, praying, washing clothes and getting ready for the weekend. In a few hours MT is finished at school and a bit later my friend is coming back to stay some more days with us (SO NICE!!) We don’t see her often enough since we live so far from each other, so having her visit for a week is super great for both me and kiddo.

A little bit of everyday life and new things from me.

Take care and be blessed!!


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