7 Good Things Today

1. I got up bright and early to attend a webinar with Katerina Kennedy for her class Your Life: Captured through the lens. I was not sure if i could manage to get out of bed at the crazy early hour of 3 am, but i did, and it was so much fun being there with the rest of the photo crazy girls, telling what we thought about the photos and hearing Katerina describe how she feels about them as well. I was so honored to hear what she and the others had to say about a recent photo I took of MT sewing on his Great Grandma’s old sewing machine. She pointed out a few things that could have been better, but also said so much nice about the things that were good.

2. Early this morning, in my email, I found a note that said I was one of the three lucky winners to the Christmas card making class Holiday Card Boot Camp 2011 with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. That totally made my day and reminded me that leaving a comment for these give aways (the ones I would love to win) every once in a while pay off :D So happy about that and can’t wait for it to start in the second week of November

3. I am excited for the new photo workshop with Katrina starting next week. It is called Exposure and is all about finding the right exposure for the light you are working in to get great photos. I so need to work on this and can’t wait to learn how to handle the reds and how to get the most out of the condition i shoot in.

4. Fall is in its latest stages here and we have had several days below zero. Most mornings there is a beautiful little mist of frost on the ground, some days more, some days less. I find it beautiful, but I don’t look forward to changing the tires on the car, it is a time consuming job. I should do it tomorrow, but I guess I will wait until Saturday because then I have to do it….

5. MT have started ski training again, so far without snow. He said it was fun because they got to run around the 1 kilometer path behind the school. I know for sure I would not have found that any kind of fun. The path is nice to walk, taking my time, but to run?! It goes up and down, up and down and up and down. Seeing me skiing there is enough to make even the most serious dude cry with laughter, sigh. I love that MT skis cross country like he was born with skis on his legs. I kind of envy him, but also love how much he enjoys it.

6. There are a lot of good plans going on in our church right now. One of those is a club for youths using one of my favorite hobbies to learn more about the Christian faith and the Bible stories. Can’t wait to join in getting this one off the ground.

7. Lastly let me tell about the beautiful sunset we saw while driving to the church council earlier tonight. It was all blue and several shades of pink + purple. It took all that i had not to stop and try to capture it with my iPhone. To try and catch the colors somehow.  But i had a meeting to attend to and was already running late!

So how are your days? Found something good and happy among all the everyday gray. Please share in the comments.

Random me

Morning by the river

Just a few words from me in the middle of the night, as I sit here in my kitchen not wanting to go to bed. I’m so happy my dad came by with some more fire wood the other day, I love having (at least) one good warm room in the house!

Today, after church, we went by to visit my brother and his family. Just because it’s been a while since we last saw them and because we had a couple of hours to spend not sitting in front om the computer screen :D I’m so glad they where all at home and for catching up a little bit with them. They are in the middle of remodeling their kitchen and it was fun to see it in real life (and not just from photos). I wish I had time and energy to swing by them more often, though. And I know for a fact that MT does as well. Oh, well, they’ll never know when we’ll come knocking on the door next. Maybe soon, maybe later….

Lately life have been kind of busy, we’ve also been a bit sick and have had a few struggles. It seems like things are settling down now, though, and I’m really glad about that. Being sick just takes too much time, and since most of my work doesn’t get done when I’m sick, I have a lot to get through when I’m finally back at it. I’m still not caught up after being sick in the beginning of October – and it drives me completely nuts!

A few days ago (almost a week, to be honest) we got our second downpour of snow this season. MT was thrilled (even though he also mentioned looking forward to summer. LOL.) – and before I knew it he was out and about and ready to go skiing. I don’t think it was all that easy, the snow layer was a bit thin, but he got to try it out and that was all he wanted. Since that night we’ve gotten even more snow, so it’s a beautiful winter land outside our door step. And I love it too, for the time being (I’m not being this supportive of winter come February…), and since the sun isn’t shining on our house during the winter months, the snow gives at least something light to look out on. Only it feels a bit cold around here now.

This is really a random not well thought through post. Oh, well, it’s just a snapshot of the chaos my head is I guess :) Sorry about that! I haven’t been blogging for a while and it is just fun to throw a few words together sending it out to you. Thank you so much for reading them all! :D



fireman serious

Searched around some old photos and found this gem from 10. Sept 2006. So cute!

I had such good plans about blogging regularly this time. Even when I went back to work after the vacation. But it’s really hard sometimes to find time, especially when I also want to do some scrapbooking ;) So this past week / weekend I’ve been scrapping my heart out – and it’s been great! But on this last night of August 2010 I just wanted to make a little post. Just to say hay, just to tell I’m still here living my life both online and inline..

We are getting back into the everyday life, both kiddo and I. Starting to get used to the early mornings and the scheduling to make sure we manage to do it all… So far it’s been good, even though it’s been a challenge to remember everything some days.

I think I’m ready for September now. It’s fall around here anyway. The nights are starting to get darker and the weather is getting colder. I’m not sure I like it. But I will embrace it and enjoy the colors.

Tomorrow I’ll bring my camera along in the car. I might run into something beautiful that needs my attention and snapping.

I don’t think I’ve mention this before, but MT have started reading books. Not only cartoons, but real books. Books written for children, off course, but anyway books. Last week I was a bit late coming up to sing for him at bedtime, so he found a book I bought him this summer and started reading in it (I’ve been trying all summer to get him interested, lol..). When I finally got up he asked if he please could read a little bit more after I said good night. It’s so exciting, he told me. I was excited too, I spent my childhood borrowed in books and I love reading! So I told him, yes, you might read two more pages – and then you have to sleep. Yay! I’m so proud of him and LOVE the way they are teaching the love of reading at school!

O.k. so this has been a totally random post, so I might as well add a photo from a previous august day (26th 2005). Originally I had some  plan of a “5 years ago post”, but I never got around to it. It’s the same this year anyway; time to harvest at the farm – if only the rain could stop! The oats are beautiful at close op :D

5 years ago

See you around!

August Already?!

Hello – I’m good, how are you?!

This summer has flown by like a racket (or something else that flies super fast). I can’t believe July is over and that I already have been on vacation for three weeks.

I want to capture the days as they fly by; take my photos, write my words, be in the moment as well as document the most important ones later. I’m kind of behind on all the above. Or, maybe not; I’m taking a photo a day, I have a whole bunch of pages already finished for my July 2010 book (with a photo a day theme) AND I HAVE BEEN SCRAPPING. So something is still happening. And it was sooooo good to finally get those scrapping muscles flexing again (reminds me that I have some walking to do as well). Must exercise regularly.

Anyhow, just wanted to say hi – and to show of a couple of recent layouts too :)

red + sweet

The Bøyabreen

Click images for credits and map.

See you around!!

a couple of thoughts

I’m enjoying a day at home after a busy couple of weeks. MT finished football (soccer) school yesterday so we are both here. I look forward to NOT leave or place today and to NOT drive 40 K’s or more for work. Today I’m only here preparing a funeral tomorrow, thinking about the sermon for Sunday and getting the house ready for some company. Yay! We’re getting visitors tonight! We only see each other once a year, but they are GOOD friends and can tackle my less than clean house. But I will try to clean it up a little before they arrive. Just have to do a few other things first (like working out a few thoughts for tomorrow and Sunday).

LOL. This is a lot of rambling. Just wanted to chime in and say hello :D

Wishing you all a GOOD THURSDAY!

And btw Sweet Tomato Design is having a new kit in her store. A girly kit called Finley – she’s also having a huge sale.  :)

Hoping to have a page done with it by tonight…. or Saturday. Ahem.

a sunshiny day

Gorgeous red

It’s been a week with mostly rainy weather. So glad to see the sun and blue blue sky around it. We’re up early to set the day off in a good way. MT is in his last week at school and vacation time has just started at work, so more to do for me…. (but then I have 5 week summer vacation to look forward to, so not to bad a deal!). Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things. Both with blog posts, scrapbooking and organizing my home and life. I wish I had a few more hours in a day, but still good to see some progress.

Just a few thoughts for today, got to run – lost of work awaits me. Hopefully the invitation to Confirmation will go out today! Can’t wait to meet all the new wonderful youths come August.

Wish you all a beautiful Tuesday. No matter what the weather looks like ;)

May, in bullet points

Well, HELLO THERE June! You’re early!

I can hardly believe that May is over. It went so fast and was so packed full of happenings, both good and bad. So much living and so much work. I hardly have words for it, even though I really would like to tell – and looking down the list belove I now see that I do have words, so here we go:

I’m doing this in bullet points.

  • I managed to hoist the flag two times during the month of May. Yay me. I was really unsure if I could manage it. But then it turned out to be really easy. (And now, sitting here, I feel kind off bad because I forgot to flag for the funeral last Friday, got to do better next time…. As it’s the nice thing to do, living as close to the church as we do.)
  • I joined a speed scrap for iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day) and had some fun ;)
  • We had some really beautiful Confirmation Services
  • Some friends of mine had hard time keeping it together.
  • I helped my dad at the farm, a little. It was fun to drive the tractor again and feel the dust. Only  wish I could do it more often.
  • We had some seriously busy days at work
  • MT started the outdoor football season (soccer), and bought new sneakers to fit..
  • We had the last Youth Club of the year.
  • And prepared a whole bunch of services. May is full of holy days.
  • My nephew celebrated his Confirmation Day. A fantastic day to be a part of. His parents had prepared a feast in his honor and we celebrated with family and a few friends. We love you big kid.
  • I helped clean the school yard in time for our national day; together with other parents.
  • We had guests from the western part of the country. So nice!! Come back soon, please!
  • I got a new hair cut. Got to love that!
  • We celebrated MT’s birthday with family and friends. Finally. Almost one month after he had his birthday in April.
  • MT had many days off school. Because of all the Holy Days. It was nice. And different. He loved it. And missed school too.
  • We celebrated the National Day of Norway on May 17th. MT was proud to walk in the procession together with his class. Singing and shouting. So happy.
  • MT had his first (and second) Football Match of his life. It was a BIG day. And he had so much fun. Jumping around on the field, cheering on his team mates (almost forgetting to play himself because of all the excitement).
  • I got some really big bills in the mail. That was not so fun.
  • I got to know a few of the other parents at school better.
  • I had my first meeting with the first couple of several I’m marrying this summer.
  • One of my colleague got seriously ill.
  • I went on a little 24 hour (more or less) tour with my colleagues and got to smell the ocean. Nice.
  • I met Mathilde and Oskar. The class stuffed animals. It was nice.
  • We moved our bedrooms away from the warm and light morning sun.
  • I had only one funeral the entire month. Great.
  • I did a few scrapbook pages.
  • I took a few photos. But I haven’t uploaded any of them to either flicker or my computer yet. Yes, I know. A busy month. With a lot of small and big happenings all the time.
  • I almost forgot. We’ve already had our first thunder storm of the season. It got me soaking wet trying to rescue the laundry hanging outside….. ;)
  • And now. We’re just waiting for the summer to take over…. For that we’ll meet June with a smile!!
  • I have taken a photo with my iPhone though, each and every day with the exception of one. I’m happy with that. (And I’ll soon show them too)

Bare feet

As soon as I have gone through these daily photos I’ll post a link to the flickr photo that will take you somewhere. But for now, only the image will do….

See you around! Remember to enjoy life!

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