August Already?!

Hello – I’m good, how are you?!

This summer has flown by like a racket (or something else that flies super fast). I can’t believe July is over and that I already have been on vacation for three weeks.

I want to capture the days as they fly by; take my photos, write my words, be in the moment as well as document the most important ones later. I’m kind of behind on all the above. Or, maybe not; I’m taking a photo a day, I have a whole bunch of pages already finished for my July 2010 book (with a photo a day theme) AND I HAVE BEEN SCRAPPING. So something is still happening. And it was sooooo good to finally get those scrapping muscles flexing again (reminds me that I have some walking to do as well). Must exercise regularly.

Anyhow, just wanted to say hi – and to show of a couple of recent layouts too :)

red + sweet

The Bøyabreen

Click images for credits and map.

See you around!!

a couple of thoughts

I’m enjoying a day at home after a busy couple of weeks. MT finished football (soccer) school yesterday so we are both here. I look forward to NOT leave or place today and to NOT drive 40 K’s or more for work. Today I’m only here preparing a funeral tomorrow, thinking about the sermon for Sunday and getting the house ready for some company. Yay! We’re getting visitors tonight! We only see each other once a year, but they are GOOD friends and can tackle my less than clean house. But I will try to clean it up a little before they arrive. Just have to do a few other things first (like working out a few thoughts for tomorrow and Sunday).

LOL. This is a lot of rambling. Just wanted to chime in and say hello 😀

Wishing you all a GOOD THURSDAY!

And btw Sweet Tomato Design is having a new kit in her store. A girly kit called Finley – she’s also having a huge sale.  :)

Hoping to have a page done with it by tonight…. or Saturday. Ahem.

a sunshiny day

Gorgeous red

It’s been a week with mostly rainy weather. So glad to see the sun and blue blue sky around it. We’re up early to set the day off in a good way. MT is in his last week at school and vacation time has just started at work, so more to do for me…. (but then I have 5 week summer vacation to look forward to, so not to bad a deal!). Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things. Both with blog posts, scrapbooking and organizing my home and life. I wish I had a few more hours in a day, but still good to see some progress.

Just a few thoughts for today, got to run – lost of work awaits me. Hopefully the invitation to Confirmation will go out today! Can’t wait to meet all the new wonderful youths come August.

Wish you all a beautiful Tuesday. No matter what the weather looks like 😉

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