at home

at home

After a really busy week (and knowing tomorrow will be a lot of work too) – we have spent the day at home doing as little as we possible can. It’s nice to have a day to just be. No dead lines, no floors to wash, no emails to send or people to meet.

Just the two of us at home. All day long.

It’s done us both some good. But now I’m ready for tomorrow. I look forward to church and the rest of the day. Hoping to see a lot of people and for many smiles to exchange.

…….  …….   ……..
And no, sorry, the comment issue aren’t fixed yet. But it will be eventually. As will my blog header (and overall design). I’m embracing. AND THE COMMENTS ARE WORKING AGAIN! YAY.

sunny day

It’s another sunny day here at my place. IT FEELS SO GOOD!!

sunny skies

After 4 moths without sunshine (on our house, I might add) – I simply can’t get enough of those beautiful and warming sun rays.

Today I plan to do a lot of this and that. Getting my house in a cleaner shape and get a good start on a few things I’ve been putting off for too long. I have the whole day by my self since MT is going to a birthday party after school and will be gone all day. He’s going to have SO MUCH FUN (they are going to a swimming pool and he just loves that! Poor teachers, they are going to have a hard time getting the class to focus ;) ). And I plan to have some FUN here all by my self. Drink a lot of coffee, play music and catch up on a few games on Facebook. And, off course, do some house chores as well (can’t forget about the initial plan, now can I?!) And if I get around to it I will see if I can get the comment-issue fixed here on my blog (and do a little upgrade too). Not to mention that my laptop is driving me crazy and is in need of some attention too. Ok, I’ll do one thing at a time and then we’ll see how far down my list I can get :o Nice to have some time to relax and regroup as well.

Enjoy your Monday!!

right now – some random thoughts

Right now..

  • the evenings are getting darker and I get the urge to burn more candles
  • I wish I had more time in the day to get everything done in time
  • I cherish the moments spent with my kid
  • the fall is at it’s most colorful. Gorgeous.
  • I’m happy to have broad band installed in our new home
  • I’m blessed with family and friends that make me feel good
  • I’m eager and happy to get to work with and for people that appreciates me being here
  • I’m happy the first service went so well and humble about the tasks coming
  • I try to catch up with life both offline and online, I’m getting there but it’ll take some time
  • people are working on our basement making it less damp and possible mouse free. A good thing.
  • I’m happy to know that a few of my new colleagues also blogs and takes photos. Friends instantly.
  • I have a few photos to show:
    Random recent
    1. messy office, 2. blurry water boiler, 3. Ups…, 4. table is set, 5. biking MT, 6. river in the evening, 7. shiny red, 8. Bea, 9. eating waffles, 10. some berries, 11. mixing, 12. frosty morning 4, 13. frosty river

getting into the routine

We’re starting to get into our morning routine on school days.

MT is up by 7 am and turn on the cartoons while he’s eating. I get up as soon as I can after that and makes him food (if he hasn’t done it himself already) and then packs his ruck sack with whatever he needs that day (today he got to bring his knife for wood work, he was super happy! I guess they are keeping the bandage handy ;) ). Then I finished up in the bathroom and at 8 am MT rush in to get his clothes on and then run out to the car (I suspect he forgot to wash his face this morning – can’t understand why that has to be pointed out every time??!!? :p ).

Yesterday he did find it hard to start school again after only one day there and then a day off; but he managed to pull himself together when it started (I’m told) and that I’m happy about. On Monday I was with him in the class room for a few hours, yesterday I followed him inside, today I stayed with him in the school yard – but tomorrow I’m just making sure he gets into the school yard and then I’m going back to the car to stay there until the school bell is ringing to watch him going in.

I’m trying to ease him into independence the soft way ;) (that usually works best for him!)

Later in September I plan to let him go the last part of his school way; the safest part. But I’m not letting him go alone the whole way to school this year; too much traffic around here! (And I don’t think it’s any better at the new place we’re moving to later this fall.)

Anyhow, my breakfast is ready (and so is my coffee :D ). I’m taking most of the day off and won’t go to the office today. Only have to prepare a few things for the mini-weekend with the new Confirmants and make sure I have control over the progress for my sermon on Sunday.

See you around!! I’m going blog hopping through my google reader (finally getting it loaded up with lots of blogging goodies!).

waiting for spring

We got snow today. I thought the spring was here. I guess it is in the coming, though. We’ve had a lot of melting lately and our drive way is icy and slippery (now covered with a layer of snow = dangerous). So I walk carefully.

This so you know I’m alive. Now I must sleep, tomorrow starts with an early morning and those are not my favorites… I have big hopes that the day will be good, even with an early morning. Nice :D

my energy is back

yellow cup

It feels so good being back in the world of the non-sick again ;) I though I should remain in this low-energy sick-feeling state for a long time; because it felt like I never quite got better. But then I suddenly did. Today. Hurray! I’m still coughing and I still have the odd headache. But it’s better and I feel the energy is coming back to me. I can do stuff now (if not all on that terribly long to-do list…) and walk faster. Good. But now I have to sleep a little. Hopefully this will last, tomorrow is another busy day. Night!


angel lightWe spent New Years eve with my brother, SIL, nephew and niece and had a great time together with them. What a nice way to spend the last hours of 2008 and the first hours of 2009!! :D Love you guys!

I have some photos to show you from Christmas and New Years but it have to wait until I can get them off my camera. I want to wish anyone who reads this all that is good and a BLESSED NEW YEAR!!! Take care.


My new laptop is acting up and I’m here writing on my old – and on a mission to figure out how I can get the new one to boot correctly so I can get into my files again. I miss them :( I’m terribly scared, thought, that I have to delete it all to make it work, so far all attempts to boot in safe mode or reinstalling the windows files have gotten unexpected errors and haven’t helped a bit. Any ideas you can throw me is highly appreciated. It’s a dell of the xps kind.

Off to search for some answers.
I think I need some more coffee!!

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