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Day In The Life | June

We spent the day at the farm and I decided that my iPhone 5 camera, VSCO CAM app to edit and the Instagram app to share using the hashtag (#) dayinthelife, would do the trick. I shared38 images during the day, grouped together as morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening and night. My morning was not all that early, but then my night was a late one! Here are my favorites, you can find all of them in my DAY IN THE LIFE Flickr set. If you want to read a few words about the photo(s), please click on it/them – or just let the photo themselves tell the story this time. Thanks for looking!

[morning] #dayinthelife | Watering [morning] #dayinthelife | Tomato [morning] #dayinthelife | Favorites [morning] #dayinthelife | Morning Meal [morning] #dayinthelife | Coffee Maker

[mid-day] #dayinthelife | Coffee [mid-day] #dayinthelife | Break [mid-day] #dayinthelife | Hello

[afternoon] #dayinthelife | Carrying [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Smile [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Grandpa's hat [afternoon] #dayinthelife | Growing [afternoon] #dayinthelife | From Where I Stand

[evening] #dayinthelife | The veggies [evening] #dayinthelife | Eat [evening] #dayinthelife | My mama

[night] #dayinthelife | Laughter [night] #dayinthelife | MT & Grandpa [night] #dayinthelife | On My Evening Walk [night] #dayinthelife | Mountains [night] #dayinthelife | Good Night
I really enjoyed snapping my day with the phone, so easy and instant. Not that I want every month to look like this, I love to use my big camera for this project, but every once in a while it works well to go the phone app way. How about you? Did you join in this month? Or maybe you want to be a part of it next moth? Please share in the comments – I already look forward to the next edition, I love how this project capture our life as it is lived this year (and hope to have up a few more posts with photos, because I have been snapping all year and have all the months covered).

Inspired by Ali Edwards and her approach to capture one day each month for a snapshot of her life this year. At her blog you also can find links to other participants from all over the world. Here are links to my DAY(s) IN THE LIFE of 2013:

jan | feb | mar | apr | may | jun | jul | aug | sep | oct | nov | dec

In the middle of June

Snapshots of our life from the last week.

CloudyBlueBreakfast outside Walking Happy MT 15. From above. The path Golden flowers Blossoming14. TextureKiwi!Delicious kiwi + new phone = bliss I bought a new phone (me without a phone camera was too sad, and this camera rocks!). Life is mostly good and right now the sun is shining. I’ve sort of started my vacation, but I have at least one more thing to do at work before I can fully enjoy it :D

MT brought his bike to school today, I had to follow him because he has not got his bike license yet – I really like that the school trains the 10-year olds in traffic rules and such before they are allowed to bike to and from school – although I wish they would have done it sooner so MT could bike to school more than once, since his last day before summer is tomorrow! Oh, well, he has friends to visit too…. Hopefully he’ll return riding his bike with a shiny new bike license in his hand!

I’ve baked a cake (to bring to school for a gathering), but I think I’ve lost the touch. I’m not sure if I dare bring it – I’ll let MT taste it and see what he’ll say in the matter, though. If I only could bring a salad, I’m good with those!

Wishing you a happy and sun filled June!


Recently in my Instagram feed

Tea I love the Instagram app on my phone as and easy way to capture and share bits and pieces from my day. Above and below are a few recent favorites.

Lately I’ve edited most of them with the Pic-Tap-Go app, although I think it makes the photo loose some of the quality (if I wanted to print these in larger format). But I love the ease of the app and how I can layer the effects.

Misty Egg-lichious sunshine Almost sunshine.. Bubbles Farm view
Thankfully the snow is melting away at an impressive speed. Can’t wait for spring and summer to take over. I want to grow vegetables and feel the sunshine on my face.

What is the weather around your place?!
Rainy day's walk

Photo 16 15 22 05.02.12

A Photo A Day | On Track

Daily instagram | Family

I feel so proud of my self for taking a photo a day with my phone + instagram everyday since January 1st. I’m not on track uploading to the CaptureYour365 gallery (off course, something have to give in my busy life – but I hope to finally get it there!), but I still have photos chosen – and that is more than what I have from some of the months last year (ops!).

I have a app that helps me see them all at once and here are the screen shots from the last months.

Project 365 | January 2012

Project 365 | February 2012

Project 365 | March 2012

Project 365 | Midway April 2012

I hope to keep it up all year long. Excited about all the little moments of our life captured :D

So what do you do to keep track of the everyday moments and memories?

Right now + Instagram

Fog and Light

The last few days have been filled with things to do in my real life, so I’m getting back to my thankful posts soon – but right now I’m just thankful for getting through my days and for everything I’m able to cross off my list. LOL. I’m still writing a few words in my thankful book and snapping a few photos each day (more or less), so I will eventually have some things to share here online as well – although not tonight.

But I have something else to share; above and below are instagram photos from the moments where I got to stand still for a couple seconds and snap a face, some lines, a thing or a light that made me happy over the last few days – and look; we have still no snow! I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about that, but it makes our life so much easier and warmer. So I’m quite okay with the winter being a bit late this year. My kid might not share my feelings on this, though!

Train Tracks

Waiting for the Train

Showing off some tricks

Football Crazy

He loves to draw when I read too him.

What we are reading right now Harry Potter #3

Thanks for looking! (Click images if you want to read a tiny bit about them.) Do you use instagram? I can always use a few more folks to follow, so leave your addy in the comments if you’d like. Wish you all a blessed week, and Happy Thanksgiving to you if you celebrate that! :D

Soon we’re heading in to the holiday season as well. Taking deep breaths here. I love the season though and I’m hoping to enjoy it.

Our Instagram 11.11.11

Our 11.11.11 was not a very exciting and unusual day, but it is sure to be well remembered. If I can figure out how – and if I can find some time to actually do a bit of work on it – I might have a video from our day to share as well. But not now. I’ve been shooting with both of my cameras today, both the dSLR and my iPhone. I’m in the middle of relocating my image masters from my macbook to an external hard drive, so I’m not able to upload any of the photos from my big camera right now. But the instagram photos are already at my flickr home so I wanted to share them with you all.  Tonight it is all about the instagram photos. Enjoy! And thanks for watching :D

It's official. 11.11.11 is here :) And I'm late for bed.

Taken in the bathroom right before I went to bed. It was after midnight as usual. I am a night owl for sure!

11.11.11 at 11:11

So glad I nailed it :) I almost forgot, I had plenty of other things on my mind. (Glad I didn’t had to pick it down from the wall and stage the time to get it right!!)

11.11.11 What a cool wedding date! (and, nope, not mine!)

A couple got married in church today. They were excited about having 11.11.11 as their wedding date. I would be too.

Good Night Sweetie!

About time for him to go to bed. I should not have used the flash on this one, though, but his bedroom is kind of dark and he had switched the cameras without me noticing until later tonight.

A Night Time Favorite

And as usual, a perfect ending to my day with a cup of tea and some time on my macbook.

How did you celebrate this day?! I loved Katie’s mention of eating straight looking food for dinner today. Did you do that? I’m sorry to say that we did not manage to do it, though. MT had a friend over and they wanted taco for dinner ;)

Please jump over to One Day On Earth for more 11.11.11 inspiration, photos and words.

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