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Today has been

Today have been good, demanding, tiering, nice, rainy, laughter, sorrow, early, late, alone, together, young, old – and a little bit too much (to be honest). So I will let the update for our Wednesday Week In The Life come tomorrow, together with the Thursday story.

I need some sleep. I’m not 17 anymore. I’m not even 30…

Hope your day was good! See you tomorrow.

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Hello December (again)

Snow covered tree

I have not been good at updating my blog during December. I almost never am, although I always hope to be. But there are just so much going on. This year it ended up being too much for me in my real world as well, so for the last couple of weeks I have been on sick leave for half my time at work (or something like that; not easy to cut down on things to do when it is Christmas season). Especially since I love this time of year and love my work in church. But then it is also true that i love my son and that he needs a mama that have some energy left over, so we can have some fun together too. I think those few things that I took away from my regular work schedule helped a lot. I feel like I have a bit more energy now. And then when the results of the blood work came (from the doctor) he told me to get hold of some Vitamin D, since I had too little of that in my system. Reading about what a lack of this does to the body and mind is like reading just how I’ve felt like for a long time. I really hope that it will help me feel more like my self again. Eventually, one little white tablet a day….

Through my frozen window

Anyhow. We still had and lived good days and made some sweet stories to put in my December Daily album and fodder for my scrap book pages to come. I want to celebrate and enjoy what in fact have been done instead of using up my energy blaming my self for not doing all that I wish I could have done (and to be honest, I guess I never will be able to do all that I want! It is just too much, so thinking hard and long about my projects and work hours right now; what will stay; what have to go!?).

Opening gift are sooo much fun!

2011 have had it’s great days and it’s bad days, but most of it have been somewhere in between. I like the in-between everyday kind of stuff. I want to catch the beauty of our little life as it happens, the big and grand, but mostly the small. That is what it is most of anyway.

Looking in

I have big HOPES for 2012. Currently I am searching for a new one little word. I love the idea of having a word, even though I don’t do much about it. But it is there, following me year round. Shaping me, challenging me, sooting me.

A rare visit to a coffee bar

I want the word for the year to come to be a active word. I want it to challenge and to shape and to inspire me to get things done. In a good way. I have always struggled with finishing things up. With putting my last few words down. With giving happenings in my life closure. I need (no pun intended) to wrap up a few things next year. I am not looking forward to all of that, so I need a word that can help me do it and still make me feel good.

Today 30.12.11

Today we’ll say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new. I LOVE New Years. I love the new beginnings. The clean slate. The fresh year. I think there will be lots of good things happening.

Angel ornament

PS: all photos are taken with my phone using the instagram app. see more at my flickr.

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Right now + Instagram

Fog and Light

The last few days have been filled with things to do in my real life, so I’m getting back to my thankful posts soon – but right now I’m just thankful for getting through my days and for everything I’m able to cross off my list. LOL. I’m still writing a few words in my thankful book and snapping a few photos each day (more or less), so I will eventually have some things to share here online as well – although not tonight.

But I have something else to share; above and below are instagram photos from the moments where I got to stand still for a couple seconds and snap a face, some lines, a thing or a light that made me happy over the last few days – and look; we have still no snow! I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about that, but it makes our life so much easier and warmer. So I’m quite okay with the winter being a bit late this year. My kid might not share my feelings on this, though!

Train Tracks

Waiting for the Train

Showing off some tricks

Football Crazy

He loves to draw when I read too him.

What we are reading right now Harry Potter #3

Thanks for looking! (Click images if you want to read a tiny bit about them.) Do you use instagram? I can always use a few more folks to follow, so leave your addy in the comments if you’d like. Wish you all a blessed week, and Happy Thanksgiving to you if you celebrate that! 😀

Soon we’re heading in to the holiday season as well. Taking deep breaths here. I love the season though and I’m hoping to enjoy it.

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