December | Day 15 | 2013

December tradition

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoLast year we gifted both of MT’s cousins a visit to a great indoor swimming pool with us + going out for pizza afterwards. We went with one of them this summer and on Sunday we went with the other. Yay! I think they both had some fun. MT did for sure. He loves any visit to the swimming pool, but the perk of bringing one of his favorite cousins along was sure something he really loved. Makes me glad.

I did not take lots of photos, the day was such a wirvle wind of happenings (I do have a couple more that I won’t share here for privacy reasons), but this is a little peak into our day.
In his {happy} element While waiting for our pizza

Thanks for coming by.
Do you have a December tradition that makes for extra happiness?!

December | Day 8 | 2013

Happy tree hunter AE_DecemberDaily2013Promo It’s Sunday and MT challenged me to find something fun to do. I did. We went on a Tree Hunting Mission. My first thought were to drive in our car up closer to the mountain, but then the snow made that not so easy. Then I figured that we could go out and look for a tree in the woods around the farm, I was not planning on any chopping – but MT insisted on bringing his ax. He wanted to chop down a tree today(!) So off we went – and after a bit we found the perfect little tree which MT got to chop down and bring with him back to the house.

I’m including a bunch of photos today. Most of them I took with my dSLR before we went on our walk, I did not dare bring my camera on a hike in the snowy woods – so I used my cell phone to snap the photos there. 

MT was right – this was a fun thing to do, and now we have a tree in our kitchen, making it look and feel all the better. There are still plenty of messes around here, but we are for sure on the right track. Twinkling light does help a lot; makes it feel like Christmas instantly!

Ready for tree chopping | December day8 Keeping warm | December day8 Looking down | December day8 Gorgeously you | December day8 Tiny smile | December day8 Big smile | December day8 Our Tree Hunting Story | December day8 Ferdinand | December day8 The Tractor | December day8 Knitting warm The 2 of us Checking out the trees The neighborhoodNo, that won't do Lights | December day8 Bright | December day8A little note: Above I included a photo with the story of our tree hunting mission. I did the wording online in Avery and am not happy with how it turned out – I had so little control over the look of the text – and will do it over in PSE before I print this for my album. It’ll have to do for now, though.

Thank you so much for coming by. Happy Advent!

December | day 3 | 2013

Drawing | DecDaily day3
AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoMonday evening we visited my SIL and MT’s aunt for her birthday, it’s a nice December tradition for us (but this time I did not bring my camera so I forgot to mention it yesterday, ups.) MT had two goals for the visit: hug his aunt for her birthday and get his cousin to straighten his hair. So the photos today are all about him – and his hair. I took this in the evening while we sat down a few minutes, I read to him and he drew. Hope to find some more time to do that later this month. I spent today in my office and had confirmant  class in the afternoon. MT had fun at school with his friends and got dinner from Grandma.

Church Concentrating | DecDaily day3 The hair | DecDaily day3 Cool | DecDaily day3

Not easy to get a smile from him these days, I guess he’s too cool for that ;)
Have a nice Advent day – THANKS for coming by!


Digital Scrapbooking | Sep 2013

The first layouts with the new files at The Daily Digi is up on their site, and here is the layout I made. I love his many faces. This time I told him to show me – and so he did a beautiful autumn day many years ago. I created the collage online at picmonkey . SUPEReasy!

Stay true to you!
Stay true to you How I love this face | Credits: papers and elements from Shine by Litabells designs (part of The Digi Files from September 2013) | font: American typewriter

Thanks for looking. Wish you all a good weekend!

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Favorite Capture | May 20th

We had a Monday holiday in the middle of May. MT stayed with his aunt and cousin in their camper from Sunday and after church I met them at the farm. We played games together, talked together and ate together, through both sunshine and rain, staying outside most of the time. A nice day with family and a good day at the farm. I love Monday holidays :D

MT, the dog and the farm
It’s kind of strange that we are going to live here not so long into the future. It’s a lot of things that needs to be taken care of here on the farm, but it’s also one of my very favorite places on earth. Our next big adventure. Being farmers.

Talk about daring greatly!
Favorite Capture is a series of post showcasing just ONE favorite photo. I love to show a whole lot of photos, I want to tell the full story – but sometimes, sometimes, just a photo is enough. Most photos will be new and recent, but there will also be some good old favorite photos every now and then!

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Favorite Capture | Baptism Day

It’s crazy that this is already seven years ago (SEVEN!). But here he is hugging the pastor that baptized him on Easter Sunday (April 16th) 2006 in my hometown church. Good memories!

Happy Baptism Day to MT
Happy Wednesday – hope you find some GOOD today!
Favorite Capture is a series of post showcasing just ONE favorite photo. I love to show a whole lot of photos, I want to tell the full story – but sometimes, sometimes, just a photo is enough. Most photos will be new and recent, but there will also be some good old favorite photos every now and then!

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MT’s Birthday Week

Inspired by the internet I’ve decided that we need to celebrate our life events more. After all the passing of another year is not all sad and for a boy that turns 10 it’s quite a big deal! I want to celebrate life and all that is good. And birthdays are fun!

Playing with light | MT

This year I’m thinking of having birthday weeks celebrating – and not only birth day. I’m not all sure we’re going to pull it off since we are not that good of planners – and we have to do it with a thigh budget – but a few of our favorite things to do together doesn’t cost much anyway.

Since MT isn’t reading here (and doesn’t understand English all that good anyway) – I’m going to think a little out loud here. MT’s Birthday Week starts today and I’m not yet sure how this is going to turn out.

If any of you celebrate birthday weeks I’d love any recommendation sent my way!

This is my thoughts:

  • Write him a note each day with things we shall do or places we are going (much like how we do it in December – our Advent tradition). I know MT likes this approach of secrecy.
  • Make – at least – one of his favorite meals and watch net-TV as we eat (he loves that! And we don’t do it too often because I like to talk with him during meals).
  • Go someplace unexpected. A walk or some sightseeing, at least somewhere he has never been before. Not to far away, though.
  • Make invites together for his celebration with his class mates. Prepare the party together too.

This is as far as I’ve come. I’d better get stated on the note – and what’s in the making today. He’s getting home from school in a couple of hours.

Happy Monday to all!!

April Favorite | The Big Blue Gift This is from last year, he turned 9. Love that smile!

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