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MT’s Birthday Week

Inspired by the internet I’ve decided that we need to celebrate our life events more. After all the passing of another year is not all sad and for a boy that turns 10 it’s quite a big deal! I want to celebrate life and all that is good. And birthdays are fun!

Playing with light | MT

This year I’m thinking of having birthday weeks celebrating – and not only birth day. I’m not all sure we’re going to pull it off since we are not that good of planners – and we have to do it with a thigh budget – but a few of our favorite things to do together doesn’t cost much anyway.

Since MT isn’t reading here (and doesn’t understand English all that good anyway) – I’m going to think a little out loud here. MT’s Birthday Week starts today and I’m not yet sure how this is going to turn out.

If any of you celebrate birthday weeks I’d love any recommendation sent my way!

This is my thoughts:

  • Write him a note each day with things we shall do or places we are going (much like how we do it in December – our Advent tradition). I know MT likes this approach of secrecy.
  • Make – at least – one of his favorite meals and watch net-TV as we eat (he loves that! And we don’t do it too often because I like to talk with him during meals).
  • Go someplace unexpected. A walk or some sightseeing, at least somewhere he has never been before. Not to far away, though.
  • Make invites together for his celebration with his class mates. Prepare the party together too.

This is as far as I’ve come. I’d better get stated on the note – and what’s in the making today. He’s getting home from school in a couple of hours.

Happy Monday to all!!

April Favorite | The Big Blue Gift This is from last year, he turned 9. Love that smile!

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A Sunday Walk to the River

Yesterday I shared with you one of my recent favorite photos. As I told you I had plenty of photos to share and here is the rest of the story from that day:

We decided, that since we had the day off – and since we had completely been slackers the day before – it was a really good idea to take a walk to one of our favorite spots by the river. Ferdinand (the dog) had never been down by the river bank, so it sounded like a fun idea to see if he liked the water (he SO did!).

the house
As we walked by the house I captured it against the blue sky and saw all the snow on the ground and remembered how the house had shaken as it fell down from the roof a few nights before. MT said it sounded like thunder.

the river
It was a nice little walk, filled with lots laughs as MT slid and fell (over and over again) on the icy road through the woods.

the fall down the only way is up the sliding on icy road the conversations
The walk was also filled with quite a few small conversations between the two of us about this and everything (the best kind of conversations if you ask me).

Ferdinand loved the river Jumping the rocks
Ferdinand was all over the place smelling smelling smelling. And when we came down to the river bank he was just scooting from side to side, dipping his pows down in the cold water and seeming absolutely happy (and a little bit crazy).

the boot MT and the river
MT threw a few sticks and rocks into the water (as usual) and I just enjoyed watching the river, the woods and my boys. Thankfully I brought my camera and snapped away as we walked. Cherish the little moments – that is what I want!!

the woods
Once back home MT gave Ferdinand a warm bath. Later there were comic book reading and recharging of batteries. We all felt so much happier now than before we went outside.

clean dog recharging A favorite Sunday. Thanks for watching.

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Favorite Capture | Best Friends

I’m not sure if you have guessed it already? (I’m not even sure if I have many regular readers left…, ahem). But I’m trying to get into this blogging-regular-post-thing again. I’m not promising anything, because our life is as hectic and challenging as ever (- but still so SO GOOD!). But here I come with another type of post that I will do on a regular basis: showcasing just ONE favorite photo. I love to show a whole lot of photos, I want to tell the full story – but sometimes, sometimes, just a photo is enough.

In future Favorite Capture posts I won’t even write much more than one or two sentences. I want the picture to stand out. This time, however, I have a few words more to share:

I captured it on Sunday afternoon. We had walked to the river bank and back, both MT and Ferdinand (our dog) had played down by the water side and dipped a bit into it as well (mostly Ferdinand). It’s the beginning of spring here, so we usually have to give the dog a cleaning once we’re back inside – but this day we gave him a bath – he really needed it. In this photo he was more or less dry, but not completely, so I wanted him to stay put on the floor. MT brought his comic book and sat guard on the dog (not all that easy as I was cooking dinner at the time and it smelled delicious).

I love these two:

Best Friends


Happy Thursday – hope you find some GOOD today!


Digi Scrapbooking | April 2013 (1)

One of the things that make me HAPPY is scrapbooking. These days I’m not scrapping as much as I want – but those pages that I do get done means so much to me. Thankfully I’m part of The Daily Digi Team witch mean I have to make at least two pages a month. Here is one I made with the April 2013 edition of the digi files:

Toothless Grin Credits: Template from Fuss Free: Daily Goodness 2 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs (as part of The Digi Files for April 2013). Papers and elements from Photo-Gram by Emily Merrit, Lauren Grier and Micheline Martin. Font: Courier New.
Word: You have been waiting for the tooth to fall out for quite some time now, and suddenly tonight you had it in your hand. Happy boy and a happy toothless grin for the photographer. Soon you’ll have all big boy teeth!

He really did wait so long for that tooth to fall out. Not to mention he wanted to cash in a few bucks on it. Not that he still believed in the tooth fairy (or so he said) – but he did not want to risk anything – so he put the tooth in a glass of water just in case. LOL.

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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On Easter Eve | Sunshine

Enjoy the Sunshine
Our Easter has been good and busy. Filled with sunshine and cold nights. We’ve spent lots of time together, but also been off doing things on our own. MT have been happy, happy more than once – and so has I. I call that a win. It’s not always easy to find time for togetherness for the two of us when I have the working schedule as I have. (Off course we had a few downers this week as well, even this very day, but those I’d rather not keep those in focus).

It’s the search for togetherness that makes these few photos taken on our front step mean so much to me. Just us. Relaxing. Being together. Enjoying the sunshine. Being silly. Taking a few moments to just be. Talking. Reading. Being silly.

Mr. Silly Face

I took photos of his silly face (I might add that this is not his most silly face – some is saved for us and for our family and closest friends – he makes some pretty good silly faces, though) – and he took photos of me for my little 30-days project called First Cup of Coffee (we’ll get back to this later, hopefully, once I’ve finished..). And by the way, the book came highly recommended from a friend and so far I like it very much.

Book   Coffee

Hope you found some happy and good in your days as well! Blessings & hugs.

Coffee & Book Lover


Out skiing on a sunny day

Daily Instagram | Cheering
MT have been waiting for a long time for his mama to take him to the local ski center. Off course he wanted to practice his skills and learn something new. He’s already pretty good at the Nordic skiing thing, but alpine skiing of the down hill kind is something he’s only done once before and back then he opted for the snowboard and was only in one short track where he had to walk up after sliding down (over and over again).

Daily Instagram | Getting the hang of it

This time it was different. With money in hand he paid for his very own – and very first – lift ticket. He did not ski the whole hill, he found it a bit too long and steep (maybe next time), and stayed where his mama could see him. It did not take him long to get used to it thought, and after a few falls he mastered it pretty well. He was a happy camper on the way back home, and the thought about going back to the hills next week made him all smiles.

Daily Instagram | Skiing

Maybe there is a good thing that the spring is still not apparent around here?!?


December Daily | Day 5

Movie Night

Another day filled with work and school – but this time we had nothing planned for the afternoon and evening and we both got off early. This meant plenty of time together by the wood fire (it really is the best place to be on cold, cold days such as these!) – so we made it a Movie Night and watched a Holiday favorite: The Polar Express. This is our third year seeing it during Advent, so we can now call it a tradition, can’t we?! I love how MT several times during the movie shout out:

“Look at that, it’s almost impossible to think someone drew that! It is so well made! Wow, so talented”

Below is a screen shot I took of the movie during one of our little breaks.

Skjermbilde 2012-12-05 kl. 18.09.08

This was also the night were MT decided what we should have for dinner. Meat balls with red sauce and pasta. One of his favorite things. He had to help making it too (even though he didn’t want to that much….).

Pasta Jar MT in the kitchen

Yep! It was a good day!

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