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boys in snow

friends in snow

The kid next door (more or less) visited us tonight. And we had fun playing in the snow in the evening 🙂 I had to join them because of the darkness (it was scary tigers in the forest!) – and ended up with a nearly shoveled drive way and a big smile on my face from spending 1.5 hours OUTside. I loved it; that kind of took me by surprise and I look forward to other nights like this with some of MT’s friends over. It so great to have the snow here, it’s a whole lot – but manageable (at least after a few days of getting it out of the road….)

Anyhow. It’s late. Better find my bed. Good Night!friends in snow

I’m not loving the blitz at these photos, but I had to shot them quickly because the boy moved fast AND it was snowing on my camera(!) Next time I hope to get more photos of them too!


365 – a project; Jan 8

ginger bread house

I was a bit worried about the car this morning, since it was quite early. But it started and I was only my usual 7 minutes late for staff meeting. I really don’t do early morning meetings that well, to be honest: I try to avoid them 😉

In the evening I had confirmant parents meeting – and that is always a scary thing 😮 It went okay, though. MT got to spend some more time with our new neighbors and stayed with them while I was at the meeting. How nice is that!!

We didn’t manage to get the ginger bread house build as planned this Christmas. We opened it up on Tuesday and MT had some fun trying to build with the kit, decorate AND EAT; it was after all the 13th day of Christmas(!) It’s still sticky in my house from all the icing 😉


365 – a project; Jan 7

new neighbor

This morning our car started, at first try, without even acting like there should be a problem. I think this is a car with personality too; I usually end up with such cars 😉 Anyway, it’s going to the garage on Friday for some service, so we’ll see if they can find anything out of order.

Today we invited our new neighbor with kid. It was fun to get to know them a bit better and even though the mother is a lot younger than me we had some common ground coming from the same area and all. MT is so glad to have a 5 year old neighbor, hopefully they can become good friends and have much fun togheter.

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