Mom’s yellow flowers

Mom's yellow flowers Mom' yellow flowers | 3 Mom's yellow flowers | 2 Mom' yellow flowers | 1 Mom's yellow flowers | 5

My mom says that these flowers almost always gets knocked down by wind and rain right after they bloom. I think she is right. This year it only took a few nights before most of them were closer to the ground than the sky. So glad I got this little collection of photos before that. It was rain in the air, and windy too, as I shot them. Guess I was right on time.

Yellow makes me happy.


Summer Vacation 2012 | getting there + day #1

For a couple of days now we have been enjoying time together with good old friends on the west coast of Norway. It’s good to be here where we used to live five years ago and just hang out with the people we miss and hold dear.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m letting the images do the talking, but if you want to read a few words you can jump over to my flickr account with a click:

summer vacation 2012 | me in the car
summer vacation 2012 | MT & the mountain
summer vacation 2012 | ferry in the middle of the night
summer vacation 2012 | crossing the fjord
summer vacation 2012 | a not-so-early morning
summer vacation 2012 | swimming pool
summer vacation 2012 | the computer nerds
summer vaction 2012 | my friend
summer vacation 2012 | summer smile

Summer vacation is something really really nice. Makes you wanna smile all day long!

Weekend December Daily | The Photos

The 3 Advent stars in my windows made me smile this morning.

My December Daily album is slowly worked on when ever I can find a few spare moments. I’m feeling a little bit whiped out right now, but hoping a little sleep and a loong day at work tomorrow will get me back in the groove. 😉

I just wanted to share a few photos from the last few days. One of these days I’ll share the album as well, but I need some decent light and some time in the middle of the day to shot photos of the pages first. I think it is this that makes me love digi so much. But then I love the making of an album from scratch also, with traditional papers and glue.

Anyway, here the photos. Thanks for looking! (and if you want to read a little about the days, click the image and jump over to flickr to read), Saturday we baked and decorated gingerbread cookies, Sunday we went chasing snow and found it up high in the mountain:

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #4 | 2011 edition

December #4 | 2011 edition

Up in the mountain #decdaily

December #4 | 2011 edition

Yum. Cacao. #decdaily

December #4 | 2011 edition

Today I haven’t been snapping away like I did on Saturday and Sunday. But if you want to see what I see on a daily basis now in December keep an eye on my December Daily set at flickr.

Enjoy the Season!!

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