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Hallo September!

Hello Fall | 1

I went for a little walk yesterday and brought my camera.

Hello Fall | 5

I’ve really not been okay saying farewell to summer, but now as September is here I feel that I’m ready to embrace the new season approaching. Yesterday I tried to find the beauty in the changes.

Hello Fall | 3

Hello Fall | 2

Hello Fall | 4

Thankfully it was a warm and sunshiny day, after so much rain in August it felt almost as a relief. I guess we have more rain coming, but just now I want to enjoy this new month and the new season. Hoping for good things to happen.

Hello Fall | 7

Hello Fall | 6

Thanks for looking, how is the season going at your place?


365 Photo Project – week 3/52

O.k. I admit it. I’ve been trying out a few different approaches on the 365-project side of things, and I haven’t been absolutely perfect in any of them. But I’ve still had some fun and learned a whole lot about me, photographing and blogging. So I’m not afraid to try it ONE MORE time 😉 This time I’m using my handy with-me-to-almost-all-places-camera; my cell phone. It doesn’t take super good photos,  but this is about preserving memories from each day and not about capturing images for wall hanging…. or so I tell myself 😉 I’m using the ShakeIt app for iPhone to turn my photos into Polaroid (mostly because it’s fun to shake the phone and for the most amazing sound it makes… hehe). To make the photos more alike (kind off), I’m planning to use this approach for the next year. I might change my mind later, but I can live with that. I’m kind of used to being me by now and I love to change it all up from time to time. So I’m not making any promises…

Playing a bit catch-up here, but her is the third week of the project – with photos and a few words:

out biking

~~~ 15/365 ~~~

He got to take his bike to school in the evening. A few parents gathered to help clean up the place after fall and winter. We call it dugnad. And there is usually some cake 😉 (May 11th-2010)


Late night gaming

~~~ 16/365 ~~~

It was late before MT could play his online games. We had to clean and tidy up our house before our guests arrived. They came a quarter past midnight. MT greeted them by the door – so happy to see them. Then he went to sleep – seriously tired. (May 12th-2010)


Playing Catch the Ball

~~~ 17/365 ~~~

Enjoying company and the new football 😀
We [finally] celebrated MT’s birthday with family and friends. (May 13th-2010)


Stair case

~~~ 18/365 ~~~

A beautiful day with lots of sunshine. Relaxed and laid back after some really busy days. I even had time to play some outdoor sports with MT in the afternoon. Sweet! (May 14th-2010)


Double faced...

~~~ 19/365 ~~~

MT got bored today so we played a few card games in the afternoon. Too bad mummy won 3 of 4 of them. 😉 (May 15th-2010)


Down memory line

~~~ 20/365 ~~~

We drove by my Grandparents old house today. I wanted to show MT where his great grandma lived when I was a kid. I have so many good memories from this place. It used to be ocher yellow and the garage is new. (The current house owners were looking at me standing by their driveway, so I only took a snapshot before we moved on.) Glad to have captured some memories anyway 😉 (May 16th-2010)



~~~ 21/365 ~~~

Celebrating our national day. Great fun (no matter how grumpy he looks in the photo..)! MT loved being there with his class mates, after the procession there were games to play and ice cream to eat. (May 17th-2010)


SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Or follow me on Flickr more or less everyday.

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