Tonight I

Sunset Beautiful

I see a slightly messy kitchen, hoping for some time to clear and clean tomorrow afternoon.

I plan to take MT out in the woods some time over the weekend. We plan to meet up with my brother and his family and I think we are going to build a fire and eat our lunches outside. It will be so nice. And if we are really lucky we will find a Christmas tree for our living room as well (we are not going to take it with us right now, we decorate our three at December 23rd , so no need to rush. But great to find it now when there are no snow on the ground).

I hear music as I play Spotify. I started with Christmas music, but right now there are some other songs playing. Think I need to go back to the Christmas tunes. I love those.

I feel tired after a long day of work. I also feel cold because I did not manage to find the energy to light up our wood fire. I think I need to find a blanket or something soon.

I do need some sleep. I really do. Hoping to go to bed before midnight tonight.

I smile about the fact that MT already have picked a name for the dog he will get a day several years from now. Glad he loves the thought of having an animal that much!

I love the comments received on my 10 on the tenth post from this morning. Thank you!

How are your day going?

right now – some random thoughts

Right now..

  • the evenings are getting darker and I get the urge to burn more candles
  • I wish I had more time in the day to get everything done in time
  • I cherish the moments spent with my kid
  • the fall is at it’s most colorful. Gorgeous.
  • I’m happy to have broad band installed in our new home
  • I’m blessed with family and friends that make me feel good
  • I’m eager and happy to get to work with and for people that appreciates me being here
  • I’m happy the first service went so well and humble about the tasks coming
  • I try to catch up with life both offline and online, I’m getting there but it’ll take some time
  • people are working on our basement making it less damp and possible mouse free. A good thing.
  • I’m happy to know that a few of my new colleagues also blogs and takes photos. Friends instantly.
  • I have a few photos to show:
    Random recent
    1. messy office, 2. blurry water boiler, 3. Ups…, 4. table is set, 5. biking MT, 6. river in the evening, 7. shiny red, 8. Bea, 9. eating waffles, 10. some berries, 11. mixing, 12. frosty morning 4, 13. frosty river
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