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the start of the season


A busy start to the Advent season. But a GOOD start.

I’ve been creating a few project over the last days. I’ve loved it, but my kitchen is messy and my laundry pile is high – so I guess I’d better spend the day taking care of a few things here at home (as well as preparing the many services with children and youths leading up to Christmas). My life is never boring and always filled with things to take care off. But sometimes (like now) I take time to sit down with a coffee and blog a little 😉 It’s nice to put a few words out there and it helps me documenting my days – and thoughts – as well.

sewing machine

A few weeks ago I saw Stacy Julian’s idea for a simple, but cute,  advent calendar (look down for the bonus project). I wanted to make my own and told my mom to bring my Grandma’s sewing machine so I could have a go on it. I decided to make a few gifts as well, so I started with those. It was so fun bringing out my Grandma’s old Singer and it’s amazing it still works like a charm. I’m not as good a sewer (by any means) as her, but this project is pretty forgiving when it comes to messing it up. It kind of adds interest. Anyhow, here is my go with the gift projects:

gift making

When I finished these I took some time to stitch together a few for my self, but I haven’t gotten around to finish more than one each day (until today, but it’s still a work in progress..). On the back I’ve made a pocket to hold a few cards with 1) the Christmas story 2) Today’s things to do. MT finds this each morning and reads what the cards say, first the story part and then the other with the things to do. So far he’s liked it a lot and he hasn’t even complained once about not getting a gift calendar like he got last year. I’m so glad about that since I felt all the gifts (even though some pretty small) took too much away from the season and the joy of the gifts on Christmas Eve itself. I plan on using this calendar each year – only changing the cards on the back – I like it and it’s also easy to bring along if we are going places in December.

I’ve also started my version of December Daily inspired by Ali Edwards. I’ve made a few new beginner mistakes (like making way to complicated pages – so next year there will be no snowflakes; even though they are seriously cute, but the decorating is a bit too…though). And since I print from home it’s a good idea to have page sizes that have easily room for a 8×8 or 11×8,5 or a 11×5 or … (you get the idea). Next year!!

I started the album on November 29th as in the first Sunday of Advent. So far I’ve finished through December 3rd and are going hybrid on this project. I’ve never been a paper scrapper, so this is a lot of new stuff for me – but I’m starting to get the hang of it. And it’s nothing like looking thought my album and feeling good about all the stuff captured from each day. Now I’ll never forget how this season felt. I’m running out of time right now, but I’ll make a post with the digital elements as soon as possible – maybe I even can get around to do a bit of photo-shot of the album as well?!

I love this season, but I wish for an extra hour now and then. And for documenting reasons here are few things from TODAY:

  1. it’s snowing
  2. the snow is wet
  3. making the roads all slippery
  4. the tractor haven’t been her shoveling the snow away yet (he came at 3 pm)
  5. I almost did not come up to the house again after driving MT to school this morning
  6. I need to order new winter tires soon
  7. there is a man working in the cellar
  8. he’s making a lot of noise
  9. but it’s good he’s doing this job, makes the cellar (and the house) free of house fungus
  10. I’m now going to clean out all the milk cartons on my counter before anyone comes to count them (and then figure out how long they have stood there….)
  11. I haven’t been sick after taking the swine flue vaccine last Friday (neither has MT), but my arm is sore and I miss sleeping on my left side…
  12. then I only have to wait for the photos to upload and then this post is published
  13. sadly that took all day
  14. I’m running behind on my uploading habits
  15. my bed is calling, I’m trying to not listen…. as also is a habit of mine
  16. I didn’t cross everything out of my list today
  17. but I did a few
  18. thanks for reading 😀

See you around!


in the scrappy corner

I’ve been making a few scrapbook pages lately, and wanted to share 😀 This is really my way to relax after a busy day at work and to be creative with photos and colors. I’m so glad I get to scrap with papers and elements made by talented designers in digi scrapbook land – there is a lot of creativity and talents out there – and I also love to use a template to jump start my process. I’ve found that I like the simple layouts best and anything with blocks or circles are usually a winner. I love to use more than one photo – but every once in a while I let that one really good or meaningful photo shine. Lately I’ve been doing a few 2 pagers and I love that too!

So here we go, a few recent layouts:

……………………. new room ……………………………

new room

journal: You brought a box with cars on our first moving day. You sat down on the floor in the middle of your huge new room and started playing. I think you loved the room instantly, I’m glad you now have space for books, toys and friends. A room for happy memories!

template by Janet Phillips; papers, alpha and elements from Girls Are Yucky by designs by Lili (from the digi files for October); stitches by Syrin

……………………. a Sunday afternoon ………………….

a Sunday afternoon - right

a Sunday afternoon - left

a Sunday afternoon

a Sunday afternoon makes for
| a little stroll in the woods |
| following the map of a leaf |
| visiting a farm where nobody lives |
| cutting some grass |
| some jumping and standing on ones hands|
| nice conversations |

template by Yin Designs; papers and elements from Going Green by Inkin’ Creations

……………………. Halloween – to me ……………………

halloween to me

credits: template by me (lime); papers and elements from Spooks by Sweet Tomato designs

journal: I have never carved a pumpkin…
Growing up in Norway in the 70th (and 80th), I didn’t know much about the tradition and celebrations of Halloween. It was first in my teens that I started to learn a few things about it, mostly from watching American sit Com’s and dramas on TV. I didn’t pay much attention to it, though, the series mostly aired on the wrong time of the year anyway. So most years the fall went by without much thoughts about the season celebrated in other countries. Our stores wasn’t filled with pumpkin and scary crows to remind me about it either. Now I know more about the day and how it is celebrated, I also know a bit about the days origin. It’s still not a part of my years of celebration, but now we can find scary masks and plastic pumpkin in stores here as well.
Lately I’ve seen Halloween emerge as a celebrated day in our country as well, even small and mostly among the young school kids. I know my kid have started to pick up on it; there might be some trick or treating coming from him in a few years (and a question for some fun and scary costumes). I guess it’s manly the commercial side of it all, that is the background for the emerge of new traditions here. I’m not sure I like that very much; If you asked me I’d rather have Thanksgiving. We live in one of the worlds riches countries, we should set of one day of the year to give thanks and to acknowledge the gift of living in a safe country.
I’ve registered that there are some different opinions among the churches wheter to celebrate this day or not; knowing a bit about the history I understand why even though I haven’t given it much thought myself since this isn’t much celebrated here. That being said there isn’t just bad associated with the season; I love the colors, the candy and the overall fun and happy thing about it. And if anyone where to come visiting us on the last day of October, I surely would go in search of any kind of candy or sweets to give them 😀

……………………. spooky ………………………………….


Credit: template by Janet Phillips (moderated); elements and papers from Spooks by Sweet Tomato designs

journal: September evenings are dark and never long enough. My dad usually works on the field till he can’t distinguish the grains from the grass – and then he have a few many things to take care off ion the farm; in the darkness. MT helped him hold the light one of these fall nights- and he had so much fun making scary faces and spooking around with the flash light. Safe in the darkness, with his Grandpa right by his side.

–> jump over to my lime scrapped blog and get the links to a blog train with freebies made with the Spooks kit from Sweet Tomato designs.

……………………. morning frost ………………………….

frosty morning

journal: The last day of Sept 09 gave us a chilly morning with lots of frost on the ground (for the second time this season). It was cold, but also soooo beautiful that I almost forgot the cold for a while and then the promise of some sunshine helped a lot as well.

On a side note:
The only problem I have with this (besides the cold factor) is that my car only have summer tires, I hate driving on slippery road being unsure if I’ll stay on or not!
But I don’t really want to change them myself either…..

template by Janet Phillips papers and element from Enchanted a collab from Pretty Scrappy; stitches by Syrin

……………………. poisonous ……………………………..


journal: I don’t like eating mushroom, but I absolutely love bringing my camera out into the woods to take photos of them. It’s one of my favorite photo objects in fall season. And then I don’t have to worry about if the mushroom is poisonous or not. In fact I love taking photos of the most uneatable fungus. They have the most amazing colors.

This photo was taken in the woods right above our house on one of our few walks in the fall of 2009. A busy time with packing and moving. Glad I captured some of the fall special….

template by Janet Phillips; papers and element from Enchanted a collab from Pretty Scrappy

……………………. splash …………………………………..


journal: This summer we went back to our friends in the western part of Norway. MT got to spend a few days with old friends. Here he is down by their pier jumping in the water like he’s done nothing else all his life.. With the life jacket he felt safe and secure. Good thing.

I can remember when I tired to take him into the pool at the resort down in Ethiopia. He screamed NO, no! He was too afraid of the water to even stick his toe into it. Now look at him!

credits: template by Janet Phillips; alpha by Denise Beatty Originals; all else from Calm Cool Collected by Designs by Mel

……………………. tumbling ……………………………….


journal: Sometimes MT have to tag along with me when I head out in the evening. Especially when we are going places where he can find something fun to do while I’m working. Here he is tumbling around while I joined a club night with the church youths in a room next door to the gym.

template by Janet Phillips; papers and elements from Tiny Tumblers by Design by Angel

……………………. the piano player ……………………..

the pianoplayer

Credits: papers and elements from American Symphony (September collab) by Pretty Scrappy; edge overlay by Feifei’s stuff; staples by Pailee Press; template by Janet Phillips

Journal: He used to play music everyday, more or less. He used to play guitar and piano and he did sing too. Lately he’s been so busy with life, family and work that music became a thing of the past.
Then my grandmother died – and we both remembered our promise to her: we should sing at her funeral. As sad an occasion as it was, I’m still glad it got my brother back behind the piano. And I think we both found it meaningful to honor our grandma’s wish in the way we did (and as we also did at both our grandfathers funerals as well so many years ago).
Some day in the near future I hope to sing with him on an happy occasion as well. Don’t let the music slip away little brother!

–> some of these I did a while back, but I haven’t shared them before so I will now:

……………………. 6 years old ………………………………

6 yr birthday

journal:   On his 6th birthday MT celebrated with friends, cake and lots of playing outdoors. He just loved it from start to end and he was so happy everybody could come – and didn’t mind them bringing him gifts either. LOL. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day. Our home. April 22nd 2009

papers and elements from Happy Day by GET designs; #6 from Pretty Scrappy Designers collab; template by Wendy Zein; stitches by Mira Designs; happy birthday from Catscrap celebrating freebie by Cathrine

……………………. pancakes ………………………………

making pancakes

Every now and then we make pancakes for dinner. Just to celebrate our everyday life with something sweet. I’ve tried to teach MT to eat them with blueberry or something like that, but it didn’t take! So now we eat our pancakes with sugar and nothing else. It’s a treat, but only a couple times a month.

template by Janet Phillips; alpha, paper and elements from Scrapping and Snapping, The Digi Files for August; paper from Sprung by Creashens; stitches from Silly by K. Studio

……………………. crazy jumping …………………………

crazy jumping

Every now and then MT get the urge to do some indoor jumping. He goes for it with precision, speed and joy while throwing himself into the soft pillows of our sofa. IKEA promised that it would hold hard use, so he’s allowed using the sofa in whatever fashion he needs, we still have a few years left on that 10 years guarantee.

Our Living Room, late August 2009

papers from Little Boy’s pocket by designs by Mel; template by Janet Phillips; stitches and wordart by TaylorMade design

………………… the end ………………………….

The post got a bit longer than I planned, thank you so much for reading to the bitter sweet end 😀 Have a blessed week! I’ll better find my bed, it’s past midnight in my neighborhood….

life | projects, scrapbooking

me in the mirror

me in the mirror

Soon we are moving to a new house and in a month I will have started my new job and MT will be at his new school. It’s exciting and fun, but also scary – and I really don’t want to move from this house. Even though we had a walk through the house on our own a few weeks ago and yesterday I mad a scrap page about that, especially with my thoughts (and fears) on moving… You can find an English version of his if you go to my gallery at scrapmatters: here. And it was a thrill to join in on a speed scrap, even though those hours go faster than snap and I really feel the pressure. But I made it on time and I’m happy to see that some of my pages doesn’t take days to finish (I don’t sit all day, off course, but on and off throughout the day(s)).

thoughts about moving
Click image for credits.

I have a few other photos from that day that I’ve been thinking about scrapping. Hopefully I’ll get around to it, I dreaming of making a little book about our moving into this new home. We’ll see if I ever get finished with that, though…..


On another matter; I did manage to vote yesterday (I had even did it before my father called me to remind me to do it 😉 ) – AND I remembered to buy toilet paper. (So now we don’t have to use paper napkin any more; thankfully). But off course I had to forget something; we won’t have oven baked fish for dinner as planned……ahem, I completely forgot to take the fish out of the freezer last night – so it’s still frozen solid; not so good for dinner today. Mom is coming for dinner, so I had planned something special that we all like very much!

So I’m really glad I bought a pack of broccoli & cheese filled fish on a whim yesterday and now we can use that instead (it’ll be good too 😀 ).

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