365 – A Project; March 9-15

I was home sick all week. Struck with the flu. My energy level was way low. I only managed to move slowly around and as far as playing with my son we stuck to some simple board game….

I was on the lookout for yellow in our life, though, and some made it as far as here….

Monday 9th:

our front yard

When we got home from our vacation we got a snowy welcome. No one had been there to shovel it away from our door so I got soaking wet going to and from the car. :) My dad came by today even though I was sick and he didn’t have to babysit MT. I think he missed us ;) lol

Tuesday 10th:

higher than you

I was sick for a week, the only game I could manage to play was some simple board games ;) MT was happy, though, because usually we don’t have time to do this on a regular weekday.

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365 – A Project; Feb 3

funny {nikon} guy

I spent most of the night in the bathroom. SUPER FUN! Blah.

During the day I had almost no energy, thankfully MT was a good kid and managed a lot of things himself that day. I slept on the couch on and off all day. Because of the cold weather we had to keep the wood fire lighted and MT was a good helper feeding it with wood in time. He loves to watch the flames – in fact so much that the whole living room smelled of sour smoke – I had to remind him: shut the door kiddo! I was not worried about him since he’s very careful with the warm stuff, but I don’t like that sour smoky smell, yak!

Good thing MT took it upon himself to keep the spirit up, though, love you kiddo!!

365 – A Project; Feb 2

laptop comfort

In the morning I went for work, I spent most of the day alone there – and it was nice to get to work without much interruptions ;) My mom called to see how we were doing, she told me my dad got sick that morning. I just knew there would be others….

In the afternoon it became clear that I got the bug from my mom. It was no fun. But for some reason I managed to get MT to bed and wash some laundry + hung it up before I landed in my comfy old and well used chair.

365 – a project; Jan 13


On Tuesday I was sick. The only thing I could do all day was laying on my couch sleeping. So I did. But after doing that all day I had to make some dinner for the two of us; I choose an easy option: corn, hamburger and mash potatoes. It was still good, and as you can see on the photo MT saves the best stuff to eat latest….(or how to put it in English) lol.

a little bit sick

MT is home sick today. Hope he feels better soon, we are planning to go to the farm tomorrow. I reckon he wants to go no matter how he feels, though ;) And he’s not that sick, just a common cold, but he has slowed down, his nose is running and he’s sneezing and coughing, so he’s better off home today. Now he gets some rest so he’ll be ready for new adventures tomorrow.

Now we both have stayed to long on the computers. So I’m shutting off the machines for a while (I guess I will pop in now and then, can’t help my self. No wonder MT thinks computers are fun, I think so too. We are some geeks :o ). Mainly we need to focus on the house, some food, the mail and maybe take a trip to the store if we can get bothered by that. :P

Btw, it’s snowing today. So more winter for us, no wonder I’ve started thinking about Christmas lately :)

Have a nice Friday, everyone!!!

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