365 – A Project; March 9-15

I was home sick all week. Struck with the flu. My energy level was way low. I only managed to move slowly around and as far as playing with my son we stuck to some simple board game….

I was on the lookout for yellow in our life, though, and some made it as far as here….

Monday 9th:

our front yard

When we got home from our vacation we got a snowy welcome. No one had been there to shovel it away from our door so I got soaking wet going to and from the car. :) My dad came by today even though I was sick and he didn’t have to babysit MT. I think he missed us 😉 lol

Tuesday 10th:

higher than you

I was sick for a week, the only game I could manage to play was some simple board games 😉 MT was happy, though, because usually we don’t have time to do this on a regular weekday.

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365 – A Project; Feb 3

funny {nikon} guy

I spent most of the night in the bathroom. SUPER FUN! Blah.

During the day I had almost no energy, thankfully MT was a good kid and managed a lot of things himself that day. I slept on the couch on and off all day. Because of the cold weather we had to keep the wood fire lighted and MT was a good helper feeding it with wood in time. He loves to watch the flames – in fact so much that the whole living room smelled of sour smoke – I had to remind him: shut the door kiddo! I was not worried about him since he’s very careful with the warm stuff, but I don’t like that sour smoky smell, yak!

Good thing MT took it upon himself to keep the spirit up, though, love you kiddo!!

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