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AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoI love Saturdays. They’re my favorite days, even on those where I’m not feeling all that good as I wake up.

Mostly because I get to sleep in and goof around for a while in the morning. But also because that is the only day where both of us are at home. We tend to do a few things together; eat, talk, watch a movie, walk in the woods, take photos and more! In the early afternoon we visited my parents and ate leftover dinner, after MT had spent an hour outside playing in the snow.


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Thanks for looking – wish you a great Advent day!! :)

waiting for spring

We got snow today. I thought the spring was here. I guess it is in the coming, though. We’ve had a lot of melting lately and our drive way is icy and slippery (now covered with a layer of snow = dangerous). So I walk carefully.

This so you know I’m alive. Now I must sleep, tomorrow starts with an early morning and those are not my favorites… I have big hopes that the day will be good, even with an early morning. Nice :D

365 – A Project; Feb 16

dad in the snow

It was just fantastic having this day off and spending it at my parents home. Mom cooked dinner and we surfed along on the new broad band. MT was outside with Grandpa and later he came with me walking (MT) /skiing (me) a little in the woods. It was snowing (like it was all weekend long) so I couldn’t bring my camera outside for more than a short period, when I did I photographed MT while he was snowboarding. I kind of got so caught up in the-taking-photo bit, that I completely forgot to move when he headed for me. So we crashed. My knee and his head. Poor guy! I should have seen it coming; literary!

We went back home early evening.

3 k’s in ski track on foot..

ski guy
photo is from January 21th – I took a few today but they are still in my camera….

Tonight we went ski carouseling again. Thankfully it was not as cold as last week, then it was freezing 15 degrees Celsius below zero. Brrrr. Today it was around 5 below zero, I think. We teamed up with our neighbors and instead of hanging around the short track, as usual, we went for the long track this time. I have to admit that I wasn’t eager to go the 3 kilometer long ski track on my feet, but my neighbor drag me along ;) MT was happy to try out some new tracks and to walk in the light uphill and downhill, through forest and over fields.

It was a nice track, special nice because it was lighted and I had someone to talk with along the way. The only thing that I didn’t like very much was that my kiddo went ahead of us (and also left my neighbor’s kid with us adults). He’s eager to ski and he’s good at it – but I told him afterward that he must wait for us and wait for his friend. Hopefully he chooses to do it next time!

He told me that he almost cried when he got to the finish line since I wasn’t there, I asked if he knew where I was and he told me that yes he knew I was behind him and that I would come. Next time I’m bringing my skis, I have to keep up with that guy!! (right. who am I kidding?!?)

Anyhow, I was so cold when I got back home. My chest felt sore and I saw a cold coming (or worse), even a big cup with warm cacao didn’t warm me all the way through. I feel better now, though, so hopefully this will pass – but I do keep close to the wood stove and tomorrow I will wear something warm….. Still I feel kind of proud of my self; I don’t walk 3 K’s every day!

my eyes

365 – A Project; Feb 7

well used ski

Today was Saturday and as always this is a slow day at out house where we’ll do whatever we likes to do (I usually plan to do some cleaning and clearing, but most times I tend to overlook the mess and do other things. Like surfing, blog hopping, scrapping and reading for MT. Much more fun! I’m a super bad house keeper…).

We was outside this Saturday as well. Some gorgeous sunshine going on, but we got out a bit late so the many of the photos are a bit gray…. Nice to be outside, though!

365 – A Project; Jan 30


I spent the day at home reading up on Confirmant Class plans and books. It was nice to have a whole day to dig a bit deeper into things. I’m planning to do that regularly, at least twice a month.

It was a nice glorious day and nice to be outside during the day, I took time to walk down to my mail box and up again ;) – the photo are from that walk. After MT got home we spent it doing just what we wanted. Spending time on the computer (such geeks!), I had a few LO’s and Brag Books to make for the Pretty Scrappy blog train – and MT didn’t mind some playing time either. :)

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