Summer in August | Day 6, 7, 8 & 9

Summer in August | Day 6

Today’s rain storm was a heavy one, I experienced it mostly from the inside, with a few moments outside in it here and there during the day. This barn (of sorts) right by our current house (we are moving soon) has been a favorite to photograph. I think it is the color. And the stairs. It got to be the stairs.

Notes from August 6th above, and this is what I shot and wrote on August 7th:

Summer in August | Day 7

Our living room furniture as it looks right now before we move to the farm. Loving how the sunshine comes in through the windows, I love light. Wondering how everything is going to look in my childhood house – with my furniture in it instead of my parents stuff.

On August 8th I was back at the farm again for a few days (MT stayed put at the farm while I went back to the other house and while I worked this week):

He wanted to show of his mad radio helicopter steering skills. I loved to watch.

Summer in August | Day 8

And then there were Friday, August 9th, a really beautiful day! We spent the afternoon down by the red currant bushes:

I decided that we needed to take advantage of the sunshine and good weather by doing things that need to be done out of doors. So I told MT he had to fill a bucket of red currants. It was a long process – but we finished with two filled buckets. (But next time, please remind me of the many hours that comes after this – to make the berries ready for freezing or jam making. I had sadly forgotten). Next time I should use sun protection though, I got burned by the sun after hours out in it. It is still summer and the sun is still strong!

Summer in August | Day 9

I have more photos to share later on. Keep your eyes on the Summer in August category and please do share (in words or with a link to photos) how your Summer in August looks like (and if you do have winter where you are, share that!).

I’m doing my best to keep the summer feeling for as long as I can until fall takes over (and then I’ll do my best to embrace that).

Happy weekend!!


Summer Vacation 2012 | day 2 + 3

It did not take long before MT was ready to visit his good friend from when we lived here. They were neighbors back in the days. And thankfully they where home and MT got asked if he wanted to stay with them for a couple of days. If he wanted to? He didn’t even have to think: YES! Off course.

The very next morning he went down to them, and had so much fun. The weather was nice and they spent most of the time down by the fjord - swimming, jumping, talking, catching crabs and playing. Talk about the summer feeling!

I spent the day with my friends and their family. Not a lot of photos at all, but here are a couple:

summer vacation 2012 | love
summer vacation 2012 | beautiful

On Friday I slept for a long time and ate late breakfast outside while talking to my friends.

summer vacation 2012 | late breakfast

Then we went down to get MT and spend a couple of ours down there by the fjord. It was BEAUTIFUL. Glad to have a chance to catch up a little, it’s been two years since I last was there.

summer vacation 2012 | two friends
summer vacation 2012 | drying hay
summer vacation 2012 | the bay
summer vacation 2012 | the fjord
summer vacation 2012 | jumping in the sea
summer vacation 2012 | tiny fish
summer vacation 2012 | by the fjord

In the evening my friend and her granddaughter made birthday cake. And then we just hang out a little.

summer vacation 2012 | baking cake
summer vacation 2012 | train set playing
summer vacation 2012 | bubbles

In the evening we went by the lake – and I had my very first swim of the season. It was both nice and really cold. And with that another couple of great vacation days were over. So thankful for my friends.


Summer Vacation 2012 | getting there + day #1

For a couple of days now we have been enjoying time together with good old friends on the west coast of Norway. It’s good to be here where we used to live five years ago and just hang out with the people we miss and hold dear.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m letting the images do the talking, but if you want to read a few words you can jump over to my flickr account with a click:

summer vacation 2012 | me in the car
summer vacation 2012 | MT & the mountain
summer vacation 2012 | ferry in the middle of the night
summer vacation 2012 | crossing the fjord
summer vacation 2012 | a not-so-early morning
summer vacation 2012 | swimming pool
summer vacation 2012 | the computer nerds
summer vaction 2012 | my friend
summer vacation 2012 | summer smile

Summer vacation is something really really nice. Makes you wanna smile all day long!


And with this the real vacation is ON!

So good to be back with good old friends! Looking forward to stay here for a few days and all the talk + coffee + laughter. MT is looking forward to meet a friend he hasn’t seen for a couple of years too. This is going to be good. Vacation rocks! (Especially when it is the no-washing of house kind of vacation). I’m going to enjoy this!

A few photos from our drive up here:

Summer Vacation 2012 | sleeping boy Summer Vacation 2012 | raining Summer Vacation 2012 | mountain view
a little sleep for a tired kid – some passing rainy weather – a spectacular view from our car as we stopped for some food

Summer Vacation 2012 | the ferry Summer Vacation 2012 | old memories
We got the last night ferry and came to our friend late instead of early ;) Right now we are enjoying our first day here – and MT is ready to borrow the laptop. He has been for half an hour. See you later!

Rain Summer

rain summer 2011

Just when I had put my finishing touches on my Saturday Feeling layout using a grid design, Shimelle announced that her next challenge was a Grid It Up challenge. So here I am with another grid and I have to admit I love using grids on my layouts :) I did not opt for her double page example, though.

rain summer 2011

rain summer 2011

I still had a few iPhone images laying around and they were perfect for this layout all about the massive rain we’ve been having this summer. It’s been totally crazy with rain almost every day. I got out my mothers old blue type writer for the journaling. It’s so fun to use it, but my fingers hurt after just a few sentences and mistakes are bound to happen.

I placed the word(s) summer rain on the left side and the word(s) rain summer 2011 on the other side since as I’ve been longing for some sprinkling summer rain instead for the rain summer we been having. Sigh.

I loved the bold colors. Everything is from recent Studio Calico kit(s) + stamp by Ali Edwards.

Next up some old memories :)

Layouts to Share | The Daily Digi

It’s the last day of the month and I wanted to give a plug for The Digi Files from The Daily Digi. And to show off the layouts I made for July (off course). I’ll squish it in here in between all the Week In The Life stuff going on right now :D

MT were beyond thrilled about his new bike.


The Big Boy Bike
credits: template, papers and elements from A Day At The Beach by Lilypad designers as part of The Digi Files for July 2011 | font: Typewriter Scribbled and 28 Days Later

When I got there you met me with the usual: ‘What are you doing here so early?!’ I saw a little anger in your eyes, you really don’t want me to pick you up until the closing time. But this time I had to: ‘We’re going to buy you a bike’, I answered. Instantly you started smiling, from ear to ear and you started jumping around hugging you friends while shouting out: ‘I’m going to get a bike!’. And then we went out to the car and you were still bubbly happy. ‘I’m getting a new bike’. You’ve been waiting for this since your birthday in April, I think you might have worried that this day might never come. But today it did. Enjoy your new big boy bike my son :)

bought: Thursday June 9th 2011
put together: Friday June 10th 2011


first swim of the season (2011)
Credits: alpha, papers and elements from Summer Memories by Studio Rosey Posey as part of The Digi Files for July 2011 | font: Typewriter Scribbled, Scriptina and Herculanum

A good friend visiting. A little barbecue planned, by the lake. A beautiful, although slightly windy day. Some time to spend together. No reason not to dip your toes into the water. The two of you dipped your whole bodies, I might add, I stuck to the dipping my toes thing. It was a bit cold, but not too bad (again according to you brave guys, my toes felt a bit chilly…). This was an afternoon well spent! Hoping to do it again soon :D
(June 3rd 2011, Sandvatn lake, Telemark)


Summer Lists
credits: papers, alpha and elements from by Sahlin Studio as part of The Digi Files for July 2011

* go fishing, biking or bathing with MT
* read one good book (at least)
* take lots of photos
* have breakfast in the sunshine
* go visit or get visited by family and friends
* light candles outside on a warm summer night
* barbecue in the back yard
* do ‘week in the life’ with Ali Edwards
* enjoy long light evenings
* scrapbooking

* go fishing
* go bathing
* go biking
* visit Grandma and Grandpa
* be outside
* pick flowers
* play badminton
* eat ice cream
* celebrate a birthday
* buy a baseball bat

A lot of great digital products this month as usual. Remember this is the last day to purchase the July edition of The Digi Files. Tomorrow is a new Game on.

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