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Today we woke up to a little tiny layer of snow.

I’m still driving with summer tires, so not ideal, but I kind of love that we’ve gotten snow too. Guess I know what’s on my list today. It’s cloudy and the fog is rolling in, hoping it’ll lift later on.

I miss spending more time outside. But it’s getting colder. And I like to stay warm-ish. I’m finding myself boxed up inside. Drinking my coffee there instead of outside as I did all summer and long into the fall. Even our dog goes to the door sometimes when he sees me walking with a steaming mug. He miss it too.

Yes, I miss the warm weather of summer, but some days – like last Friday – the sun is shining and the forest is calling. I went out there. Got myself up and out. Put my sneakers on and had a walk and a run in the forest as the sunshine spread it’s cheer.

That was good. It really really was.

I should do that more often. I think I’m going to schedule it in. On sunshiny days. So glad also the winter season has a few of those!


December | Day 14 | 2013

Farm House | DecDaily day14

AE_DecemberDaily2013PromoI love Saturdays. They’re my favorite days, even on those where I’m not feeling all that good as I wake up.

Mostly because I get to sleep in and goof around for a while in the morning. But also because that is the only day where both of us are at home. We tend to do a few things together; eat, talk, watch a movie, walk in the woods, take photos and more! In the early afternoon we visited my parents and ate leftover dinner, after MT had spent an hour outside playing in the snow.


MT | DecDaily day14 MT | DecDaily day14 Snowboarding | DecDaily day14 Snowboarding | DecDaily day14 Down the hill | DecDaily day14 Dinner | DecDaily day14

Thanks for looking – wish you a great Advent day!! 🙂

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sunny day

It’s another sunny day here at my place. IT FEELS SO GOOD!!

sunny skies

After 4 moths without sunshine (on our house, I might add) – I simply can’t get enough of those beautiful and warming sun rays.

Today I plan to do a lot of this and that. Getting my house in a cleaner shape and get a good start on a few things I’ve been putting off for too long. I have the whole day by my self since MT is going to a birthday party after school and will be gone all day. He’s going to have SO MUCH FUN (they are going to a swimming pool and he just loves that! Poor teachers, they are going to have a hard time getting the class to focus 😉 ). And I plan to have some FUN here all by my self. Drink a lot of coffee, play music and catch up on a few games on Facebook. And, off course, do some house chores as well (can’t forget about the initial plan, now can I?!) And if I get around to it I will see if I can get the comment-issue fixed here on my blog (and do a little upgrade too). Not to mention that my laptop is driving me crazy and is in need of some attention too. Ok, I’ll do one thing at a time and then we’ll see how far down my list I can get 😮 Nice to have some time to relax and regroup as well.

Enjoy your Monday!!

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